ANTI-TERROR FATWA IS BOGUS: Muslim Groups Which Condemned Terror Yesterday are Themselves Part of Terror Network

by Richard Poe
Friday, July 29, 2005

12:35 pm Eastern Time

Journalists were atwitter yesterday over what appeared to be a thaw in the icy relations between Islam and the West. US and Canadian Muslim leaders issued a fatwa or religious ruling condemning terrorism, stating that terrorist tactics violated the Koran. Sadly their fatwa now appears to have been a cynical public relations ploy. Terror expert Steven Emerson has revealed that the very organizations issuing and promoting the fatwa are themselves integral nodes in the terror network.

“[I]t is a fake fatwa designed merely to deceive the American public into believing that these groups are moderate,” writes Emerson in an e-alert posted to Andrew Cochran’s Counterterrorism Blog. “In fact, officials of both organizations have been directly linked to and associated with Islamic terrorist groups and Islamic extremist organizations.”

The two organizations in question are the Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA) which issued the fatwa and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) which organized yesterday’s Washington press conference where the fatwa was announced. According to Emerson:

“The Chairman of the Fiqh Council, Taha Jaber Al-Alwani, is an unindicted co-conspirator in the case against Sami al-Arian, the alleged North American leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, whose trial began in June 2005 in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Alwani has been named in court documents as an official of several entities in northern Virginia suspected of being connected to terrorist financing. Documents released in the Al Arian trial show that Alwani funded the Islamic Jihad front groups in Tampa. …

“CAIR has championed and defended officials of Islamic terrorist groups including Hamas leader Musa Abu Marzook, Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Sami al-Arian, Palestinian Islamic Jihad fundraiser Fawaz Damra, and the radical Egyptian cleric Wagdy Ghoneim.

“CAIR has repeatedly attacked the prosecutions of Islamic terrorists arrested and/or convicted since 9-11 and has attacked the government’s freezing of Islamic terrorist fronts as part of a `war against Islam’ by the United States.

“CAIR has led protests against the deportation of radical Islamic clerics who have called for Jihad or who have been fundraisers for Hamas.

“CAIR has asserted that the indictment of Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Sami al-Arian on conspiracy to murder more than 100 people was `politically motivated’ and instigated by `the attack dogs of the pro-Israeli lobby.’

“CAIR has been named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit filed by the family of former FBI official John O’Neill, who was killed on 9-11.”

Numerous other Muslim leaders and organizations endorsed yesterday’s fatwa. Of these, Emerson writes:

“One of the signatories to today’s fatwa is Fawaz Damra who was convicted of immigration fraud related to his ties to Palestinian Islamic Jihad and denaturalized. He is currently awaiting a deportation hearing.

“Another signatory, the Muslim American Society, is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States and whose publications have repeatedly supported suicide bombings.

“For a comprehensive background paper on the links to Islamic terrorist and extremist groups, please click here.”

The unraveling of yesterday’s anti-terror fatwa revives disturbing questions as to whether or not any such thing as moderate Islam really exists. If genuine moderates could be found, it seems difficult to understand why Muslim leaders would go to such lengths to conjure up imaginary ones.


by Richard Poe
July 29, 2005 12:35 PM ET

Cross-posted from 07.29.05


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  1. dgene says:

    Yada yada yada.

    The religion of takiyyah (deception) is still trying to fool the unbelievers.

    What crap.

    We can read the Qur’an, the hadith, the sura.

    We can judge Muhammed ourselves and his life of “peace” and “understanding.”

    Just about every last mosque in islamic lands preaches hatred of unbelievers.

    Just about every mosque in the lands of the believers will preach the same when not monitored, and which is seditious.

    If the mosques preach sedition they should be bulldozed, the imams charged and deported. There are no moderates as far as core islamic beliefs are concerned. At best it is ignorance and in any event deception.

  2. dgene says:

    Visit Dearborne and feel the “peace” and “tolerance.”

  3. Americanjihad says:




    Dear Mr. Weinert:

    You have no beef with David Horowitz. He does not even know you exist. Your beef is with me.

    I banned you from this site on May 27, 2005 (go here and here).

    You are not welcome here. Now go.

    – Richard Poe


  4. Rightminded says:


    Well, I just hope the offices and the phones of the members of FCNA and CAIR are tapped under the authority of the Patriot Act!

  5. Joshua Knape says:

    Forgive me, but that was rather funny. I hope Mr. Poe can laugh as well while typing a ban message.

    But he’ll be back… if he has re-registered four times, Mr. Weinert will surely re-register a fifth time.

  6. dgene says:

    It will sound irrational and iconoclastic, but at some point the foolish left in America WILL PROBABLY (have to) WAKE UP AND SEE WHAT IS IN FRONT OF THEIR NOSES!

    It is politicly incorrect to say that Sharia is barbaric, abhorrent and (here goes): EVIL, and is based on Islam – moderate, radical, Cat Stevenized, Hollywoodized, or papered over with Saudi dollars – that moral equivalency and cultural sensitivity can get us killed. Political taboo and avoidance is also a form of squeamishness and foolishness.

    The lefties will soon have to wake up.

  7. orangeducks says:

    When it comes to all the conflicts in the West between Islamic hate-speak and freedom of speach issues, it appears that France is doing what it usually does – gives everyone the finger.

    They’re deporting the venom-spewing Muslim preachers, openly holding mosques under surveillance, stripping French Arab Islamic radicals of their citizenship, and just pretty much going to start covering their butts by kicking the butts of their Arabs. I saw the link to the article on Drudge – click here.

    Part of being an American is to understand that gold is where you find it. Does this make the French unbelievably hypocritical? Sure. Are they the backbiting, selfish, arrogant, delusional brats of Europe? You bet. Are they the closest thing to an enemy ‘ally’ that the US has ever had? Yep.

    But a good idea is a good idea, regardless of the source.


  8. Richard Poe says:

    dgene writes: “…at some point, the foolish left in America will probably (have to) wake up and see… that moral equivalency and cultural sensitivity can get us killed.”

    Dear dgene:

    Your view of the left seems to me overly charitable.

    If the leftists are merely “foolish,” to use your term – which is to say that they behave as they do out of naiveté and misplaced idealism – then yes, showing the leftists the destructive effects of their actions might persuade them to close ranks with their fellow Americans and support the war.

    However, I don’t believe that the real leftists – that is, the leaders and decisionmakers – are susceptible to such persuasion.

    The movers and shakers on the left know that they are helping the enemy kill Americans. They are doing it on purpose. Their goal is US defeat, just as it was during the Vietnam War.

  9. Werner says:

    Regardless of who issued the fatwa, the question is whether it has the desired effect or not.

    Let’s say it has the effect we desire – some wannabe suicidal heroes start to think and don’t proceed. Why would the Fiq Council do that if that’s not in their interest? If that is true what you say, the fatwa is made for the west, not for muslims, then that means “they” are having pressure to do so. “They” try to escape a trap by a new trick. What could it be that makes them doing so?

    They see that Islam is getting more and more a pretty bad reputation and that they are losing ground in the West. Where is this change of reputation coming from? Propably not from the Mainstream Media, but from bloggers. People don’t take the crap anymore they are force-fed. A lot of people now get their information from the Internet, from independent people.

    These fatwas in the West are intendend to change the picture the West has about Islam. Slowly Western people realize in what kind of war they are (basically they realize that we ARE in a war). Now the wolf tries to put on sheep’s clothes to deceive. The wolf is afraid that he is recognized as that which he is and expelled from the grounds of the West.

    Those fatwas are actually a good sign for us, regardless of with what intention they are written.

    Muslims are still honor/shame-based people. To show again and again where their leaders are lying will further embarass them and make those leaders slowly but surely outcasts in their own religion.

    Islam obviously reacts only if the outside force amounts to a threat to itself. (It lacks the criticism, debate, controversy and diversity of the West, which makes it so dynamic and self-improving.) In reading also German discussion groups, it is evident to me that in the ideological war with Islam the US is much further than at least Germany (they are slowly getting tougher too). It also seems to me that the ideological war is fought by people like you and me, who compel the (US) government to take more influences into account. It seems that in the ideological war, every one of us can be a soldier and fight his battles. (I do, in German discussion groups and got recently banned defending Tancredo’s statement).

    I do believe that the time for attack has come. I do believe that on the battlefield of the Internet one can find ways to engage the enemy. I for my part started to learn Arabic and, at one point, I would like to start a Web site in Arabic. Most Middle Eastern people have a problem understanding English and MEMRI is, as far as I know, only a one-way translation.

    Instead of staying domestic, go where your enemies are in great numbers.


  10. Madzionist says:

    Only the useful idiots on the left put any stock in this ruse to begin with. Nobody who understands the terrorist nature of islam ever believed this was anything more than takiyya.


  11. Richard Poe says:

    Werner writes: “I do believe that on the battlefield of the Internet one can find ways to engage the enemy. I for my part started to learn Arabic and, at one point, I would like to start a Web site in Arabic.”

    This is a most interesting idea.

    What will you say on your Arabic Web site?

  12. rightwingmac says:

    Yep, this is a big steaming pile of “fatwa” all right…

    Those of us not mired in Moore-ism ain’t buyin’ it.

    I will deem them worthy when they name names, point fingers, and exhort muslims to DEFEND civilization FROM the jihadis.

    Until then, they’re still lying cowards that I trust about as far as I can toss a dumptruck up a waterfall.

  13. Richard Poe says:

    [an excerpt]

    The Principle of Al-Takeyya

    The Arabic word, “Takeyya”, means “to prevent,” or guard against. The principle of Al Takeyya conveys the understanding that Muslims are permitted to lie as a preventive measure against anticipated harm to one’s self or fellow Muslims. This principle gives Muslims the liberty to lie under circumstances that they perceive as life threatening. They can even deny the faith, if they do not mean it in their hearts. Al-Takeyya is based on the following Quranic verse:

    “Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah: except by way of precaution (prevention), that ye may Guard yourselves from them (prevent them from harming you.) But Allah cautions you (To remember) Himself; for the final goal is to Allah.” Surah 3: 28

    Lying in Islam” by Abdullah Al Araby, Islam Review

  14. Rightminded says:


    Al-Takeyya–in essence, a “LEGAL-LIE!”

  15. Mr. Beamish says:

    You too can practice Takeyya.

    “The Democratic Party is the party of the people!”

    “Islam is a religion of peace!”

  16. dgene says:

    Richard (Poe) Many thanks for your definition of Taqiyya.
    Which means:
    You are, for instance the chief pilot on an Airlines flight, and you suspect your co pilot is your average muslim going through a mid life Jihad crises (will he be able to get to Allah heaven by his acts in this life), so you ask him: Are you muslim ? But thanks to the principle of taqihha, he can look you in the eye and solemnly say no, as he dives for the decelerator control to crash the plane.
    Kidding aside, many thanks.

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