PODCAST: Wilms Front with Tim Wilms

Shadow Party co-author Richard Poe discusses the British origin of globalism, Britain’s lingering influence over globalist institutions, and George Soros’s little-known role as a servant of British power.

How the British Invented Globalism

The British have been pushing globalism since Victorian times. But it took the persuasive powers of Winston Churchill to get the U.S. to embrace global government.

RADIO: Afternoon Drive-By with Michael Hagwood

Shadow Party co-author Richard Poe discusses George Soros, the coming election crisis, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

TV: Soros Special on Lifetime Network

Soros special aired nationally on Lifetime Network, 10-4-2020. Richard Poe, David Horowitz interviewed. Read »

The Village That Refuses to Die

This 1962 documentary, featuring “Fighting Priest” Fr. Nguyen Lac Hoa, shows how America could have won the Vietnam War. Read »