DAVID HOROWITZ’s BRAIN: Leftist Newspaper In These Times Ranks Horowitz Among Five Most Influential Conservative Thinkers

by Richard Poe
Thursday, October 27, 2005

1:09 pm Eastern Time

The times they are a-changin’. Only four years ago, the Chronicle of Higher Education confidently endorsed the view that conservatives could not be intellectuals, nor could intellectuals be conservatives. (1)  Conservatives just didn’t have the brainpower, sneered CHE. Today, leftists not only acknowledge the existence of conservative thinkers, but have even begun ranking them in order of importance. We at CSPC are amused to note that no less a promulgator of leftist orthodoxy than the venerable In These Times newspaper has ranked our own David Horowitz as one of the five most influential “public intellectuals” in the conservative camp.

The Big Five braincons are David Brooks, Dinesh D’Souza, David Horowitz, Ben Stein and David Frum, in that order, according to an April 27 article published by In These Times. (2)

Writers Jessica Clark and Tracy Van Slyke charge that “the conservative media machine” is flooding the Internet with “paid political operatives posing as bloggers”, “filling the airwaves” with “hired pundits” and “video news releases,” and otherwise conspiring to snuff out “unfettered expression”, which conservatives allegedly view “as a danger to the established corporate order.”

To illustrate their point, Clark and Van Slyke have produced a diagram of the “Conservative Media Machine” (download pdf file here or here) wherein they list Messrs. Brooks, D’Souza, Horowitz, Stein and Frum as America’s preeminent conservative “public intellectuals.”

Encouraging as this development may be, Mr. Horowitz still has a long way to go before overtaking M.I.T. linguist and pro-terror apologist Noam Chomsky as the most popular “public intellectual” among globalist elites – an honor Professor Chomsky won in an October 2005 poll conducted by the British Prospect and American Foreign Policy journals (hat tip, Jacob Laksin). (3)  See the poll results here. (4)

We are confident that Mr. Horowitz will prevail, in the end.

At this point, anything seems possible. Someday soon, our neo-Bolshevist friends may even resign themselves to admitting that George W. Bush is smarter than the celebrated master of “nuance” John Kerry, according to standardized test results. (5)

by Richard Poe
October 27, 2005 01:09 PM ET

Cross-posted from 10.27.05 01:09 PM ET


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Go here for the timeline of David Horowitz’s academic freedom movement.


7 Responses to “DAVID HOROWITZ’s BRAIN: Leftist Newspaper In These Times Ranks Horowitz Among Five Most Influential Conservative Thinkers”


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  1. KGS59 says:

    IMHO, the only reason why David Horowitz hasn’t overtaken Gnome Chumpsky is due to the fact that Mr. Horowitz decided some time ago that intellectual honesty was a more worthy attribute than a wall full of awards and titles that have little or no meaning at all.

    I am reminded at how “LeftyWood” heaps awards on its least deserving movies, that are nothing more than cheap novels passing as historical triumphs.

    No… I honestly believe that Mr.Horowitz cares very little about titles.

  2. nanc says:

    i only wish i could become a paid political blogger since i spend a goodly time doing it. what paranoia. my guess is the left has more paid bloggers than any other.

  3. dgene says:

    Hurray for seeing some of the recognition David so richly deserves.

    For brainpower put our man ahead of Chomsky any day of the week.

  4. kyle says:

    Nice to see the chumps are figuring out that someone is responsible for their asses being kicked. I would, in my own list, add Victor Davis Hanson and the incomparable Thomas Sowell.

  5. rightwingmac says:

    Jamie Glazov deserves mention too. His symposiums are fantastic.

    As for GW, he is deceptively brilliant, coming off as a regular Joe while deftly handling more crises than any president since Lincoln and more treason than any president ever.

    While the brain-dead left calls him stupid, he outmaneuvers them at every turn and stomps our enemies at the same time.

    People are always saying what a smart politician Clinton is. Perhaps he is, among lefties, but I think GW makes him look like a bumbling, drooling, inept retard. Heck, he makes half the GOP look that way.

  6. hammersmith says:

    It’s important for leftist intellectuals to spread the lie that the conservative sweep is a bought and paid for conspiracy by evil Republican capitalists.

    It’s important because the only other option is… that their ideology is being rejected by a majority of Americans.

    They will never admit that. They can’t. Everything they believe in revolves around the myth of leftist intellectual superiority. This myth is comforting, and serves to postpone the realization that they are very foolish, gullible, stupid people.

    More Americans realize this every day.

    Now about all the left can do is give awards to bozos based not on what they’ve accomplished, but on how much they will aggravate conservatives by doing so.

    Everything they do is a reaction to us. We control them thru their own reactionary impulses and lack of… ahem… intellectual self control.


  7. Rove on Vacation says:

    There are some three dozen conservative think tanks, and none on the liberal side (because it would turn into a bitch tank).

    Why isn’t Charles Krauthammer on the list?

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