The Sorosphere is Throbbing

by Richard Poe
Friday, August 4, 2006

8:44 am Eastern Time

True to its mission, George Soros’ spin team has launched a preemptive, “rapid-response” strike. Not content to wait for the release of our book next Tuesday, Soros front group Media Matters unleashed a crude but flamboyant hatchet job against The Shadow Party (co-written by David Horowitz and your faithful correspondent) this Wednesday past.(1) Media Matters’ clumsy libels are already resonating in the Sorosphere – that is, among those operatives of the media echo chamber who receive each year at tax time 1099 forms (or, in special cases, the coveted Form 1040) issued by the ever-growing pod of Soros-funded think tanks.

Just yesterday, Eric Alterman — a senior fellow at the Soros-funded Center for American Progress — linked to Wednesday’s Media Matters attack and asked rhetorically on his blog, “Is there a more despicable human being than David Horowitz?” Alterman’s rant reads in its entirety:

“Is there a more despicable human being than David Horowitz? (Nominations: Gibson? Coulter? Cheney? Sullivan? Jpod? Rabbi Daniel Lapin? Bin-Laden? Blogofascists? Discuss….)”(2) (hat tip, Joseph Miller) (3)

Not surprisingly, given his professional affiliations, Mr. Alterman has made something of an avocation of attacking Soros critics through the years. (4) Come to think of it, so has David Brock’s Media Matters. (5) Never let it be said that Mr. Soros throws good money after bad. For his investments he always gets a good return. Thus throbs the Sorosphere.

by Richard Poe
August 4, 2006 08:44 AM ET

Cross-posted from 08.04.06


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