Community Rules

Welcome members and commentators. Thank you for joining us at Our community rules are as follows:

1. NO BOORS: Comport yourselves at all times like ladies and gentlemen.

2. NO BRUTES: Treat women with special courtesy and kindness.

3. NO BABBLING: If you cannot express your thought simply, briefly and concisely, it is probably not worth expressing.

4. NO REBELS WITHOUT A CAUSE: Respect your moderator. That would be me. In practical terms, this means that if I ask you a question, please answer it. And if I request that you change your behavior in some way, please do so at once.

5. NO VAMPIRES: Vampires are people who derive a wicked and unwholesome glee from sucking away my time, energy and attention. Anyone who attempts to pick fights with me over stupid, petty issues is a vampire. Likewise, anyone who attempts to engage me in circular, dead-end arguments which force me to repeat myself over and over again, to no purpose, will be cast, without mercy, into the Outer Darkness whence you sprang.

6. NO SPAM: You are welcome to express your opinions, link to other Web sites, recommend books and so forth. However, if I perceive that your overriding purpose here is to exploit my bandwidth for the purpose of promoting commercial products or services, to flack for other Web sites, to use my pages to publish your full-length poems, articles or other literary works, or — worst of all — to proselytize for political or religious causes which I oppose, you will be driven from my camp with horse-whips and hickory switches.

7. NO TROLLS: You know who you are. If you have come to disrupt, disturb or undermine, in any way, the friendly and orderly exchange of ideas on this forum, you will be banned.

8. NO BULLIES: No threatening, violent, abusive, blasphemous, obscene, hateful, gratuitously insulting or otherwise uncivil speech will be tolerated.

9. NO IMPOSTORS: Anyone who pretends to be more than one person, by using several different screennames, will be banned. Equally unwelcome is anyone who pretends to be of a different age, sex, race, religion, nationality, profession, or, indeed, who pretends to be anything other than what he really is. The deepest cell in our dungeon has been reserved for those who make false claims about past military service, for Bolshevist infiltrators posing as patriotic Americans, and for atheists posing as believers.

10. NO TRAITORS: Anyone who, in any way, shows himself to be an enemy of our Constitution, our Republic and our God-given liberties will be driven from our midst like a flea-bitten cur.

Posted by Richard Poe, March 12, 2004. Updated July 10, 2007.