Reviewer: The “Stalinesque” Shadow Party

by Richard Poe
Friday, August 4, 2006

12:57 pm Eastern Time

“Although I’m averse to conspiracy theories, the Horowitz account [of George Soros’ Shadow Party] is certainly consistent with the public record. … It might be time to pay heed to that old radical, David Horowitz,” writes James Lewis at The American Thinker. (1) Having read Bill Steigerwald’s recent interview with Mr. Horowitz in the Salem, Oregon Statesman Journal, (2) Lewis frets over the growing power of the Shadow Party.

He writes, “The Stalinesque purge of Joe Lieberman is a case in point. If Lieberman is defeated, no Democrat will dare to stand up against the hard-Left party line.” Indeed. (via FreeRepublic: here and here)

by Richard Poe
August 4, 2006 12:57 PM ET

Cross-posted from 08.04.06

1. James Lewis, “George Soros and the Shadow Democratic Party“, The American Thinker, 4 August 2005

2. Bill Steigerwald, “Q&A: Illuminating the Shadow Party“, Statesman Journal (Salem, Oregon), 3 August 2006

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