CONSERVATIVES RULE THE BLOGOSPHERE: Leftwing Think Tank Bemoans New Findings

by Richard Poe
Saturday, August 13, 2005

9:54 am Eastern Time

Conservatives hold nearly a two-to-one numerical advantage among the top 210 blogs – that’s 133 conservative blogs to 77 leftist blogs. So says a study by the New Politics Institute (NPI), a leftwing think tank. The study bemoans conservative blog power as “a serious problem that progressives must confront.” (hat tip, Washington Times)

The study also notes, however, that leftist blogs dominate the top 40, by 24 to 16. “Since March of 2005, the total number of blogs has grown from 7.8 million to 14.2 million,” says the study.

Here’s a link to the full text of the study, titled, “Emergence of the Progressive Blogosphere: A New Force in American Politics.”

Soros buffs will be interested to learn that NPI, which sponsored the study, was founded in May 2005 by New Democrat Network (NDN) president Simon Rosenberg, with financial support from Shadow Party operative and venture capitalist Andy Rappaport, as well as from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Together, these donors have pledged $1.5 to $2 million annually to support the new venture. (via The Hill)

Why should this interest Soros buffs? Well, in announcing NPI’s launch in The Hill of May 11, Andy Rappaport’s wife Deborah went out of her way to make clear that NPI had no, absolutely no relationship with that man, George Soros. Hans Nichols of The Hill writes:

“Deborah Rappaport noted that NPI is a separate venture from Rob Stein’s Democracy Alliance, which is planning to seed a garden of progressive think tanks with money raised from the Phoenix Group, a collection of liberal investors that includes George Soros. The Rappaports are not members of the Phoenix Group and have their own `investment schedule,’ she said.”

We at Moonbat Central receive this disclaimer with a knowing smirk. As Otto von Bismarck famously advised, “Never believe in anything until it has been officially denied.”

by Richard Poe
August 13, 2005 09:54 AM ET

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  1. dgene says:

    The leftists don’t comment or blog as much because they LACK BRAINPOWER and the willingness to act on their ideals that comes with CLARITY.

    Also they champion THAT DRUG FOR THE STUPID, marijuana, and unfortunately smoking dope makes you a dope, and slows down the synapses requisite for commenting intelligently and prolifically (is there such a word ?).

    The left should stick to writing the odd rock song, which is a good contribution of sorts as long as it doesn’t contain the name of the president, or denigrate the military and America.

  2. bethtopaz says:

    Dgene: You are correct! Prolifically is a word (adverb). I checked with my good friend Webster after reading your comments.

    I agree. The Left is a reactionary crowd, for the most part. What’s interesting, is that almost always, when you read their opinions, or hear them speak they are spouting the talking points that are usually on the mainstream news outlets. They are angry and hate Bush, he lied, men died, blah, blah, blah. Like one person wrote the other day, the Left is more afraid of the anti-abortion crowd in America than they are of Isalmist Terrorists. It’s tiring.

    If you are like me, you spend a lot time reading articles and thinking about the current topics of the day. I know there are some sane, thinking liberals out there, but for the most part – they are just doing mostly a lot of talking without thinking. Conservatives today are on fire. But I believe on fire with ideas and values and a love for country that is inspiring. I want to keep my country free and as close to following the constitution as possible. I think what our Founding Fathers had in mind was brilliant and we should stick very close to those original ideals. People are inspired by vision, not by negativity, whining, and constant reaction.

  3. J. Bargholz says:


    I didn’t see Moonbat Central on their list of top conservative blogs. Tell me it aint so!

    Their “study” seemed less than scientific. In any case, conservative blogs are prevalent for the same reason that conservative radio is. There’s a bigger market for them because the left is already represented by the MSM.

    Funny isn’t it? Conservative radio stations and blog sites are todays versions of the “underground” and “alternative” stations and newspapers of the past. The fact that conservative and moderate Americans greatly outnumber leftists makes this especially ironic.

    I also noticed that many of the “top” leftie blog sites are ones that receive heavy funding from the shadow networks. “The Daily Kos” was the number one regressive (they misidentified it as “progressive,”) site on their list. Tells you everything you need to know about the mutants on the left.

  4. subtrrn says:

    No wonder the left wants to resurrect the (misnamed) “fairness doctrine” in television and radio, and possibly extend it to the internet. They simply cannot compete in the arena of ideas. Freedom — particularly freedom of information — is the left’s worst enemy right now.

    What a great time to be a conservative, my friends.

  5. kyle says:

    It’s not that leftists are stupid (well not all of em). It is that the things they believe in are so disconnected from reality that the left wing blogs become just like talking to a lefty, all emotion and no substance. Therefore, even left wingers who DO have a life find them boring.

  6. bethtopaz says:

    Until the rise of blogs and talk radio — I felt like I was living in a country like Russia, as far as the media is concerned — and receiving all my news only from one source. Wasn’t the name of the Russian newspaper “Pravda?”

    Anyway, I see the conservative blogs and talk radio as the new American Revolution and the Far Left Redcoats will do anything to defeat us.

  7. Werner says:

    ‘Pravda’ is russian for ‘truth’.

    But that was the party organ with lengthy articles about speeches and was hardly read.

  8. Mark says:

    Very good, all who have responded!

    I truly consider you all my brothers/sisters, whichever you might be.

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