My Work with Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

The recent death of Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell left the world bereft of one of its most cherished heroes. I had the honor of working with Dr. Mitchell on a number of writing projects, during the 1990s. Here’s an excerpt.

THE WAY OF THE KAYAK Goes to New Zealand

The Way of the Kayak has been accepted by the Kiwi International Film Festival (KIFF) in Auckland, New Zealand. Also in this post, a round-up of all film festivals featuring The Way of the Kayak in 2015.

Newly Released Tapes of Allen Ginsberg and Me

Here’s an audio recording of me, as a 22-year-old student in Allen Ginsberg’s class, reading a poem by Velimir Khlebnikov in the original Russian.

The Way of the Kayak

Thank you, St. Jude!

Faith is Persistence: Results of my Latest Novena

Earl Nightingale wrote, “Persistence is simply another word for faith.”

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