MASSIVE NEWSPAPER LAYOFFS: Left-Leaning Media Can’t Compete in Free Market

by Richard Poe
Tuesday, September 20, 2005

6:50 pm Eastern Time

They’re calling it “Black Tuesday.” Four major US newspapers announced today that they are cutting some 600 jobs, reports the trade journal Editor & Publisher. Today’s layoffs continue a pattern of long-term decline among left-leaning mass media, whose efforts to compete in the age of Fox News, talk radio and the Internet have met only dismal failure.

The New York Times Company announced today that it is cutting 500 jobs, including 45 newsroom positions at its flagship paper The New York Times and 35 at its subsidiary The Boston Globe.

Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc., which owns the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News, announced this morning that it would cut 100 jobs.

Meanwhile, The New York Times web site has begun charging readers for some content, such as Op-Ed pieces, in a new pay-to-read program called TimesSelect. Says blogger Nilu, “The reason I actually did read the Times was that it was free – now I don’t think I would be clicking that left leaning biased rant with a borrowed index finger.”

by Richard Poe
September 20, 2005 06:50 PM ET

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  1. Werner says:

    Driving to town today I overheard an interview with Galloway (I think he is in Seattle or so) with callers giving him one shot after another.

    It appeared to me that the US isn’t really in favor of this people anymore. That’s why they go into Universities, there they can breathe a little for now. But obviously they won’t have much peace there for long.

    A little while ago I started to see a change in the Sacramento Bee. Not that it is a conservative newspaper now but they started to add some conservative viewpoints to it. Beside Schwarzenegger bashing one read also a defense and why it makes sense what he does.

    It seems that the mainstream is moving away from the left and it gains momentum.

    In order to not fall into the same trap as the lefties who lost sense of logic and truth I believe it is mandatory for the right to rise the standard of discussion. It means to have facts, arguments, opinions, pretensions and so on in congruent whole. If the right can do that they actually can bring the whole of the USA forward. (Or back to the level of the level of the founding fathers who sought the common good)

  2. Publius says:

    Think the Commie Galloway’s ‘spose to be in Milwaukee, but then I guess he was suppose to make a Traitor’s Tour so maybe he was in Seattle. Sounds like he’s trying to hit liberal places, the coward. As far as the leftist media goes, notwithstanding the layoffs (which is good news in it’s own right) I will have to wait and see if it will cause them to be more pro-American. I can tell you I sure won’t be holding my breath. I think Leftism is intrinsic to their nature so not sure they can change. I only ‘just’ hedge on saying I know they can’t.

  3. random10 says:

    George Galloway did his Traitors Tour stop in uber-liberal Madison and drew 1000 people, which is about the same audience as a good multiplex screening of “The 40 Year Old Virgin�?.

    The point of the original post is the economic implosion of an Eighteenth Century business model for information distribution. In the Twenty First Century information age, you can survive printing lies for the fiction market, but you can no longer print lies and call them truth.

  4. Mikie says:

    Ah the death of the establishment leftwing press, how wonderful! Rather must really be wondering “what’s the frequency�?. I only read the NY Times because it’s free, I would never pay for it. These lefty idiots think they can fool all the people, all the time. They are truly clueless.

  5. tazzmax says:

    Yeah, I heard about it on O’Reilly awhile ago. That sure is good news and I think they are trembling in their boots because the great right conspiracy is killing their asses! HALLELUJAH! Shout it from the rooftops! I used to get the Sunday Sac.Bee because I live here and my wife liked to read the entertainment section, etc. But I noticed it was so liberal it made me sick, so I cancelled it. They would call and try to get me to re-subscribe and I told them they were way too liberal and don’t call me again. They still try every now and then.

  6. gaemes says:

    Good point random10. It looks like the MSM is finally finding that WE are going to ask questions, and WE want answers, not spin. In your mind would an apology be in order to the MSM that WE are not being kindly cattle happily swallowing the pabulum spoon fed to us?

  7. random10 says:

    A customer doesn’t need to apologize to a business that no longer sells what the customer desires to purchase.

  8. gaemes says:

    Quite so, and I do agree!

  9. nanc says:

    the grey lady has lost her hair. it’s time for the rest home. may her incontinence be not as lengthy as her stay.

  10. Publius says:

    Did you know that Karl Marx was a reporter for one of the NY papers during the Civil War?

  11. Madzionist says:

    Print media is only going to succeed if it answers to the mighty web rather than futily resists it. The problem with the print of today is they continue to think that they are the dog when really they are the tail and the mighty internet is now the big dog doing the wagging.

    Ruff, Ruff!


  12. Publius says:


  13. Rove on Vacation says:

    Hello all.

    Can’t we once and for all acknowledge the real “paper of record” has been the Wall Street Journal for years now?

  14. kyle says:

    My old Uncle had a saying, He said everytime he flushed his toilet he thought he saw a copy of the NY Times whirling down the drain.
    The MSM started its death spiral in 1988, the year Rush Limbaugh went national. Its been all downhill for them ever since. Good riddence to bad rubbish.

  15. Sharikov says:

    Very rare – but for once some real and good news from the NYTimes. “Black Tuesday” … the horror – what will professional agitpropists do in the real world… Oh no! They’ll probablly become professors.

  16. Republican says:

    More proof that capitalism and free markets are best.

  17. kev says:

    But will the real reason for the decline even occur to them? Or will they, like the (also-declining) democrat party, insist that their message is correct, but that they have to find a better way to convey it? MSM news is nothing more than op-ed pages. My only request to these papers is that they please keep kissing the butts of the likes of Sheehan, Galloway, hollywood, islamofacists, and the rest of the nuts….of course no disrespect meant for those nuts who have actually been certified as such.

  18. Publius says:

    LOL..a post with a disclaimer.

  19. rightwingmac says:

    1 word: WOOT!!

  20. rightwingmac says:

    Oh…wait..I was just reminded of something..

    Until a few months ago, I used to get regular sales calls from our local version of the NYT – The New Orleans Times Picayune.

    For the longest time we politely said no.
    This time however, I said, “No I dont have birdcages and that’s the only use I could think of for that sad leftwing rag.”
    The black lady on the other end hung up on me and I’ve not heard from them since.

  21. horowitz4evah says:

    Yeah! You showed that black lady!

    EDITOR’S NOTE (09.21.05 04.36 PM ET):

    Ah, it’s our old friend horowitz4evah, the leftist infiltrator who is always trying to fool us into thinking he is conservative (see, for instance, this thread).

    Now let’s see if I can figure out your latest gambit.

    Rightwingmac mentioned that the New Orleans Times Picayune representative who called him was a “black lady.” As a leftist, you interpreted Rightwingmac’s statement as a racial putdown of said black lady, since any reference to race by a conservative, no matter how incidental or innocuous, is always “racist”, according to you leftists.

    Convinced that you had stumbled into a real, live “racist” conversation among conservatives, and hardly able to contain your excitement, you attempted to build your “conservative” bona fides by writing, “Yeah! You showed that black lady!” — something no real conservative would ever write or even think.


    Go infiltrate someone else’s blog. You are banned, sir. And don’t let the door slam on your backside on the way out.

    – Richard Poe


  22. tazzmax says:

    My one hope is that those poor commies that got layed off have to go out and get a real job—hopefully digging ditches in the scorching sun where they can compete for a fair wage with illegal aliens, who they just love! Let them get a taste of their multi-culture, p.c. utopia!

  23. tazzmax says:

    MZ is right; The print and MSM have to be shaking in their boots! Like the Bible says—the writing on the wall! They’ve been dancing for all these years on lies— now it’s time to pay the fiddler! This great inter-net revolution is the death of those commie liars and they know it. As Willy sang– Turn out the lights—-The party’s over!

  24. Madzionist says:

    They’ve been dancing for all these years on lies– now it’s time to pay the fiddler!

    Careful Taz, the Jew-haters will say that “paying the fiddler” means Jewish “Fiddlers on the Roof” are taking their money, which will lead to blood libels and pogroms against Jewish communities led by angry, unemployed leftwing print journalists.


  25. tazzmax says:

    MZ, they might go ballistic, huh?

  26. Jenny Hatch says:

    Let Freedom Ring!

    You just gotta love free market capitalism….sniff sniff – the Grey Lady may she rest in, no wait, what was I thinking? Peace?

    May her memory be blotted out and her influence simply melt away into the great Nothing that she was and is…


  27. dgene says:

    Hooray hooray, the wicked witch is dead.

    Gotta hope the NYTimes appeasement rag is also going downhill. Maybe the public is becoming more sensible.

    It’s amazing the amount of bull still being foisted on the public.

    Bless the internet and BLESS FREEDOM.

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