BUSH IMPEACHMENT IN THE WORKS: Loose-Lipped Hillary Operative Spills the Beans at Town Hall Meeting

by Richard Poe
Sunday, August 7, 2005

8:57 am Eastern Time

The Impeach Bush crowd is warming up for the big event. Democrat congressman Maurice Hinchey of New York – a Hillary operative notorious for his loose lips – provided some useful insights into the Democrats’ impeachment strategy in remarks delivered at a July 30 town hall meeting in Ithaca, New York.

Citing the Downing Street memos and the Plamegate controversy, Hinchey stated in a public forum at Ithaca’s Town Hall, “My greatest hope is that all of these things will be revealed, they will be revealed in a very direct and legal context, and that in 2006 a Democratic majority will be elected to the House of Representatives, and in February of 2006 [sic] impeachment proceedings will begin.”

Hinchey, an ultra-left Democrat, represents New York’s 22nd Congressional District, which encompasses Cornell University and the artists’ colony at Woodstock, New York, scene of the 1969 music festival enshrined in countercultural legend.

Like Hillary in her 2000 Senate race, Hinchey was cross-endorsed in the 2004 election by the far-left Working Families Party – a front group for the radical cult ACORN, which ACORN established in New York in 1998.

UPDATE 08.07.05 02.20 PM: FreeRepublic comments here.

by Richard Poe
August 7, 2005 08:57 AM ET

Cross-posted from 08.07.05


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  1. x stamper says:

    There’s something fishy smelling about this story. I think this slip-up is intentional misdirection away from the real strategy.

    If the Dems win in 06 they are at a disadvantage in 08. I think their strategy is to lose big in 06, particularly in Hispanic districts, and claim voter disenfranchisment (if that’s spelled wrong shoot me). This sets Hillary up to take the Hispanic vote from the Republicans.

  2. Richard Poe says:

    x stamper writes: “If the Dems win in 06 they are at a disadvantage in 08.”

    Sorry, you lost me there. How will gaining a majority in the House and Senate put the Democrats at a disadvantage?

  3. x stamper says:

    The blame game. Blame Bush and the Republicans. I think Hillary is also fooling the Democrats into believing she’s running as a Democrat when she’s actually going to run as a third party “CENTRIST”. Play both sides against each other. A strategy straight out of the movies. Hillary wants to be “The Last Man Standing”.

  4. Richard Poe says:

    On a previous thread, the following exchange occurred:

    X STAMPER: I’m afraid the left is beginning to learn how to manipulate the “MOOD” of the conversations in places like this.

    RICHARD POE: A cryptic comment. What does it mean?

    X STAMPER: The left has learned to come on and make the most ridiculous statements to frame the debate. … Visit DU. The “MOOD” is everyone is in a constant frenzy. One person is trying to say something more ridiculous than the next. They’re trying to get the same “MOOD” on conservative sites.

    RICHARD POE: I see. Are you suggesting that some people on these threads may be… ahem, infiltrators? I thought I got rid of that lot.

    X STAMPER: You’ve done a very good job. But even a whole herd of hogs will miss an acorn sometimes.

    RICHARD POE: A chilling thought.

    J. BARGHOLZ: X stamper, if there are any leftist infiltraters here they’re doing a damn good job of disguising themselves. Too good. Conservative opinion is being articulated very effectively by all involved. Lefties dont articulate their own positions this well. If some of them are hiding amongst us and expressing mock conservatism I say more power to them. They’re doing a good job.

    I’m being facetious but I’ve encountered the writing of every commenter on this post many times over and if any one of them, including you, is a troll in disguise I’ll eat my keyboard and wash it down with some refreshing kool-aid. I refuse to succumb to paranoia by casting aspersions on my fellow commenters and bloggers. In this case, anyway.

    X STAMPER: J. Bargholz, like I said, Richard does a very good job of keeping them out of here and since he’s a fair guy he needs more than just a hunch to go on before they’re gone. I’m new around here, so I fully expect him to be suspicious of me. As for myself, I’m suspicious of cliche conservatives when they engage in a conversation with an obvious nutcase from the left and the conversation sounds like it’s rehearsed.

    As far as my comments, they weren’t limited to this site nor really intended for this site and the people on it. What I was trying to say, (obviously I wasn’t very good at it), if the left can’t control the net, they will try to control the conversation on it. That’s it. Sorry if anyone is offended by my opinion, but I’m not going to change my opinion just to keep someone from getting their feelings hurt.

    RICHARD POE: x stamper, you talk like a man with a big chip on his shoulder. What’s your beef?



    Dear x stamper:

    Perhaps now would be a good time to resume our discussion from the previous thread. You were saying something about leftist infiltrators writing ridiculous comments in order to disrupt our discussions. And I asked you about your needlessly abrasive remarks to Mr. Bargholz. Let’s start there.

    – Richard Poe


  5. dontdrinkallthecoke says:

    The Impeach Bush movement has zero chance of helping Democrats. Hillary has nothing to gain from being directly associated with it.

    But Hillary has no loyalty to the Democratic Party. I certainly accept she might covertly encourage the Left Wing to self-destruct even if that takes part of the Democratic Party with it, allowing her to possibly ride to the Presidency as both victim and savior.

    Now, how will Hillary approach 2006. Obviously, on the surface she will help Democrats. As far as whether the Clintons will REALLY help or sabotage them has yet to be seen. I think they will calculate positive Democrat momentum will be good for Hillary’s chances if she is seen as in front of it.

  6. x stamper says:

    Richard, sorry I didn’t respond to you question I didn’t know you had asked me a question.

    What’s my beef? When I lived in south Texas I had three attempts against my life. I almost lost my life because of corrupt law enforcement. Perhaps you recall Reno firing all the US attorneys. She fired the US attorneys to cover-up corrupt law enforcement including corruption in the FBI that was supposed to be investigating corrupt law enforcement.

    Perhaps you recall in 1991, immediatly followiing the R King beating we learned there were 15,000 complaints filed against police with the FBI for the previous 5 years. Of those 15,000 complaints only 42(?) were persued in court. Because of this Bush ordered a review of these cases. You might also recall the dems. claimed this proved that republicans were racist. The dems. continued to gin-up this fantisy and it ultimately resulted in the LA riots of 92. After the riots the FBI released a report claiming there was nothing to the complaints. Bush ordered the US Attorneys to review the cases. In June (10th. If memory serves me correctly) I contacted the US Attorneys office in Houston and provided them with evidence that the “LOCAL” offices of FBI was working with the police to cover-up the corruption. The FBI was going around the US Attorneys office. The most damaging part of these files has to do with the dems. especially Bill Clinton. Check the record and you will see BC was sued by the Bush administration for “RACIAL PROFILING”. Billy’s in the files.

    Police are agents of the city govt. and as such the city is liable for their actions. The city and county govts. will orchestrate a cover-up of the police corruption as a way of avoiding or lessoning their civil liability. They are using the criminal court to do it. In most cases they are prosecuting the victim of police corruption to create a defense for the civil trial. City and county govts. are overwhelmingly controled by dems. The dems. kept calling for Bush to release the contents of the files, but he didn’t because Perot was in the 92 election. When Reno was nominated for AG she bellowed like a moose that she would release the content of the files but instead she fired the US Attorneys that had reviewed the files. Lucky for the dems. that the raid at Waco was timed to corrospond with the second trial of the LA police who beat R King, otherwise the MSM might have asked about the files.

    You might also recall in 1998 when Clinton got into trouble we were warned about a “Scorched Earth Policy” which included the release of FBI files. Shortly after the Senate vote not to remove Clinton from office, these same files came up again (March 20, 1999, AP reporter Martha Mendoza) but there was no outrage from the Black leaders. What do you think the respone from Clinton would have been had there been masive race riots mixed with terrorist attacks from al Qaeda?

    Shall I keep going?

  7. djb says:

    Okay, what do you think the chances are of the Democrats getting a majority in the House and Senate? To me, the chances are somewhere between zero and none. Without a Democrat majority in the federal legislature, both houses, this discussion is meaningless.

  8. Richard Poe says:

    x stamper asks: “Shall I keep going?”

    Well, certainly not in the same vein.

    I didn’t ask what beef you had with the entire world. I asked what beef you had with the people on this blog.

    You earlier implied that people on this blog were behaving as if they were under the influence of leftwing Svengalis. When Mr. Bargholz challenged you on this assertion, you responded to him rather sharply, I thought.

    What’s that all about?

  9. Richard Poe says:

    djb writes: “…what do you think the chances are of the Democrats getting a majority in the House and Senate?”

    Last time I looked, the Republican majority was rather slender, and further diluted by large numbers of RINOs, many of whom would vote to impeach Bush in a New York minute.

    Remember George Voinovich bursting into tears on the Senate floor at the prospect of John Bolton’s appointment to the UN? That’s what passes for a Republican nowadays.

  10. theloonyleft says:

    While I agree that much of the Republican party consists of RINOs, to vote for an impeachment of Bush would destroy their careers. Conservatives would be outraged by this betrayal and they know it.

    I agree that there is no definition of Republican anymore largely due to RINOs obscuring the core principles of conservatism within the Republican party, but Democrats will still be hard pressed to pull out a majority in the House or Senate due to the conservative movement and its increased coverage from Fox News, Internet and college campuses throughout the country.

    As a recent grad of a California State University and member of the College Republican National Committe, I was thrilled to see the massive increase in conservatives in CALIFORNIA.

  11. x stamper says:

    Richard, I don’t have a problem with anyone on this blog. What I was trying to say is that I have noticed on various sites what appear to be staged conversations between cliché liberals and cliché conservatives. The conservative response is always what the left’s idea of what a conservative response would be. The conversation is almost like a Hollywood “B” movie script that’s being read. Am I the only one who has noticed this? eé

    Maybe it’s because you keep them weeded out enough that you don’t notice it here, or, better yet, you’re keeping it from happening here, but I still think the left is trying. Can I put my finger on anyone that is a lefty and acting conservative? NO.

  12. Richard Poe says:

    theloonyleft writes: “As a recent grad of a California State University and member of the College Republican National Committe, I was thrilled to see the massive increase in conservatives in CALIFORNIA.”

    It’s always encouraging to hear good news from young up-and-comers. God bless you, sir. We need all the reinforcements we can get.

  13. piniella says:

    No greater harm can be done than breaking the covenant of trust between the President and the people; between the three branches of our government; and between the country and the world.

    JANUARY 16, 1999

    BUSH == 0 FOR 3

  14. Fresh Politics says:

    […] : General, Constitutional Issues, The Administration, Elections Posted by: Scott Kahn From Moonbat Central: The Impeach Bush crowd is warming up for the big event. Democrat congressman M […]

  15. ralphbprice says:

    Although I don’t run in the academic circles that most who post here do, I keep my ear to the ground in the military circles that I do run in. I have broached this subject with my fellow warriors and without a single dissent, they agree that this talk of impeachment is not only irrational but completely out of line. The war on terror is not something that can be toyed with. We all want to see this through to the end. If the liberal/democrats want to undermine the President on the basis of their unadulterated hatred, then they will be, in the eyes and hearts of those who have sacrificed so much, traitors to the military. How difficult will it be for the same military to defend their rights, which they take for granted.

  16. dontdrinkallthecoke says:

    No greater harm can be done than breaking the covenant of trust between the President and the people; between the three branches of our government; and between the country and the world. BUSH == 0 FOR 3

    Quite right piniella, it is certain that President Bush has broken none of those covenants.

  17. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Again the left runs on a platform of “Better Red than Dead,” so stop fighting and accept the rape.

  18. x stamper says:

    Ralphbprice, I assure you I don’t run in academic circles. You wouldn’t care to help me change a tractor tire today would you?

    I don’t think the dems. actually want to impeach Bush, I think they just want the issue. Something to rally around. “Bush has committed crimes and he needs to be impeach but the republicans are covering it up.” That’s why I don’t see the dems. actually wanting to win control of the house or senate in 06. As Rush always says about the left “Symbalism over substance”, I have a feeling it applies here.

    Thank you, and thanks to all of you friends for their service.

  19. djb says:

    x-stamper, from your rather disjointed dialog, I haven’t figured where you stand; left, right or center. You wrote in part ‘but I still think the left is trying’ without elaborating on what they are trying. For myself and perhaps most that are not under the leftist dogma persuasion, what we see the left ‘trying’ is to destroy our nation with lies, hate and support of the nations adversaries. If true, there isn’t much give there if you have any sort of affinity for our country.

  20. Phillep says:

    Ahhh, back to the original topic…

    Might Hillary be trying to destroy the stranglehold the extreme left has on the Democrat Party by encouraging them to be stupid? If they get too bad and she presents herself as a moderate, would she be able to pull in enough votes from those offended by the moonbats to win the primary?

  21. Madzionist says:

    I think Richard’s rapid dumping of the likes of Mataxy/Ironic, who contributed nothing but instigation and crude leftist hysteria, is evidence that illegitimate hacks won’t have a long run here at Moonbat Central. X-Stamp, you are pontificating to the wrong parish.


  22. x stamper says:

    djb, I came to the harsh reality in the late 80’s that the democrat party was the political branch of organized crime. My opinion hasn’t changed. When the USSR collapsed the first thing they learned about it was that it was not a government as we understand it, it was an organized crime syndicate. In 91/92 when Bill Clinton come on the sceen, organized crime worldwide began organizing in a way no one had ever seen it organize before. 1991 is the same year bin Laden began to plan his first terrorist attack. IMO it isn’t just a coincidence. The left is more dangerous than you can begin to understand.

  23. Madzionist says:

    Don’t feed the monkey! The organ grinder keeps playing as long as the monkey keeps collecting donations.


  24. rightwingmac says:

    xstamper is correct.
    The left has been unimpeded for a century and they are feudalist thugs in every instance.
    They dont have to be smelly jihadis or hippies either.
    They are most often (and most influentially) rich monopolists – the modern feudalist.
    Even the devil wears a tux and they’re just masquerading for the serfs.

    xstamper sounds a bit discouraged though.

    I would remind him that the left wants him to be so.
    We can win this fight if we never stop swinging (because they dont).
    Complacency and meekness sap us as much as low morale too.
    We must remember that the left never rests, and they will be as loud and false as they are allowed.

    Never forget what Edmund Burke said (to this effect): “All that evil needs too succeed is that good men do nothing.”
    We are up against a lot and we have much to do, but I have seen more progress in the past 6yrs than I have seen in 40yrs.
    New tech, new media, and Fox (which all = transparency) have devastated them.

    We have broken their media headlock and we are working on their academic monopoly.
    That’s 2 of the 3 pillars they depend on to succeed (the 3rd being the judiciary – but that’s gonna take a lot longer to correct).

    Once we do break the 2nd though, the 3rd will become anachronistic and vulnerable.

  25. rightwingmac says:

    Phillep there is no doubt Hillary pretty much calls her own shots in the DNC. If she wants the nomination for president, she has but to say so.
    To the left – from their quieter “centrists” (pfft) to their loud (honest about themself) “extremists” – she is the 2nd coming.
    She would get nearly every vote they have.

    However, there is no “stranglehold” by the “extreme” left on the DNC.
    The are as they have been most of the century.
    They are just a lot bolder and open about it now (and frantic).
    There is nothing to “break”.
    There is only pretending.

    I am encouraged though, because this isnt the world her husband operated in.
    She will not have the media uniformly elevating her to rock star status, and the military and their families (for the most part) HATES the DNC for being the craven pack of traitors they have been for 45yrs.

    As we saw with Kerry and Edwards, pretending to be suave and debonair or sophisticated dont help much when people can hear your record.


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