PRESS RELEASE: Soros Critics Muzzled, Beck Tells Poe

by Richard Poe
Friday, February 17, 2012

5:08 am Eastern Time

RELEASED FEBRUARY 3, 2012 — “I paid a huge, huge price for going after George Soros,” Glenn Beck told Richard Poe last week. “But I ain’t dead. And quite honestly, I thought that was an option. … I said on the air, at one point, if I show up dead, check Soros!”

Beck chatted with Shadow Party co-author Richard Poe in a satellite interview on GBTV, January 26. They discussed the strange reluctance of U.S. media to criticize Soros; explored Soros’ peculiar hostility toward the United States; and scrutinized Soros’ neocolonial approach to the Muslim world.

SEE THE VIDEO HERE (broadcast January 26, 2012):


BECK: We have Richard Poe. He is the co-author of Shadow Party… his other co-author is David Horowitz, a man I greatly, greatly respect, and Richard Poe has done so much amazing work on George Soros. Can you tell me, Richard, first of all, why is no one looking into George Soros? Why is this ‘class warfare’ on everybody else except for George Soros?

POE: Glenn, I would suspect that what happened to you when you went after George Soros may have a lot to do with that, because, probably, of anybody on network television, you, when you were on Fox News, went after George Soros more thoroughly and more definitively and giving a lot more details about his covert operations overseas—which is the part of the story that is usually not told—you did more of that than, I think, anyone has ever done on network television. And I don’t know the inside story like you do, but it appears to me and I think it probably appears to a lot of people in the media and out of the media that you got punished for that. Now maybe that’s not true but that’s how it looked from the outside.

BECK: Oh, I think I paid a huge, huge price for going after George Soros. But I ain’t dead. And quite honestly, I thought that was an option. You go after, you know, I’ve seen movies before and I thought, if I die, I think I said on the air, at one point, if I show up dead, check Soros! But I didn’t die. I paid a huge price, but I’m going on and I think we are, you know, Richard, I believe we’ve spoken about what we’re working on, on another exposé of George Soros and what he’s doing now. He’s a guy who seems to either frighten everyone or control everyone. Am I wrong?

POE: He has tremendous influence and he is a very thin-skinned person by nature, I’ve observed, I’ve learned, and he seems to have a lot of powerful friends in the government, in the intelligence community, in all kinds of walks of life, and a great willingness to use his connections for personal ends. He does not like to be criticized and I have been astonished, in the few years that I have been taking little digs at him, in my own little way, I have been astonished at the extent to which he will react when he is criticized…

BECK: Oh yeah.

POE: …even if someone so small as little ‘ol me does something.

BECK: Yeah, it’s incredible.

POE: He will react.

BECK: He’s very much like Barack Obama, who, we have somebody on to talk about what happened yesterday at the airport with Barack Obama and Jan Brewer. These guys are so rarely criticized, they just don’t know how to react. When somebody does it, it’s like, they can’t even believe it. I spoke earlier today that I think Soros, there’s a chance that Soros is doing the endgame here of the euro. You’ve studied him enough. I’m not sure this is the endgame but this is the beginning of a new phase, at least, with his currency crashing in Europe. Do you believe that or not?”

POE: I believe that Soros and his minions and his associates believe this is the endgame. They want it to be the endgame. Soros himself is 81-years old. He has been preparing for this moment his entire adult life. He predicted as far back as 1987 in his book The Alchemy of Finance, he called for, essentially, for taking down the U.S. dollar as the global currency of choice. He said that it was time for the dollar to go and to be replaced by some other currency. This was back in 1987. This was a long time ago.

BECK: He’s a guy who has, he said that he feels that the United States is the biggest obstacle to peace and prosperity in the world. Has he ever liked America? Has there ever been a point to where he wasn’t an enemy of our life, the way we see it?

POE: I have to believe Mr. Soros himself, because he has written many times that he always disliked America. He has written, in many places, in his books and articles, that the only reason he came to America from England was to make money, and it was his plan, when he came here, I believe it was in 1956, when he first came here to work on Wall Street, his plan was to work here a few years, make money, and then go back to the country that he really loves, which is England, and this was always his plan, he says.

BECK: But then he destroyed England’s currency. What happened there?

POE: Well, he did, but he had friends in high places who approved of what he was doing. There were people in England who were very very happy when Mr. Soros and certain associates of his ganged up on the British pound in 1992 and caused essentially a devaluation and collapse of the British pound. There were many people in England who approved of that, for various reasons, some because they themselves made money. Some, who were actually conservatives or self-styled conservatives, some such people said they approved of Soros and he should get a medal because, by crashing the British pound, he prevented England from entering the Eurozone, at that point, which was in preparation. So there were all kinds of people in the British establishment who had different feelings about it, but it was the average Englishman who lost, I believe, a fifth of his savings through that devaluation, who really suffered. People among the elites had their own reasons for taking different positions.

BECK: He doesn’t seem to have a problem with the average person losing money and then having the elites, you know, he’s on some weird, sick experiment ride. … Because nobody else reports it… the vacuum, the silence allows this to seem like a conspiracy theory, but it’s not. He’s done this very thing in five different countries. They don’t understand how much money he is making right now, while everybody else is crashing, he’s getting rich, because he is in the White House over and over and over and over again, and all his people are, designing these policies. He’s not that much of a genius. He’s controlling the policies or at least suggesting many of the policies that make him rich. They will say, your friends will say, well, then what does he want? And they always fall back to an open society. If you tell your friend that he [Soros] wants an open society… they’ll immediately say, well, I’m for an open society too! Could you explain a little what George Soros means by an open society?

POE: I really don’t know what he means by it. He claims that he’s a follower of the philosopher Karl Popper, who coined this term open society. Supposedly, it’s all about democracy, free speech, all the things we all believe in, in enlightened and democratic societies such as this, but obviously, if Mr. Soros’ beliefs were as innocent as all that, then what would be the issue? Why would he be going around saying that the United States needs to be de-nazified, which is something he said a couple years ago? And he’s constantly characterizing the United States as a country which has to be denazified, or, in some way, has to experience one of his bloodless coups, that has to be treated as he treated the Soviet Union or as he has treated other totalitarian or oppressive regimes around the world. He continually characterizes the United States as a great threat to world peace and a threat to the open society. So we’re the country of George Washington—the subject of your recent book. We’re the country of the American Revolution. We’re the country of the American constitution, the Bill of Rights. We’re the last, best hope of earth, I think, in the eyes of most people in the world, but, in the tiny little intellectual world which George Soros inhabits, we are actually the greatest threat to peace in the world, and we are a country, an actual failed state, in George Soros’ opinion, a state so hideously evil, so dangerous, so out of control, that what’s wrong with us supposedly cannot be fixed through the democratic process. It has to be fixed through the kind of covert interventions which Mr. Soros has used in places like Yugoslavia and Slovakia and Russia and Ukraine and so forth and so on. This is why Mr. Soros has targeted our country for these types of covert activities, because he believes this.

BECK: He’s also, at the same time, he’s put up, I mean, you call it the Shadow Party. …But he’s also putting together a whole shadow government. He is redesigning all of the financial laws all around the world at the same time. True or false?

POE: Yes, he is. He has a very well-developed theory of how the world should work. He believes, of course, in globalism — although sometimes he denies that he believes in globalism. He believes that we should create a new, essentially a central bank for the entire world, which issues a global currency, which would replace the dollar as the dominant currency on earth. He has written this in his books. He has a very, very clearly laid out plan for globalizing the planet. And a big part of this plan, one might even say the biggest part of this plan, as he states very clearly, is to break the power of the United States which he sees as the one force which is strong enough, and stubborn enough, and sufficiently in love with its own independence, to try to stop this from happening.

BECK: Is he a guy who is so naïve that he really thinks that he can get into bed with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic world? Is he using them? Or are they using him? Or do they both think we’ll use each other temporarily and then we’ll off the other? We’ll split the world, or whatever? How does he think he’s going to fare with the Islamic world afterwards? I don’t think he’ll fit into sharia finance real well.

POE: No, I don’t imagine he would, but I would guess that – I can only guess – but I would guess that Mr. Soros and people like him, the sort of people who are gathering now at the Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland to make these plans for globalization, as we speak, these sorts of people see the Muslim world very much as the old colonial powers used to see it. You can read books that were written during the era of the French Empire and the British Empire, both of which ruled large Muslim populations, and they used to talk about how to manage the Muslims, almost the way you’d manage a type of livestock…

BECK: Right.

POE: …that they’re useful for this, sometimes they’re useful for that. Yes, sometimes they get very fanatical and you have to crack down on them, but you can use them to keep other people under control. And you can actually read these books. Many of them are still in print today. Manuals of colonialism. And I think the elites, like Soros today, are still reading from that book, that old book of colonialism and thinking, well, the Muslims are just a part of our kingdom. They’re just a segment of our, they’re subjects of our empire and they have certain uses. We can use them for this, or we can not use them for that. The Muslims, on the other hand, those who are true believers, they see this, they see everything that happens to their advantage, as the hand of Providence, as the hand of Allah. They don’t care what Soros and people like that think when they help them. They say, look, the infidels are helping us. Allah has made them mad. He’s brought them into our hands. And so, at one point or another, these forces will collide. Certainly.

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