Remember Our Fallen Heroes

by Richard Poe
Monday, May 31, 2004

9:04 am Eastern Time

Today marks a Memorial Day unlike any we have experienced in recent years. As the death toll rises in Iraq, our generation is learning anew what our parents and grandparents knew before us — the dreadful cost of liberty. Now it is our turn to feel the bottomless sorrow of a nation at war. Let us remember our fallen heroes, and never forget them.

Go here for an up-to-the-minute casualty count from Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Go here for a full list of our honored dead in Iraq.

Go here for a record of U.S. casualties in past wars.

Go here for President Bush’s speech at the May 29 dedication of the National World War II memorial.

Go here for the history of Memorial Day.

Remember the Towers! Remember our brothers and sisters slaughtered on 9-11. God grant us victory, that our losses shall not have been in vain.

May God bless and keep our Republic.

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