TRANSCRIPT: Sean Hannity Interviews David Horowitz

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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

12:00 am Eastern Time

Sean Hannity Interviews David Horowitz
About The Shadow Party

The Sean Hannity Show


Tuesday, August 8, 2006

5:10 — 5:20 pm ET (approximately)

Sean Hannity: Ninety one days to go, but of course it’s primary in, well, states like Connecticut and Georgia and we continue to monitor and watch all the developments especially in the Lamont-Lieberman campaign, in that race. Uh, here to shed light on this, I have been saying now for the better of the last couple of weeks, and I think this is really symbolic of what’s happening in the Democratic Party is that there’s a battle and a fight for the soul of the Democratic Party and I think the results coming out of Connecticut today, if you see the sphere of influence that groups like, you know, look at who’s prominent in the Democratic Party today, Michael Moore, Al Franken, I call it the Michael Moore-ization, the Al Franken-ization of the Democratic Party. They get seats of honor at the Democratic Party convention.

They have Joe Lieberman who agrees with Democrats 90 percent of the time, he’s getting primary-ed and vilified because he happens to agree with George W. Bush on the War on Terror and the war in Iraq. What’s the message to every other Democrat? If you oppose us, you will pay the price. We’ll send the bloggers, the MoveOn.orgers and the rest of the radical left to primary you, attack you and then hopefully besmirch you and defeat you.

Anyway, it fits in very tightly with David Horowitz’s brand new book. It’s just out in bookstores today. It’s called The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Sixties Radicals Siezed Control of the Democratic Party. And David joins us on our newsmaker, did you plan the release of this book?

David Horowitz: [laughs] Thank you. Thank you, Sean. I agree with everything you said except that Lieberman and Michael Moore and Franken are really tips of an iceberg, and it’s the iceberg that we show in this book, because even people on the other side of the Lieberman battle are part of the Shadow Party. For example, Clinton went in and sort of tepidly tried to protect Lieberman.

What’s happened is that a billionaire named George Soros who is a radical, he’s an anti-American — he actually thinks the capitalism system is the number one problem in the world, and the United States, rabidly anti-Bush — has put together what we have called the Shadow Party, but it’s really, it’s a coalition of billionaires, of inside operatives of the Democratic Party, that’s John Podesta, Clinton’s former chief of staff, Harold Ickes is an absolute key player here, and…

Hannity: They both head up groups, by the way. For example,, isn’t that funded by George Soros?

Horowitz: Yes, that’s also [unclear] Media Matters…

Hannity: Americans Coming Together?

Horowitz: Yes, but it’s not only the network. Look, they put $300 million into the Kerry campaign. They controlled Kerry’s message from outside the party. But it also includes the biggest and most dangerous, in my view, radical organizations in the United States. I will mention the biggest that nobody will recognize, which is ACORN, which already is, controls the City Council of New York and passed an anti-Iraq resolution. This, what used to be the National Welfare Rights Organization, these are street radicals whom Soros, through a lot of circumstances which we outlined in our book, but finally tied up by Soros, have moved into the political mainstream, where we’re used to having radicals do the demonstrations. And we show in the book how these demonstrations and obstructions are part of the Soros bag or game plan. He has overthrown governments in Eastern Europe using the combination of inside operations and outside. He’s an inside-outside man, and also from the top and from below. I mean, after all, he is part of the global power structure. So it’s much more frightening what he’s done.

And they want to have regime change in the United States. That’s their attitude. And they want to extend the welfare state globally. I mean these are, you know, one worlders as well, and Hillary Clinton, who is going to be the nominee, I mean, I was in Washington and they say that Terry McAuliffe is going around Washington saying that they’re going to have $200 million in the bank before New Hampshire. But it really doesn’t matter if it’s Hillary or Gore. It’s all part of a network that Soros has put together, which consists of the most, of unlikely people like billionaires who have actually made their money and these radicals who want to tear apart the, you know, our economic system and deconstruct our nation’s identity.

Hannity: Let me focus you for just a second, if I can, because I’ve gone through this book and I find it fascinating and I gotta tell you, it’s a scary scenario. So there are, for example, mainstream Democrats out there, and they have no idea that there is a party within a party, a state within a state, if you will, where there are these money people that have an agenda that is very radical and very different from what even the mainstream Democratic Party expresses publicly and that they are funding and controlling these candidates with their money, with their message, from behind the scenes, I mean, so…

Horowitz: And they’ve re-focused, the important thing, one huge dimension of this is they’ve re-focused the radical left onto the Democratic Party. Instead, you know, we’re used to them marching off to the Green Party or doing something like that.

Here’s another. Jane Harman used to be a national security Democrat. She was terrific on War on Terror, on national security issues, and then a woman named Marcy Winograd who’s just a high school teacher, somebody that I have met and debated with, is an idiot, she got 40 percent of the vote in Harman’s district and Harman has now become one of these lefty Democrats, and she sits on the intelligence committees.

So, in my view, the Democratic Party is gone. It is a leftwing party. Everybody in that party, every elected official knows now, because of the 2004 campaign, that the money is outside the party.

Just to give your listeners the central picture of what happened, George Soros spent years promoting campaign finance reform. People don’t understand, but he put together a network that put $130 million into the campaign finance reform effort, and of course what they do is they buy think tanks, and they have little demonstrations somewhere for campaign finance reform, and they had Arianna Huffington put on these two so-called Shadow Conventions which were part of the public protest. Russ Feingold was the keynote speaker at one of these two Shadow Conventions. They were held at the same time as the Republican and Democratic Party conventions, and John McCain was the keynoter of the one in Los Angeles, where he was booed. He was just there to highlight Soros’ issue.

Now what did campaign finance do? It defunded the Democratic Party. Republicans give to candidates. Democrats, they don’t have a lot of individual donors who are giving to candidates, so what happens is the unions throw $50 million, $100 million at a time into the Democratic Party coffers. McCain-Feingold stopped that. The unions could no longer contribute to the Democratic Party, so what they do is they contribute to the Shadow Party, which is, I don’t want to bore people with all the 527s they have, [unclear] like America Coming Together, America Votes, they have all these different names, but all of the tracks in it lead to Soros. So they have concentrated the money for the Democratic Party that goes into campaign ads and goes into get-out-the-vote efforts, and they have concentrated outside the Democratic Party in the hands of radicals…

Hannity: And by the way, and this is groups like Ickes’ group, Americans Coming Together, this is Podesta’s group, these are all the Clinton people. Now one thing I want you to do. The name of your book is The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Sixties Radicals Siezed Control of the Democratic Party. You don’t see much written, and you touch on this a little bit in the book, this connection between Soros and Hillary Clinton, although you see all the Clinton surrogates being the beneficiaries of this funding that’s coming from Soros and these groups.

Horowitz: Right, and journalists, well, partly because they’re sympathetic, they don’t connect all these dots. One of the striking things in the book is the discussion of New York politics, where a key support for Hillary in her Senate run was the Working Families Party. The Working Families Party is Sixties radicals who have created their own party which is a player in New York, and they’re very sophisticated. They got on the ballot by going into a primary and voting for, supporting Peter Vallone, who’s a conservative Democrat, so they put, by doing that, they got enough people to register as Working Party, they collected enough signatures from unsuspecting voters so they qualified themselves for the ballot. Well, Hillary goes to them, she, you know, it’s part of the process of getting elected.

Soros and Hillary are very close and have been, he offered her a job at one point, but when, people get fooled because she’ll make a motion, as she did, support for the war, of course, the minute the crunch comes, now she’s attacking Rumsfeld, I mean she’s just looking…

Hannity: All right, let me ask you this, because I want to focus you, because there’s a lot of information here and you’re basically saying there’s a party within a party and that these people are controlling it, and the Democratic Party has been taken over by these radicals, and I agree with you.

Horowitz: It’s been displaced. It’s worse than that, Sean. Yes, they nominally belong to the Democratic Party, but it’s Ickes and Soros, when they speak, that’s where all the Democratic Party candidates have to listen, because they have the money.

Hannity: Because they control the money. All right, here’s, here’s…

Horowitz: That’s the thing, they’re not inside the party in the sense that, you know, it matters whether Howard Dean is the chair of the party or somebody else. It doesn’t really matter. He’s not…

Hannity: But look at the people that are, the names we’re talking about, Podesta, Ickes, Rahm Emmanuel, I mean, this is the entire Clinton team in the positions of power, and interestingly, they even battle with Howard Dean, and again, that’s over the money and they want the control in that regard. But what is their plan? Is the plan to get Hillary elected in 2008? And it’s all sort of coming together financially, the infrastructure, the money, the placement, the get-out-the-vote. Is that what the plan is?

Horowitz: The center of gravity of Democratic politics has shifted to this group. Nobody is going to get elected nationally without this group. This is the group. You can’t…

Hannity: And Hillary is their choice.

Horowitz: And Hillary is their choice. Now, you know, politics is politics, and if Hillary should come a cropper in some way, I mean, nothing is a shoo-in, it doesn’t really matter. They’re, what you say, fungible. They can go with Hillary, they can go with Kerry.

I watched, they had a C-Span show with the media people and, a media panel for the, during the Kerry election, and a guy named Bill Zimmerman who is the, he runs the media buys, and he was saying, “I coordinated everything with Harold Ickes,” who is, you know, the official Shadow Party, but, of course, both MoveOn and both Ickes, it’s all the Shadow Party. And who is this Bill Zimmerman? And he said, “We shape the message. They ran on our message.” That’s hugely important politically, what message you run on. Who is Bill Zimmerman? Bill Zimmerman was the head of Medical Aid to Vietnam during the Vietnam War, that was medical aid to the communists. Medical Aid to El Salvador in the ‘80s. That was medical aid to the communist guerrillas in Salvador, and he was Tom Hayden’s campaign manager.

Hannity: They’ve got the radical left.

Horowitz: God, you’re [unclear] with Ickes. I mean, they’re right in the heart of the power there, so it’s really shifted, it’s displaced the center of gravity of Democratic Party politics outside the party organs. You know that, in the states, people elect their national committee [unclear]. What is so sinister about this is these are all people who claimed, in supporting campaign finance, Bill Moyers…

Hannity: Hang on. I’m on a hard break here. I’ve got to run, but let me, you’re going to be on Hannity & Colmes tonight to get into this a little bit more deeply, but you know what, it’s very in depth and it’s well chronicled, and it really sheds a lot of light on what we see on the surface, for example, in the Lieberman race, and it’s called The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Sixties Radicals Siezed Control of the Democratic Party and David, we’ll see you tonight. It’s a terrific book, and it’s up on and it’s out on bookstores everywhere.

Horowitz: Thank you. Thank you, Sean.

Hannity: All right, my friend.

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