Happy Independence Day

by Richard Poe
Friday, July 4, 2003

9:04 am Eastern Time

And God bless our fighting men, in whatever dismal corner of the world their duty finds them today. reports that a new Gallup Poll reveals a yawning “patriotism gap” between liberals and conservatives, with 80 percent of conservatives saying they are “extremely proud” of America, while only 56 percent of liberals feel that way. Here at, we say, “Love it or leave it!”

Go here for details on the poll.


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  1. Rightminded says:

    Thrice H’s, Mr. Poe (Hear, Hear Hierophant)!

    RichardPoe.Com has always made for a pleasant, Independence Day visit.

  2. Shane Swing says:

    I fret for what, and whom, our soldiers are fighting for after watching a Fox News segment today in which New Yorkers were asked if they knew who wrote the Declaration of Independence. A white guy, with full-faced smile hiding his ignorance, says, “Ahhh, wasn’t it Abraham Lincoln?”

    Fight on soldiers! Just don’t break a sweat for that idiot!

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