AND THE SCARIEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME IS… David Horowitz! (for Lefty Profs, Anyway)

by Richard Poe
Tuesday, November 1, 2005

3:37 pm Eastern Time

David Horowitz continues his metamorphosis into ubiquitous, pop culture icon. Try though they might, lefty intellectuals just can’t seem to ignore him. He is always on their minds.

Just yesterday, a blogger calling herself Bitch Ph.D. wrote the following: “Inside Higher Ed has a fun piece about scary Halloween costumes for academics. And, of course, yours truly provided the best and most pithy answer.”(1)

And what was her answer? When queried by Inside Higher Ed as to “which costumes might be particularly scary to people at colleges and universities”, Bitch Ph.D. quipped, without hesitation, “David Horowitz.” (2)

by Richard Poe
November 1, 2005 03:37 PM ET

Cross-posted from 11.01.05 03.37 PM ET


1. Bitch Ph.D., “BOO!“,, October 31, 2005

2. “Trick or Treat“, Inside Higher Ed Online, October 31, 2005

Go here for the timeline of David Horowitz’s academic freedom movement.


14 Responses to “AND THE SCARIEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME IS… David Horowitz! (for Lefty Profs, Anyway)”


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  1. djb says:

    The leftists have painted academic rights as adverse to speech freedom. As the leftists have learned from the communists, a lie told often enough becomes the truth.

  2. drmiltown says:

    I love David Horowitz because he has had the intelligence to see the errors in his old way of thinking and the courage to embark on his new path. That, by the way, is completely in keeping with the courage of his communist parents. Although they were wrong, they were also altruistic, brilliant and courageous.

    Doc knows a good man when he sees one!

    Godspeed David,

  3. Happy Ruthy says:

    David, we love you. You have the Leftist Intelligentsia running scared.

    Since they cannot defeat you on the merits, they name call.

  4. nanc says:

    i was at once turned off by the small child giving the finger – how intelligent is that? it told the entire story – you know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” i bet this phd. does not even know a thousand words. how sad people use theirs or others children to make an invalid point. i don’t believe mr. horowitz is scary at all – i pray that he takes on not only university, but pre-school agendas. two-thumbs up for david.

  5. tazzmax says:

    Hang in there Mr. Horowitz, you have millions of friends! You are doing very noble work and it will pay off.

  6. hammersmith says:

    I dressed up as “a real job” and scared several professors right outta their Birkenstocks.

  7. hammersmith says:

    Then I dressed up as a professor and tried to convince the neighborhood vandals not to egg my house. I used my finely honed conflict resolution skills, I applied diplomatic nuance, celebrated their diversity, gave them all my candy and felt their pain.

    They swore they would not egg my house.

    Today I spent most of the afternoon hosing egg off my car.

  8. Madzionist says:

    I think PMS PHD would have been a better moniker for her.

    So, does the Horowitz costume help guys score with bitchy leftist academics?


  9. peedoffamerican says:

    Here in Georgia, I wore the scariest costume that is available. A Hillary Clinton mask.

    It caused 3 heart attacks, 2 incidences of projectile vomiting, got me shot at an even dozen times (thank goodness I duck quickly), peed on by dogs twice, and had rocks thrown at me by children. And that was all in the first block. The rest of the night was spent running from a mob that had ropes.

  10. peedoffamerican says:

    Boy was I ever tired by the time I was able to rip that ugly mask off of my head. The damn rubber thing got stuck. Have you ever tried ripping off a stuck rubber mask while running for your life from a totally pissed off mob of conservatives. It ain’t easy!!!!

  11. Sharikov says:

    Leftist humor:

    “And what was her answer? When queried by Inside Higher Ed as to `which costumes might be particularly scary to people at colleges and universities’, Bitch Ph.D. quipped, without hesitation, `David Horowitz’.”

    Hey lefties. Don’t try to be funny – just be yourselves – act naturally – and you’ll continue to provide endless laughs.

  12. J. Bargholz says:

    Horowitz may be the scariest Halloween costume for lefties but a Sheehan mask would be the ugliest.

  13. Madzionist says:

    Michael Moore might be a bit ugly. Say, isn’t Red Cindy Divorced now? And isn’t lardass single? Hmmmm.

    Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match…

  14. » Blog Archive » AND THE SCARIEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME IS… David Horowitz! (for Lefty Profs, Anyway) says:

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