SPEECH: Long Live Giuliani Square!

by Richard Poe
Saturday, November 18, 2006

11:26 am Eastern Time

Newly edited version, posted November 6, 2009

No More Times Square!
Long Live Giuliani Square!

Full Transcript of Richard Poe Speech at New York Times Building
Demonstration Against the New York Times
229 West 43rd Street, Manhattan

July 10, 2006

Rabbi Aryeh Spero: …one of the contributors and associate editors of NewsMax Magazine, which is online, one of the fearless magazines willing to take on The New York Times. His name is Richard Poe.


Richard Poe to New York Times: “No more Times Square! Long live Giuliani Square!

Richard Poe: Thank you. Thank you.

Welcome, friends, to the Times Square district of New York City. This is called the Times Square district on the map. The reason for that is because of its proximity to Times Square.

Now many of us forget that Times Square is actually named after this New York Times. And let me tell you how that happened.

In the year 1904, one Adolph Ochs, then publisher of The New York Times, had a meeting with the mayor of New York, in the course of which he persuaded the mayor to name Longacre Square after his newspaper, and from then onward it has been named Times Square. History does not record how the publisher of this newspaper managed to get the most important commercial hub and the most celebrated public space of our city named after his newspaper, but I don’t think I would be going too far if I were to suspect that some financial remuneration was involved.

This was in 1904. It was one hundred and two years ago, and, ever after, the main square of our city has borne the name of this corporation, the New York Times Company, and I ask my fellow New Yorkers, why?

Before it was named Times Square, it was called Longacre Square. Now I do not propose calling it Longacre Square again. I don’t even know why they called it that, but may I humbly suggest Giuliani Square?

[crowd cheers]

Giuliani Square!

For one hundred years, this newspaper has stood astride our city like a colossus. For one hundred years, our titans of Wall Street, our politicians, our power brokers, have bowed low before this temple of Babylonian decadence.

Let that time end now, today. No more Times Square! Long live Giuliani Square!

[crowd begins chanting: “Giuliani Square! Giuliani Square!”]

– by Richard Poe


Video courtesy Atlas Shrugs (1)

Video courtesy (2)

Video courtesy (2)


1. Pamela Geller, “It’s a CHOI to Protest the New York Crimes“,, July 10, 2006

2. Pam M., “Memo to the NYT: We’re Not Buying It“, Blogmeister USA, July 10, 2006


3 Responses to “SPEECH: Long Live Giuliani Square!”
  1. Ben Trovato says:

    What I’m thinking is: Richard Poe sounds like an extreme right messianic, evangelical, fundy freak.

    That said, all the drivel he’s written about George Soros being an evil entity bent on the total destruction of the United States is but partially true. Soros is first and foremost a “Capitalist.” He made all his ($11) billions in the New York Stock Market. He did not back George W. Bush for his second term in 2004 and, for all the millions he spent trying to keep him from that second term, he failed. What makes anyone now think that he can influence “any” election to any office? He’s not even in the same class as Michael Bloomberg – who can buy and sell him – the individual who bought his way to a third term as mayor of NYC.

    The only thing Soros and Bloomberg have in common is they belong to the Bilderbergers – along with George H. W. Bush, by the way – whose desire it is to make our world “ONE.”

    Poe gives George Soros too much credit for having influence over things where serendipity and truvaille were at work.

    I do not like any millionaires or billionaires, be they Republican, Democrat, Socialist or Communist.


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