THE WAY OF THE KAYAK Goes to New Zealand

The Way of the Kayak has been accepted by the Kiwi International Film Festival (KIFF) in Auckland, New Zealand. Also, a round-up of film festivals featuring The Way of the Kayak in 2015.

Newly Released Tapes of Allen Ginsberg and Me

Here’s an audio recording of me, as a 22-year-old student in Allen Ginsberg’s class, reading a poem by Velimir Khlebnikov in the original Russian.

The Way of the Kayak (preview)

Thank you, St. Jude!

Faith is Persistence: Results of my Latest Novena

Earl Nightingale wrote, “Persistence is simply another word for faith.”

David Yeagley, 1951-2014

David Yeagley was a brave man. All his life, he struggled against deadly illness. When it finally claimed him, he faced his enemy with calmness and courage.

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