ABLE DANGER TIMELINE: A Step-by-Step Account of the 9/11 Cover-up

by Richard Poe
Wednesday, August 17, 2005

6:16 pm Eastern Time

There are two Americas. The first America gets its news from mainstream media. The second America gets its news from New Media, especially talk radio and the Internet. The first America knows nothing about the Able Danger scandal. The second America arguably knows too much about Able Danger.

In fact, the second America is suffering from what we might call Able Danger Overload – a condition characterized by eyestrain, mental confusion, carpal tunnel syndrome and other symptoms associated with excessive blog browsing.

What both Americas need is a simple, straightforward, step-by-step account of the who’s, what’s, when’s, why’s and where’s of the 9/11 cover-up commonly known as Able Danger. Be of good cheer. You can find just such a timeline here at the The Strata-Sphere blog (via Captain’s Quarters). Enjoy.

by Richard Poe
August 17, 2005 06:16 PM ET

Cross-posted from 08.17.05


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  1. ralphbprice says:

    Second America has their truth and then there is the real truth. Same ole story.

  2. Richard Poe says:

    What’s the real truth?

  3. AJStrata says:

    Thanks for the links.

    Regarding the query of truth, all my posts are referenced to the 9-11 commission and major news outlets. I have sprinkled in comments, opinion and speculation (which is where the fun is, why else blog?).

    But the truth is we need to find the truth!

  4. Sharikov says:

    Excellent information – thanks to R.P. and A.J.S.

    I noticed in the chronology of the cover-up – Richard Clarke -Clinton’s “terrorism expert” claims in his testimony for the “9/11 Commission” that by 2000 most inside intel world knew “something big” was in the works. He claims he pressed “FBI and CIA” (and places after-the-fact onus on these agencies) to find out/report more details.

    However – no doubt he knew of Clinton-Gorelick “wall of seperation” which would hinder any of the FBI’s and CIA’s efforts at gathering more info. (Not to mention the fact that at that time – FBI’s DC HQ office had ONE COMPUTER on the watch floor(?)) – This condition existed during the “terrorism expert’s watch – and by the way – Mr. Clarke also claimed his expertise was more in the world of technology i.e. computer type (which is what Able Danger was all about)”.

    So why does the “terrorism expert” expect the FBI – with mainly domestic-only duties at that time (the investigation of federal crime and espionage against the US (on US soil) to be involved in or in the know about internationally based terror operations? How could a domestic law agency get info regarding international persons/organizations/activities if the agencies tasked with that could not pass info between themselves. Not to mentioin -international activities was the main duty of the CIA at the time.

    It is for these reasons that FBI – is ONLY NOW in process of creating its own capabilities to do what Clarke wanted from that agency -and to do what the CIA should have been doing but failed miserably to do pre-9/11.

    This indicates that there is either a very odd misunderstanding of workings and roles (which aren’t too difficult to understand even for average citizens) by the “terrorism expert” or there is a really massive cover-up – which started 9/12 and is still in progress.

    The louder the leftists (in and out of DNC) rant – the greater their efforts to obfusicate (which is all they have done – there has been ZERO recommendations on how to solve any of the major problems we face -just shrill-lunatic-defensive ranting). In this case – the left dismantled the intel capabilities of the USA over 30, 40, perhaps more years – then began its screams that the fault lies elsewhere.

  5. AJStrata says:


    Of course Clarke knew the different roles and focus of the FBI, CIA, DIA and NSA (to name a few letters). I used to think it was because the failures to detect AQ where in these agencies. Now I agree with you – all this focus on the FBI was part diversion (the Phoenix memo was still a valid focus).

    My favorite quote was how Bergler and Clarke kept saying they could waive FISA any time, and did so many times.


  6. Mr. Beamish says:

    Don’t be so hard on Richard Clarke. He did, after all, stop Osama Bin Laden from pirating Metallica albums on Napster.

  7. Sharikov says:

    Ok Mr. B. – then Metallica fell apart
    (the curse of Clarke).

    AJ: As your blog reminds – (and adding my opinion) the Bergler episode is also a key to this cover-up. And Richard Clarke was doing his version of “smoke and mirrors” all along.

    On the other hand – It’s more a matter of incompetence and wrongheaded “PC” than blame (before and after). Even if it were possible to hold people totally responsible (which really we can’t) – How can those someones be held fully responsible if they were clueless to begin with. Clintonists -like other Demos previous – were just not “equipped” to handle jihadofacism -even when it stood right in front of their collective nose. Like Jimmy Carter’s misconception of what the Soviets really were all about (“they’re just like us”). Only after the Soviets pulled their usual welcome gesture to all US presidents -by massing their very formidable tank forces along the east-west German border – did Carter realize that uh-oh we all can’t live happily ever after. Same with Clintonists – Bin Laden did his vile best (even in accordance with Islamic practice) by telling everyone – publically – just what he wanted to do to Americans-if his conditions were not met (no secrets/no whiz bang “terrorism expert’s” technology needed, no “bipartisan” commission -just read some open source stuff (like Able Danger’s computers did-that’s all)) . Clintonists – just didn’t catch on (and more likely so many of them – were “above such a level”).

    What they are responsible for -what they should rightfully be blamed for -is politicizing the main issue – national defence – the very last thing which should have been done then and allowed to continue as it does now (a most dispicable act -trading politics for defence -which plays right into hands of all sorts of villians).

    Our nation needs to get beyond this… Ignore the leftists looney fringes -in and out of government/politics/media/academe, etc. Admit mistakes – learn (and that won’t take too much to do – answers are surrounding us -yet we ignore them) and get on with defending our nation (because the real problems are much much larger than Iraq and aQ). oh – and then prepare for the PR Chinese – up next.

  8. dgene says:


    Able Danger does not create overload.

    To say as much is to ascribe shallowness of perception and analysis on the right.

    Able Danger helps put Atta in the Czech Republic taking money from an Iraqi agent to fund the 9/11 operation.

    It possibly further validates the Iraqi operation and kills Hillary’s presidential aspirations. It also puts more significance into Sandy Berger’s pants.


  9. Richard Poe says:

    dgene: “Disagree. Able Danger does not create overload. To say as much is to ascribe shallowness of perception and analysis on the right.”

    Dear dgene:

    You point is well taken. I certainly did not mean to imply that bloggers are offering too much information about Able Danger. The more info we get, the better.

    However, there is such a thing as information overload. We all experience it. That’s when the amount of available information is too large to digest, given the available time at our disposal.

    Journalists have an obligation to help their readers digest complicated stories by breaking the stories down for them in simple, step-by-step presentations.

    This is not an insult to the reader’s intelligence. It is a way of showing respect for the reader’s time.

    Executives in high positions have full-time assistants and briefers who break down complicated issues for them in the form of “executive summaries,” so the busy executive doesn’t have to wade through all the raw data and try to make sense of it.

    I see a journalist’s job in similar terms. Our job is to provide “executive summaries” for all those busy people out there in America whose primary focus is on making a living and taking care of their families, and who don’t have time to spend hours on the blogosphere wading through all the raw information. Most people don’t even have time to read the transcript of Curt Weldon’s 45-minute speech in which he revealed the Able Danger cover-up to the U.S. Congress. It’s just too long.

    I thought AJStrata did a good job of pulling most of the pertinent facts together in a compact form, along with links to primary sources such as the report of the 9/11 Commission.

    However, even AJStrata’s timeline is a bit long for most people, and will appeal mainly to political junkies, bloggers and people such as yourself who make an avocation of posting comments on Internet discussion threads.

    I linked to AJStrata’s timeline mainly to offer it as a tool for other bloggers to use. In order to reach a mass audience, it would be necessary to simplify the story even further.

    The major TV networks should be doing this. They should be giving Americans the “executive summary” version of the Able Danger story.

    Unfortunately, their attention is elsewhere. They’re too busy giving us blow-by-blow accounts of every US casualty in Iraq, spiced up with running commentary from Cindy Sheehan and phony poll results taken from samples that are heavily skewed toward registered Democrats.

  10. Richard Poe says:

    dgene writes: “It also puts more significance into Sandy Berger’s pants.”

    Well, it may or may not. We actually don’t know what Sandy Berger stole from the archives. We only know the official story.

    For all we know, Berger may have stolen some documents pertaining to an issue far more sensitive than Able Danger – so sensitive that the powers-that-be cannot allow the public to know anything about it, even if that means letting Berger off the hook to avoid the publicity of a prolonged pre-trial discovery process.

    Many traitors have escaped prosecution for precisely this reason – because the government feared that the pre-trial discovery process would compromise national security.

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