SOROS PLAYS THE CHINA CARD: Soros Activities Alarm Chinese Leaders — But Whose Interests is Soros Pursuing in China?

by Richard Poe
Wednesday, August 17, 2005

3:20 pm Eastern Time

Chinese officials are bracing for an uprising in the same mold as the so-called “color” revolutions which overturned governments in Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. So reports Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald. Rebels in Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan nicknamed their uprisings the Rose, Orange and Yellow Revolutions respectively. In each case, global investor George Soros was found to be involved in orchestrating and financing these coups behind the scenes. (hat tip FreeRepublic)

“Chinese security agencies are tightening their controls over foreign non-government organisations operating in the country, fearing they are a cover for efforts to overthrow communist rule,” reports the Sydney Morning Herald of August 15, 2005. “…Beijing sees a common thread of active democratic proselytising by foreign activists [in Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan]. A Chinese newspaper, the Economic Information Daily, said recently it was a US strategy to carry out `democratic infiltration’ in the five former Soviet republics of Central Asia using non-government organisations as the vehicle.”

One foreigner whose activities have earned special notice from Chinese security forces is George Soros. The increased scrutiny is unlikely to hamper Soros, however, whose heavy investments in China give him clout with the country’s corporate and financial elites.

“[O]ne of the main US promoters of democracy in Eastern Europe, the Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros, is more prominent here [in China] for his investment in fast-growing Hainan Airlines than his Open Society Foundation,” notes the Sydney Morning Herald.

If indeed Soros is helping to democratize China, one can only wish him well in that endeavor. However, a major thrust of Soros’s efforts in China involves giving aid and comfort to the Muslim Uighurs of northwestern China – a region which has provided hundreds of recruits for al-Qaeda. Twenty-two Uighurs are currently enjoying Uncle Sam’s hospitality at Guantanamo Bay.

Last year, Irish investigative journalist Gordon Thomas charged that Osama bin-Laden himself may be hiding among the Uighurs of China, whose territory borders Pakistan – a charge which Chinese officials deny. The border region striding Pakistan and the Muslim portion of China is a lawless waste through which heroin shipments and Islamist terrorists pass freely.

Mr. Soros’s true agenda in China remains unknown.

As previously noted on this blog, Soros appears to have aligned himself with leftwing factions within the CIA and the State Department. These factions oppose President Bush and have used their clandestine power improperly to obstruct the war on terror, and to try to influence U.S. opinion and U.S. elections against the President. Any activities carried out by this cabal – even if they appear, on the surface, to serve U.S. interests – should be weighed and scrutinized with the utmost caution.

For more background on Soros’s curious relationship with left-leaning elements of the U.S. State Department and the CIA, see “Soros Operatives Infiltrate State Department, CIA” (MBC, 03.10.05) and “Michael Milken Crony Helps Soros Topple Governments Around the World” (MBC, 04.16.05).

by Richard Poe
August 17, 2005 03:20 PM ET

Cross-posted from 08.17.05


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  1. Sharikov says:

    A very interesting posting (with excellent links to other info sources) by Mr. Poe and good question as well. What is George up to?

    Any tampering with communists – of any sort (old leftover-commie-criminal-thugs in Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan – or political totalitarian commies of PRC) – is good. But his goals seem to run counter to those of the US everywhere as well.

    Too bad the US State Department can’t be “cleaned up” some -as supposedly the CIA is. Then again – US leftists did a very good job of infiltrating their kind -into every US institution at all levels (-my favorite examples FDR’s leftists, -Petty Officer Gus Hall, USN -later to be leader of compart-USA) including educational – which makes it easy as it produces people who may not even realize how left they are.

    This is further illustrated by the fact that G.Soros -billionaire socialist- has close insider ties to such institutions.

    How does one “private citizen” get away with being a major influence of not only US foreign policy – but internal politics of other nations (I thought the US Constitution reserved this role -almost exclusively for the office of President)?

    I say George plays the role of “genius-businessman-billionaire who dabbles in politics” – but really has some very interesting -and as yet- unknown very heavy hitters(protectors) behind him (maybe saudis? who benefit from the Soros goals of influence and coordinated control over media).

  2. rightwingmac says:

    I think Soros is crazy.

    He fights for communism in the West and against it in the East – while excusing jihadis the whole time.

    Maybe he is a closet Islamist or something.

  3. Sharikov says:

    Oh, and Mr. Soros must have been so impressed by the PRC aviators flying the fighters which forced the USN P-3 aircraft to land on Hainan Island that he decided to fund the island’s “commercial” airline. Interesting…

  4. dark900 says:

    I think Soros might have done some work in Eastern Europe prior to the Fall of the Berlin Wall. I am not 100 percent sure, but I know his money was tied to some of the liberation movements in Eastern Europe and as well in Central Asia. Having Soros siding with Islamo-Fascist terrorists and their Communist allies doesn’t surprise me.

    I think anywhere this man’s money leads can never be for good causes.

  5. Richard Poe says:

    dark900 writes: “I think Soros might have done some work in Eastern Europe prior to the Fall of the Berlin Wall.”

    Yes, he did. Soros helped finance and orchestrate virtually every anti-Communist uprising in the former Soviet bloc, working closely with the U.S. State Department and CIA.

    Unfortunately, Soros then squandered the influence and good will he had accumulated in that region by involving himself in the wholesale looting of the Russian economy, which became known as the Russiagate scandal.

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