WHY SOROS HATES BUSH: Bill O’Reilly Interviews Richard Poe

by Richard Poe
Wednesday, May 19, 2004

7:23 am Eastern Time

Here’s NewsMax’s account of my seven-minute segment on The O’Reilly Factor last night. Go here.


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  1. Hoser says:

    Saw you last night! Which was purely by coincidence, since I pretty much had quit watching O’Reilly some time ago. Seems a bit of an arrogant blowhard to me. Too bad. I think he let success go to his head.

    But I was flipping through the channels, and, lo and behold, there’s ole RP, in living color!

    Nonetheless, it was great to see you in the national spotlight, and you comported yourself quite well… as if I should have expected any less!

    Great interview!

    Best Regards,

  2. Richard Poe says:

    Hoser writes:

    Great interview!


  3. Texas Tom says:

    I thought you didn’t like O’Reilly.

    You’re such a media whore! : )

  4. Richard Poe says:

    Texas Tom writes:

    I thought you didn’t like O’Reilly.

    I must admit that I have expressed annoyance with O’Reilly in the past, in terms which I now realize may have been overly harsh. While writing Hillary’s Secret War, I learned some things about O’Reilly that compelled me to rethink my attitude toward him.

    He has given voice to many people who would otherwise never gain access to national media — most notably, to investigator Jayna Davis, who has appeared several times on The O’Reilly Factor to present her evidence of a Middle Eastern connection to the Oklahoma City bombing. That took considerable guts on O’Reilly’s part.

    I am sure there will be many future occasions when O’Reilly will annoy me for one reason or another. But I understand now that he is a brave and stalwart soul, who will buck the Establishment and defy the crowd when he sees fit. For that, he has my respect.

  5. Sasha Castel says:

    Um, Richard?

    I think you are supposed to alert your loyal readers when you’re going to be on international television. ; )

  6. Richard Poe says:

    Dear Sasha:

    You’re right. I apologize for not posting a notice.

    Everything happened at the last minute. O’Reilly’s producer called only hours before the interview, and I had to rush to finish my work, get ready for the interview and get to the studio in Manhattan.

    For those who missed the show, I’ll look into the possibilities of posting a video download.

  7. Rightminded says:

    Dear Mr. Poe:

    Just my luck, I missed you on the Mr. Put The Military On The Mexican Border And Do It Now Hour.

    You are a class act, in print, on the Marconi, and there is no doubt in my mind, the boob-tube as well.

    Sometimes on Friday and the weekend, Fox repeats some of ole’ Bills interviews. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

    P.S. You are right, and I agree. Bill can be annoying, but he is one righteous, God-fearing, “bad ass.” No one gets it right every time, but this nation could use more men like Bill.

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