by Richard Poe
Sunday, October 6, 2002

9:51 am Eastern Time

What sort of dictatorship will the New World Order impose on its subject peoples? Will it be a “hard” dictatorship of the jackbooted Soviet or Nazi variety — or a “soft” one, more like Bertram Gross’s “friendly fascism” (described in my May 17, 1999 column “Third Way or Third Reich?“)?

Americans eager to know should pay closer attention to unfolding events in Europe, where even now the so-called European Union is offering a sneak preview of things to come.

Alert scanners of the mediasphere will recall that Phyllis Schlafly warned of Europe’s deepening “democracy predicament” back on June 20, 2001.

London-based blogger Perry de Havilland of has brought the issue once more to my attention, in the form of a disturbing report from the Telegraph regarding recent developments in Ireland.

It seems that Ireland is the only country standing in the way of ratification of the Treaty of Nice. Fourteen of the EU’s 15 member nations have already ratified it. But, in a referendum held last year, the Irish voted “No” on the treaty.

Among other things, the treaty gives big nations more power over small ones (like Ireland) and requires traditionally neutral nations (such as Ireland) to contribute troops to a euro-army, for use in the EU’s imperial adventures. In short, the Irish did not feel the treaty was in their best interests. So they rejected it.

The EU’s solution? Make the Irish vote again… and again and again and again, until they get it right. A new referendum is scheduled for October 19, and — as The Telegraph reports — “[Irish Prime Minister Bertie] Ahern has virtually promised his EU counterparts that the Irish will say ‘Yes’…” this time.

I wonder how he knows.

The Telegraph reports:

So they are being frogmarched back to the polls to reverse the decision they reached just 15 months ago. This is European democracy, Henry Ford style: you can reach any answer, as long as it is yes.

In simply refusing to recognise the outcome of the first referendum, the government makes the point of the No campaigners more eloquently than a thousand speeches.

They argue that the EU is undemocratic, unaccountable and remote…

Not long ago, our own “Texas Tom” raised the question of Euro-Dictatorship on the forum, in response to my July 12, 2002 dispatch from occupied Greece, entitled, “One Volk! One Reich! One Euro!Tom wrote:

Richard Poe writes: “Member nations of the EU do not have ‘choice.’ Once they enter the EU, they must obey Brussels’ edicts.”

[Texas Tom]: What happens if they don’t? I will confess to ignorance of the mechanisms under which the EU will work. If a member nation chooses to ignore the demands of the EU, what will the result be? Will uniformed EU troops invade the country and subject the people to martial law, or will the country simply be at a decided economic disadvantage over its neighbors who do abide by the rules?

I hope and trust that these observations will help answer at least some of Texas Tom’s questions.

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