“MY SON WAS KILLED TO BENEFIT ISRAEL”: Anti-Bush Gold Star Mom Bashes Israel, Neo-Cons

by Richard Poe
Thursday, August 11, 2005

3:23 pm Eastern Time

Angry Gold Star mother Cindy Sheehan says Israel killed her son. The mother of a US soldier slain in Iraq, Sheehan has been besieging President Bush’s Crawford, TX ranch for days. She apparently believes that America went to war in Iraq to protect Israel’s interests, not its own.

In an e-mail posted to the Usenet, Sheehan wrote: “…my first born was murdered. Am I angry? Yes, he was killed for lies and for a PNAC Neo-Con agenda to benefit Israel. My son joined the Army to protect America, not Israel.” (hat tip, FreeRepublic)

by Richard Poe
August 11, 2005 03:23 PM ET

Cross-posted from 08.11.05


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  1. Mikie says:

    While I sympathize with this woman and all the families who lost loved ones in this war I cannot allow that sympathy to conflict with my view that this war on terror is necessary and will be bloody. This woman and the absolute radical left wing fringe she has associated with wants the US to lose this war. They will tell us to “pull the troops out, have them come home”, but that is a recipe for disaster. The troops come home and then the terrorists come to our malls. Does this person want us to fight these fascists in our streets? Of course they don’t think about this at all. More evidence of how much the left has lost touch with reality.

  2. djb says:

    Cindy has become a lightning rod for all the extreme left-wing American haters. See New York Sun article
    According to an email sent to Drudge Cindy’s immediate family does not share her views and they would like her to desist. Truly Cindy has fallen under the sway of the loopy yet dangerous left.

  3. Madzionist says:

    She was a subversive quisling before her son lost his life in Iraq, and now that he’s died she’s taking the opportunity to advance her anti-Semitic, Stalinist ideology in front of the sympathetic liberal media.

    In fact, she is the most dangerous kind of useful idiot, in that because of her brave son she now has the freedom to spout off the worst of the the anti-America, anti-Israel left’s venom without rebuke. She’s a lowlife opportunist who is milking the tragedy of her son’s death as a springboard to advance her radical ideology. I feel nothing but disgust for what she’s doing, and hope she eventually grows a brain and realizes what a tool she is being used as by the
    “Unholy Alliance”.

  4. subtrrn says:

    I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose a son to war, so this woman has my sympathy. That said, I suspect that she is being taken advantage of by the moonbats here. I mean, what are the chances that she came up with “PNAC” on her own? It looks to me that the loony left has batted around and is now back at the top of the order: “the Jews.”

  5. CBreeze says:

    The worst part of it is that her late son, an honored American warrior is having his name associated with this madness. Obviously, the rest of his family agreed and was prompted to issue a statement in protest. I expect the Left in this country to exploit the death of an American Soldier or Marine simply because they wish America’s defeat and have never had a use for our Armed Forces, but for a mother to do it smacks of either outside influence or the trauma has caused her to act this way.

  6. Werner says:

    Clinton retreated from Mogadishu against the advice of the soldiers who were there. From that retreat Osama concluded that americans can be defeated when there are a certain amounts of death on the american side.

    Osama clearly didn’t care about the some 2,000 killed in mogadishu by american forces (estimates vary).

    A premature pullout of Iraq will have a greater disaster in the future because it will prove Osama again ‘right’. In the arab world this will be looked at as a victory of the fundamentalist muslim. They will say that the help of Allah and the effort the suicid bombers made the win. That will fuel more of the same. (maybe then they will appear in Afghanistan or Egypt or somewhere else)

    There is no ‘exit’-strategy for the US as long as the enemy is alive. If one is in a fight one just can’t say: ok, it’s enough I am going home and it is all over. It isn’t our choice to end the war it is the choice of the enemy and he doesn’t choose that. Our Choice is to defeat him to the last man or to die oneself. I rather fight than die.

    If it isn’t Iraq it is somewhere else in the worst case it is on the soil of the USA.

    To defeat the enemy on the soil of our chosing is the best we can do.

    Our enemy shows weaknesses and this is necessary to use. He is losing the fight for the hearts of muslim, who basically want to leave in peace like everybody else. To retreat means, to leave our future allies alone without defense. That is what everybody else will be looking at.

    It was already bad, to leave our allies (Kurds and Shiites) alone in the first golfwar and it’s aftermath. To leave them alone a second time will have devastating results.

    There is just one way to win this war and that is to go forward.

    Our soldiers bear the brunt of this war, they need all the support we can give them. If they need more armored vehicles it should be our highest priority to give them those. They definetitly need our morale support, they need to know that americans as a people stands behind them.

    Iraq will just be a step in the war most propably not the end of it. If the enemy loses Iraq he will try another country. It looks that Iran is one of the next.

    There will be a lot of political and ideological efforts but I don’t think that we can bring our troops home for a long time.

    To deal with the angry mother of a kia soldier is not easy. From one point one understands the grief of a mother who brought up a child, looked that it gets the best it can get, sees the joy that a child brings into her life, being proud of her children and what they accomplish, and finally see that the kids go further then the parents could go, to see their hopes for their children and then all is destroyed in a second.

    To have compassion with the parents; to know what they go through is something every feeling human being should have.

    Parents then have a choice, to resent the death of their son/daughter or to honor the will and commitment their child had.

    I completely understand when a parent of a slain soldiers snaps, like the father of a marine who couldn’t stand the notice and burnt the car of the soldiers who brought the message and then later apologized. My heart goes out to those people.

    To demonstrate and agitate like this lady is an entire different story. She is using the compassion one has to further her aim. I do share the feelings she has, I do not share the aim she has. I do believe, that aim is harmful for the long run. Terrorists just don’t disappear because you grief. They simply may feel joy about this.

    It was not America who attacked Islam it was Islam which attacked America. And for that reason we have to do what is necessary to defeat our enemy and it is going to cost us dearly.

    Let not the grief over slain soldiers lead us to do stupid things.



  7. dgene says:

    Maybe she can join Hanoi Jane on the salad bus. Gore and Dean can join the rant.
    Remember that fool father of the kid who went to Iraq to do business, (Berg) and the young son sadly was murdered by the Jihadi ? Afterwards the father, a dyed in the wool leftist, started ranting – its all Bush’s fault. The Left used him as well.
    God bless America. She needs all the help we can give her.

  8. sdlitvin says:

    Ms. Sheehan has posted to Google Groups now and then. Here’s what she said about America:

    > Wake up dude. This government has always been in the business of killing
    > people. What is even better is if we kill people who are a different color or
    > not Christian.

    > We began the killing as soon as we stepped foot on these shores and the
    > killing has gone on unabated for over 200 years.

    > There has always been excuses for wars, but NONE of them have been good or
    > valid.

    So she thinks America has been murdering for 200 years, and even World War II wasn’t worth fighting.

    Here are some more of her posts:

  9. Grace Nearing says:

    I mean, what are the chances that she came up with “PNAC�? on her own?

    Not really that hard. The group got coverage in the months leading up to the Iraq War, and their report is available on the Web. Anybody with an above-average interest in politics and some basic computer skills could find a lot of material about PNAC.

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