Censored for 28 Years: My Little Plug for Oliver Stone’s JFK

Dylan’s new song has focused more attention on the JFK assassination than any pop culture event since Oliver Stone’s 1991 film JFK. Twenty-eight years ago, I tried to plug Stone’s film in my regular column at SUCCESS magazine, but my JFK reference was censored. I hereby publish the uncensored page proofs. Better late than never. Read »

Murder Most Foul

Bob Dylan released a new song yesterday, a 17-minute dirge to our slain president, John F. Kennedy. I think Dylan did this because he’s no longer afraid. He’s telling us it’s now or never. Read more »

Richard Poe Interview in Italian Magazine

The Way of the Kayak Wins an Award

Thank you, Snowtown Film Festival!

WAVE eBooks Announced on Italian Mag Cover!

Wow! I couldn’t ask for a more stylish rollout for the WAVE eBooks.

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