Germans Rebuild Nazi Reich Through EU

by Richard Poe
Friday, August 1, 2003

8:31 am Eastern Time
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In the 1930s and ’40s, German strategy called for a “Drang nach Osten” — a “push to the East.” Rodney Atkinson — author of Fascist Europe Rising — notes that the European Union now provides German expansionists with a vehicle for pursuing the same policy, under the guise of pan-Europeanism.

Among other things, Germany’s new “push to the East” features some familiar territorial demands on Poland and a re-colonization of Eastern Europe through coordinated, strategic investments.

Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. See my article, “The Fascist Dream of a United Europe.”


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  1. Unadorned says:

    When the two Germanys reunited, stuff like this was bound to start happening — it’s a very powerful nation, no two ways about it.

    My only question is, why didn’t Poland see it coming before signing away its existence on the dotted line with the E.U. monstrosity? I mean, aren’t professional diplomats and policy strategists paid to have a bit of wit? Couldn’t they find guys for that position who could boast of actually having two or more synapses to rub together? Or what? Aren’t they expected to see stuff coming down the pike that would be blindingly obvious to my 9-year-old?

    Two additional questions:

    1) What’s the meaning, in terms of nationalism, of Europe’s seeming supine acquiescence in excessive incompatible immigration amounting essentially to the impending literal Muslimization of the ancient nations of that continent? What gives with that and who’s calling the shots exactly on their excessive incompatible immigration debacle over there? (who and why?);

    2) How come Germany hasn’t bought or somehow re-possessed the remnant of East Prussia (K�nigsberg and its hinterland) which was left as sort of a detached “rump” when the three Baltic states, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, broke away from Russia? During the early 90s, when a desperate Russia which had been newly decommunized and shorn of its possessions by declarations of independence right and left, and was pathetically weak, poverty-stricken, and defenseless, appealed to the rich, fat, sleek, newly reunited Bundesrepublik Deutschland for emergency financial help, the Deutschers ponied up some fifteen billion dollars immediately in no-strings aid, I think the figure was, with more to come later. I expected the Huns right there to tell Moscow, “Oh, and … uhhhhhhhh — by the way, guys — with this check we’re taking K�nigsberg back. Sorry to break the news … ” But there was never a peep out of them about it, and I think that East Prussian rump still is — nominally at least — part of Russia. What gives with that, I wonder? How come the Huns didn’t grab it back when Russia was naught but a pathetic beggarly heap barely able to hold its cup out?

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