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Poe appears on GBTV, January 30, 2012

Shadow Party co-author Richard Poe has made numerous appearances on the Glenn Beck show. (SEE VIDEO)

Montage of Richard Poe on GBTV, January 26, 2012

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RICHARD POE is an award-winning journalist and a New York Times-bestselling author. His journalistic writings focus on human rights, liberty, abuse of power and the rule of law. His fiction writing is mainly in the horror genre.

Poe has written eleven books since 1993, and sold nearly a million copies in the United States. His books have been published in 21 foreign languages. He has worked nearly 30 years as a writer, reporter, editor, columnist and blogger for various magazines, newspapers and Internet publications, and appears frequently on national radio and TV talk shows.

Poe’s latest book is Perfect Fear: Four Tales of Terror. Poe blogs at He lives with his wife Marie in New York City.


Poe appears on the Glenn Beck Program, April 22, 2011