Courage is a Decision, says CIA Chief William Colby

Courage is a choice, says William Colby, former Director of Central Intelligence. It is a decision to embark upon a dangerous course of action, despite the risks. Colby knew well the meaning of courage. As a young man, he led teams of paratroopers behind enemy lines in World War II. But his bravest act did not take place on the battlefield. Read »

Ten Media Lies About Oliver Stone’s JFK: Article Published After 28 Years

Twenty-eight years ago, I wrote an 8,400-word, point-by-point defense of Oliver Stone’s JFK for the New York Mix, exploring the little-known issue of CIA manipulation of U.S. media. Sadly, the Mix folded before my article could be published. Dylan’s “Murder Most Foul” has inspired me to finally publish my article, which is more timely now than ever. Read »

Censored for 28 Years: My Little Plug for Oliver Stone’s JFK

Dylan’s new song has focused more attention on the JFK assassination than any pop culture event since Oliver Stone’s 1991 film JFK. When Stone’s film came out, I tried to plug it in my regular column at SUCCESS magazine, but my boss censored the JFK reference. I hereby publish the uncensored page proofs, after twenty-eight years. Better late than never. Read »

Murder Most Foul

Bob Dylan released a new song yesterday, a 17-minute dirge to our slain president, John F. Kennedy. I think Dylan did this because he’s no longer afraid. He’s telling us it’s now or never. Read more »

Richard Poe Interview in Italian Magazine

With my series of WAVE books coming out as ebooks, I chatted with Cristina Cattaneo of NM Magazine about the future of network marketing, the economic crisis in Italy, the Death of Jobs through increased automation, and the power of faith. Read »