BRITISH MUSLIMS FEAR BACKLASH: Poll Finds “Islamophobia” Rampant in Britain

by Richard Poe
Saturday, July 30, 2005

8:07 pm Eastern Time

An epidemic of “Islamophobia” has struck Britain. So, at least, says the leftwing British newspaper The Guardian. In order to prove it, The Guardian commissioned a poll which obligingly revealed that one in five British Muslims claims to have experienced “abuse” or “hostility” from fellow Britons since the July 7 bombings. Indeed, fully two thirds of British Muslims say they may leave the UK out of fear of worsening tensions, says the ICM poll. The Guardian reports:

“Police have recorded more than 1,200 suspected Islamophobic incidents across the country ranging from verbal abuse to one murder in the past three weeks. …

“Nearly two-thirds of Muslims told pollsters that they had thought about their future in Britain after the attacks, with 63% saying they had considered whether they wanted to remain in the UK. Older Muslims were more uneasy about their future, with 67% of those 35 or over having contemplated their future home country compared to 61% among those 34 or under.

“Britain’s Muslim population is estimated at 1.6 million, with 1.1 million over 18, meaning more than half a million may have considered the possibility of leaving.”

Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that this poll is accurate. Let us further assume that more than half a million British Muslims have experienced hostility so intense that they no longer feel welcome in Britain.

Even granting that some Britons may have resorted to ugly or unfortunate outlets for their post-7/7 anger, how we describe or characterize that anger constitutes an important political statement – one which we ought not leave to the discretion of The Guardian‘s editors.

The term “Islamophobia” simply will not do. A phobia, by definition, is a pathological condition, an irrational fear of something that is not really dangerous, such as fear of confined spaces (claustrophobia) or fear of darkness (scotophobia).

If indeed Britons have become noticeably alarmed about the growing numbers of Muslims on their island – and by the code of silence so many Muslims observe regarding the terrorists in their midst – does their alarm signify mental illness or rather a realistic apprehension of the situation?

The same ICM poll which finds rampant “Islamophobia” in Britain also informs us that one in five British Muslims strongly resists assimilation into British society, while one in twenty believes that further bombings would be justified. Fourteen percent “don’t know” whether or not they support further bombings.

Let us consider just the most radical element – the one in twenty, or five percent – which supports more bombings. Five percent does not seem an unduly large figure. However, in his book Reveille for Radicals, leftist street organizer Saul Alinsky notes that an activist elite of only five percent can drive the other 95 percent of a target population in the direction it chooses.

To attempt to judge what is really happening in England from ICM’s polling statistics – and from The Guardian‘s hysterical editorializing over them – would be folly. We can state with confidence, however, that, whatever concerns or reservations the British people may be expressing with regard to their Muslim neighbors, it surely deserves a more respectful label than “Islamophobia.”

Regaining control of our language is the first step to retaking our culture. Let it begin now.

by Richard Poe
July 30, 2005 08:07 PM ET

Cross-posted from 07.30.05


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  1. djb says:

    I think that it is pretty natural that if Muslims were trying to kill someone, their intended victims would have Islamophobia or Muslimphobia or some other kind of fear for anyone and everyone of that persuasion. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Japanesephobia was so severe that we put all the Japanese/Americans into concentration camps and shipped the others back to Japan or into prison. Frankly, I can’t see much difference in the current Muslim situation, with the same isolation treatment being the best solution to stopping the terrorist attacks.

  2. mike555 says:

    See, the British are poor sports. They should invite a Muslim over to their house for dinner.

    It’s about time the British learn that there are others in the world. They got mad at the Nazis for bombing their cities, now the Muslims for bombing their trains.

    They have accepted the fact that Muslims like to kill them.

  3. ralphbprice says:

    The British have a tendency to lean toward Neville Chamberlain until something really bad happens. As great an abomination as 7/7 was, they still will sit and proclaim that they are the most tolerant society on the face of the earth. Chin up and all that rot.

    The shame of it is that they, like the American Left, have no clue about what they are getting themselves into. If Islam takes hold, all the liberties that they enjoy will be taken away. They won’t see it until it’s too late. More’s the pity.

  4. rightwingmac says:

    I want to know where the royals are in this. They’re supposed to be protectors of the realm. They could at least be reminding the Brits who they are and what England is.

    If the Muslims (and their socialist friends) have their way in the UK, the Windsors will be the first to go.

  5. Madzionist says:

    I have islamophobia. I’m afraid islam is being coddled when it should be criminalized.


  6. Rightminded says:

    Required reading for the Rightminded!

    Racial profiling is obligatory, at the very least, and it may come to internment and mass deportation of Muslims in England and America!

    A very small number of radicals can play havoc, as Mr. Poe states, and as WW2 leaders understood with respect to Japanese spies and saboteurs. Internment is a good way to weed them out and get rid of them. It may end up being the best way, and has been done before by other nations.

    “Malkin revealed that in 1944, disturbingly `28 percent (of draft age Japanese-American evacuees) refused to swear allegiance to their country or forswear allegiance to the emperor of Japan’ and when given the opportunity, 5,620 Japanese-Americans chose to abandon their U.S. citizenship.”

  7. djb says:

    Exactly, Rightminded. As one cannot distinguish the terrorist from ordinary people, internment and/or deportation are the only real solutions.

  8. TexasTom says:

    Please note Rightminded and djb…

    If you give the government the authority to intern Muslims, you also give them the authority to intern Christians…and Jews…and Republicans…and Democrats…and Libertarians…and whoever else the current party in power considers subversive.

    I know that you’re familiar with Niemoller’s famous quote “When they came for the Jews I said nothing because I was not Jewish…” etc.

  9. Mr. Beamish says:

    Quack quack quack, TexasTom.

    The government has the authority to detain anyone it wishes to detain. It has always had this authority. People in the custody of law enforcement actually have more rights than the “free” – those in custody may not be harmed and indeed must be protected from harm. If the cops arrest a suicide bomber red-handed, before he sets off his bomb, and they take him into custody, and average Joe Citizens storm the jailhouse to put the would-be bomber to death, guess who has broken the law?

    That’s right. Joe Citizen goes to jail.

  10. Richard Poe says:

    Texas Tom writes: “If you give the government the authority to intern Muslims, you also give them the authority to intern Christians… and Jews… and Republicans… and Democrats… and Libertarians… and whoever else the current party in power considers subversive.”

    Your concern is valid. Increasing the police powers of the state, even temporarily, entails risk. But your critique does not solve the problem. We need positive recommendations.

    Several posters have spoken in favor of internment and deportation. If you have an alternative, let’s hear it.

  11. Jason P says:

    Ever notice how sensitive Muslims are to criticism, disapproval, or outright hate? I’ve read quite a few stories describing how Muslims have been shocked to find that other people may think negatively of them. It’s quite bizarre. It’s bizarre that they are unaware of their image and bizarre that they are so sensitive. It’s an interesting dynamic of their culture. In their culture of humiliation, to “sting�? another with rhetoric of hate is experienced as a sever blow.

    Here’s a thought. Why don’t we tell them what we really think about Islam? Instead of telling them that Islam means peace, instead of creating this mythical sect of Moderate Islam, instead of saying that we love you and know that bin Laden is hijacking your religion … tell them the truth.

    We think Islam is a barbaric religion filled with hate and violence. Yes, we do favor the Israelis because they are honorable and civilized. So-called Palestinians in liberated Israel are so savage that they don’t deserve to live next to such noble people. Islamic societies are so pathetic that they produce nothing to offer the rest of the world — and are just lucky to have stepped into a puddle of oil. Your customs revolt us, your music … what music, your culture is stagnant for 14 centuries – you just aren’t fit to live with civilized people.

    Why not try the truth?

  12. Jason P says:

    Sorry for the typo in the last sentance of the first paragraph: “In their culture of humiliation, to “sting�? another with rhetoric of hate is experienced as a severe blow.”

  13. Rightminded says:

    TexasTom writes

    “I know that you’re familiar with Niemoller’s famous quote “When they came for the Jews I said nothing because I was not Jewish…�? etc.”

    I believe the tocsin found in the words of Niemoller’s famous quote is more aptly meant for the leftist who are nurturing the sons of mahound’s serial killings, and not at the ones doing what,”in stages,” may be necessary to defeat the serial killers. It is the leftist in the world that need to realize (us Rightminded ones already get it), that as soon as their useful idiocy is no longer needed, the “divine ones,” the ones who believe the world is owed to them because they believe they are direct descendants of mahound, WILL, come for them.

    I believe the best, and only vatic indicator humans have with respect to future occurrences, is the past. You have to ask yourself, what rights of mine were taken away, or did not materialize based on the internment of the Japanese, Germans, and what many people do not know, over 5,000 Italians?

    Based on some of the hair raising stories perpetrated by Irish cops against young Italians, told by my father and by my uncles, I actually had more rights and freedoms they never had as youths!–the internments of Italians did not hurt me!

    For all who are interested;

    During World War II, approximately 11,000 resident aliens of Japanese descent were interned in Department of Justice camps as enemy aliens. These were persons who had been considered threats to national security. Families were allowed to accompany them on a voluntary basis. Here they resided side-by-side with German and Italian internees and their American families.

    In addition to these internments, approximately 114,000 others of Japanese descent, both alien and citizen, were evacuated from West Coast military areas because there was well-founded doubt as to the loyalty of an unidentified number of persons among them.

    These persons were not “interned” but were evacuated and [temporarily] relocated.

    During the war those relocated persons who had been cleared as to their loyalty were urged to leave the relocation centers to accept outside employment or to attend colleges in locations away from the military zones from which they had been excluded. Over 30,000 did so.

    About 60% of the ADULTS who were evacuated were Japanese nationals (enemy aliens) and most of the remaining 40% ADULTS were dual-citizens (U.S./Japanese). The remaining U.S.citizens among the evacuees were minor children.

    The government made arrangements to lease business properties of the evacuees with proceeds being held in trust for them. Personal property which could not be carried by the evacuees was stored at government expense. Every effort was made by the War Relocation Authority, which operated the relocation centers, to make the evacuee families as comfortable as possible under the wartime conditions. The centers had schools, hospitals, banks, stores, churches, recreational facilities, and social functions.

    Residents who wanted to work were employed in the centers and paid wages comparable to the wages received by military personnel.

    No charges were made for housing or board.

    During the war, disturbances instigated by anti-U.S, pro-Japan elements at the relocation centers necessitated the segregation of 18,000 persons of Japanese descent, over half being U.S. citizens, into a special camp for disloyals at Tule Lake [Segregation Center], California. Here a large segment of such persons held regular drills and demonstrations in support of Emperor Hirohito. From this group came over 13,000 applications for renunciation of U.S. citizenship.

    In January, 1945, well before the war with Japan was over, the West Coast military exclusion zones were lifted and the residents could return to their former homes, except for those at the Tule Lake Segregation Center.

    Most of the latter were held until after war’s end [then as they had given up their U.S. Citizenship, were many were deported to Japan].

    Many of the evacuees suffered losses despite the government effort to keep such losses to a minimum. Because of this, Congress passed the Evacuation Claims Act in 1948 and over 26,000 claims were paid.In addition to this compensation, in 1988, over the objections of the Department of Justice, Congress passed into law a controversial measure which compensated ALL ethnic Japanese internees and evacuees still living for having been evacuated or interned. Compensation included payments to:

    Former enemy aliens now living in Japan

    U.S. citizens who, during the war renounced their U.S. citizenship

    U.S. born children of Japanese diplomats who went home to Japan during the war

    Japanese-Americans who renounced their U.S.citizenship in wartime

    Over 6,000 babies born in the relocation centers during the war

    The compensation was $20,000 each, along with an apology from the United States government.

    No payments were made to German and Italian persons and their American families who were interned in the same Dept. of Justice internment camps as were the Japanese internees.

    Member, Board of Advisors
    The Center for Internee Rights

    P.S. Frankly, the Japanese are not my favorite people on the planet, and are lucky I was not calling the shots after WW2, with respect to their crimes against helpless people. NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON THAT ISLAND OF PIRATES!–There is a movement afoot in Japan to start rearming, and to change their “no war” Constitution.

  14. J. Bargholz says:

    Rightminded, the information you provided is deliberately overlooked by the msm, especially the part about German and Italian internees. Many of them were seized from merchant marine vessels in violation of US law.

    The Imperial Japanese were barbarians of the first order. They deserved much worse treatment than they eventually received, especially the military leaders. Despite the extreme sadism they practiced against civillians and captured soldiers,there were no serious Japanese trials comparable to Nurenmberg. The Australians pushed for war crimes convictions but US policy was to gloss over wartime atrocities and move ahead with reconstruction. I seem to remember a few well deserved executions, but many criminals escaped death sentences or any punishment at all, unlike their German counterparts.

    Despite all this the Japanese are a very different people than they once were, as are the Germans. The only difference is that Japan is a much better ally than Germany.

    I feel comfortable with the thought of an unchained Japan. They’re already well armed but their Constitution only allows for self defense. Narrowly defined definitions of self defense. They should be allowed to help contain China’s bellicose imperialism. China is the real trheat that will draw America and Japan even closer. Japan is already has the second largest economy in the world and enjoys American culture. I think we make a great match.

  15. orangeducks says:

    I’ve been to Japan several times and became close to some Japanese folks during my years on Guam.

    True to what Bargholz and Rightminded said (very informative post RM!), the Japanese mindset has not changed in very significant ways. They are racist, they still follow authority and societal trends almost always without question, uniformity in behavior and appearance is very important to them, and they seek to complete any task they undertake to the furthest extent of perfection possible.

    But the root of all is their racism and sense of cultural superiority. They tend to respect America and American things only because we actually succeeded in kicking their butts in WWII (this is a blanket generalization). That respect took two atom bombs, hundreds of thousands dead, and the renouncement of divinity by Hirohito himself to earn (a lesson in the necessary total defeat and humiliation of a fanatical enemy that we would do well to heed in our current fight against Islamic terrorism).

    They have a hard core nationalist sect that seeks the old glory of the Empire. They are a small minority, but the scary thing is that the Japanese will follow, to the letter, anyone they believe to be their legitimate leader.

    More troubling than their lack of accountability for war crimes is the lack of education about their conduct of the war. I saw Pearl Harbor with a Japanese girlfriend who was educated well enough in Japan. Yet she had no idea that PH was the first battle of the US/Japan war, much less a sneak attack by Japan. She just knew it as a random battle of which the Japanese were victorious.

    And of course anyone who has read “The Rape of Nanking” (a book that is banned in Japan) understands how sadistic and brutal the Japanese were, and how little they know of it today.

    The Japanese are still imperial-minded today, it’s just now they seek a trade empire rather than a military one. Lack of flexibility in their society prevents total success, but their zeal for perfection and their dedication to their ‘duty’ – whether a CEO or an assembly line worker – keeps them in second place behind the US for the long term, as the US leads the way with the ideas and adaptations in response to radically fluctuating and diversifying consumer markets that the Japanese would be slow to figure out on their own.

    I think Japan will remain a loyal ally, and its people will retain their generally favorable opinion of the US for quite a while, provided nationalist extremists do not take over the government and rile up the military – then we all better lookout.


  16. Rightminded says:

    . Bargholz Says:

    “I seem to remember a few well deserved executions, but many criminals escaped death sentences or any punishment at all, unlike their German counterparts.”

    Actually, Macarthur hung about one thousand of them, and he could have hung ten thousand.

    I do not share your confidence in them.

    Japan is good at using external pressure to unify domestic opinions. At the drop of a hat they could incite a sense of crisis and they’re off trying to “take” what they perceive they need.

    Sixty years is really not that long ago,
    and making Japan “a country capable of launching war” is the long-cherished wish of the postwar regime of the Liberal Democratic Party.

    Frankly, I would not partner up with any Oriental nation, and I would keep a military, technological advantage, at least ten years ahead of all of them, if not more.

    But, to steal a line of yours, I could be wrong!

  17. J. Bargholz says:

    Now you guys are scaring me. If the US would actually put China in its place nobody would even suggest letting Japan flex its muscles. I believe that if we cut off all direct investment to China and stopped importing their tenth rate crap, they’d descend into factional chaos in short order. We need to do it now. The longer we wait, the more difficult the eventual confrontation will be.

    Hopefully I’m not as blind about the Japanese as the Brits are about the peace loving muslims. I wish American muslims felt we were so anti-muslim that they’d leave the country. Because they enjoy freedoms here that are unknown in the muslim occupied lands they left I dont see that happening. They’ll stay here and plot.

  18. Werner says:

    Nazi-Germany had signed the Geneva convention and the military (Wehrmacht) kept to it. Parts of the SS (Sicherheit ((Security)) and Lager ((Camp)) SS) were gross violaters.

    Japan had not signed the Geneva convention and was therefore not legally bound to that law. (To look from a human standpoint is something else).

    The Europeans want to have a counterpower to the US in having a European Nation (a copycat of the US). So they try to be distinct from the US in their political positions.

    One also must understand that Europe has a different look at war. Most countries (with the lone exception of England) had war happen on their territories. With the connected destruction and loss of life. For Europeans the horror of war is something they know from experience and they tend to avoid it at all cost. Which might be stupid in the end because the enemy may grow bigger.

    To understand the european position is to understand their relationship to war. They settled (especially Germany) for a strict selfdefense armed forces with occasionally UN commands.

    They will engage and start to become stronger in their defense when the enemy gets more bold. But it will always be a measured answer.

    Europeans would not go over to attack, they will stay defensiv, scorn the US for attacking and being quietly happy that the US does that, so they don’t have to.

  19. djb says:

    Texas Tom wrote “If you give the government the authority to intern Muslims, you also give them the authority to intern Christians…and Jews…and Republicans…and Democrats…and Libertarians…and whoever else the current party in power considers subversive.” My answer to that is when any of the aforementioned groups perform terrorist activities blowing up buildings and people, I would definitely be infavor of interning them also. Obviously the government is not interning groups for just being subversive. If this was the case, liberals, Democrats and other leftists would all be in internment camps today. Hmmm, perhaps that is not a bad idea!!

  20. dgene says:

    two out of three muslims want to leave ? GREAT. Now if we could effect the same response in Gaza and the West Bank (in Kosovo, Nigeria, Thailand, Bangladesh, Somalia etc.etc.). Maybe Tony Blair isn’t as incompetent as I thought he was.

  21. Rightminded says:


    If you were worried before, man, this will shake you up!

    WASHINGTON – The Department of Defense has developed a new strategy in counterterrorism that would increase military activities on American soil, particularly in the area of intelligence gathering.

    Full story!

    P.S. I hope you, and the new Mrs’s are doing well! Did you ever become one of the faithful?

  22. TexasTom says:

    Hi Rightminded, glad to see you’re still active. And yes, i’ve been one of the “faithful” for over a year now. Good thing too, since I now live in the most Catholic state in the Union. Even the public schools here are named after saints.

    I appreciate the time you took to post #13. I wasn’t aware of a lot of that information. It doesn’t change my mind, but i’ve already said my piece on that subject.

    Hope you and Clan Rightminded are doing well.

  23. Rightminded says:

    TexasTom write,

    “I’ve been one of the “faithful�? for over a year now.”

    That’s a good thing, I will shake your hand and say, “peace be with you.”
    “I appreciate the time you took to post #13. I wasn’t aware of a lot of that information. It doesn’t change my mind, but I’ve already said my piece on that subject.”

    That’s OK, checks and balances, checks and balances! You keep an eye out!

    P.S. I finally got around to watching, Gods and Generals. A bit to melodramatic for my tastes, but enjoyable none the less. A Gettysburg it ain’t!

    P.P.S. Don’t be a stranger!

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