John Kerry E-mail: “I am a veteran who is deeply concerned about the administration’s lack of clarity on Iraq…”

by Richard Poe
Monday, August 22, 2005

5:53 pm Eastern Time

Disgraced Vietnam turncoat and Democrat loser John Kerry is gunning for President Bush. In an e-mail to Kerry supporters obtained by Moonbat Central, Senator Kerry challenges Bush to “stand and deliver” – whatever that means. The Massachusetts senator calls on veterans and military families to protest Bush’s war policies. Here’s the full text:

From: John Kerry
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 12:38:33 -0500
To: [Mr. X]
Subject: They deserve answers

Dear [Mr. X],

President Bush has a major opportunity today. He’s leaving Crawford to speak to the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ convention in Utah. When he does, he needs to leave behind the pep talks, the open-ended “things are looking better” claims and the empty rhetoric.

It’s time for the President to stand and deliver.

That’s why I am asking you to support an “America Demands Answers” petition to President Bush. Starting with today’s VFW speech, we’re going to keep the pressure on George W. Bush until he finally addresses questions that have gone unanswered for far too long.

Every American deserves straight answers from the President — and no one deserves them more than America’s veterans and our military families.

When will the President get it right in Iraq?

When will he deliver to the nation and those sacrificing so much in Iraq a concrete plan for peace and victory?

Why, at this late date, is the Pentagon still struggling to get the right supplies and body armor to America’s troops?

When will the President support a military large enough to face the challenges of today’s world?

And when will the President stop short-changing America’s veterans? When will he stop closing hospitals, cutting benefits, and making veterans wait weeks for a doctor’s appointment?

Tell the President, it’s time for answers. I am a veteran who is deeply concerned about the administration’s lack of clarity on Iraq and lack of compassion on veterans’ benefits. Join me in signing the “America Demands Answers” petition.

Our goal is to announce that thousands of people from all 50 states have signed the petition before the President delivers his VFW address later today. You can help us get there.

For what the President and his Republican allies are wasting on pork barrel spending and tax giveaways, we can honor America’s promise to our veterans.

But, earlier this year, the Department of Veterans Affairs admitted that they were more than $1 billion short of meeting veterans’ health care needs this year. Time after time, the President has opposed adequate funding for VA health care.

A President who leads a nation into war shouldn’t have to be pulled kicking and screaming into keeping America’s promise to our veterans and to their families.

With critical votes on the President’s budget and the Defense Authorization bill scheduled for September — and critical deadlines fast approaching in Iraq — it’s time for President Bush to speak to the American people with clarity and conviction. It’s time for a plan.

There’s no better time to deliver it than now. And no better place to deliver it than before an audience of those who have served and sacrificed for this great nation.

So, please, sign our “America Demands Answers” petition now. And forward this message immediately to others you know who care deeply about the need for President Bush to act.


John Kerry

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by Richard Poe
August 22, 2005 05:53 PM ET

Cross-posted from 08.22.05


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  1. ralphbprice says:

    John Kerry. As a Navy veteran of 24 years, I have to say that anything that this person says should be completely ignored. I’m sure that he will try to run for the Presidency again and he will put up the same waffle job he did in 2004. This is just another example of his lunacy.

  2. bethtopaz says:

    him again?

  3. ralphbprice says:

    Yea bethtopaz, that loser feels neglected in all the hubbub. Better to leave him ignored. He has nothing new to say.

  4. dark900 says:

    John Kerry I believe still hasn’t left Presidencial Campaigner mode ever since he lost. He’s still going on the Presidencial Campaigner trial along with Al Gore (another Sore Loser).

  5. Joshua Knape says:

    John Kerry ought not to run for president again, for two reasons. One is that the Democrat voters nominated him only because the other significant candidates were a lightweight (John Edwards) and a psychopath (Howard Dean). If he thinks anyone would nominate him again, he’s not very self-aware. The other reason is, who would donate money to his campaign instead of Shrillary Clinton? And if Kerry did collect enough money to run, the Clintons would mow him down (same thing with Senator Biden and any other Democrat candidate; for that matter, they probably sabotaged Howard Dean’s campaign).

  6. Werner says:

    Kerry doesn’t know how to make decisions. He waits and waits and waits …….. and then gets it wrong.

    A man who doesn’t know how to make decisions and when forced to, turns around and proclaims the opposite is the worst thing in a war we are in now.

    The left won’t vote for him because he wasn’t against the Iraq war (or was he?) He is just next elections loser if he tries.

  7. Moshe says:

    You folks all notice, of course, that John Kerry and others of his ilk never come up with specific proposals as to what George W. ‘should’ be doing to finish off the war in Iraq. It is just more Monday-morning-quarterbacking frenzy with no game plan at all …. It’s easy to be critical. To pose sound solutions requires creativity and courage – something John Kerry has lacked since his betrayal of his fellow veterans in his effort to posture himself for political office. What a weasel …

  8. Republican says:

    As a person stuck in this shame-faced state, all I have to say to my senator is… shut up.

  9. Marimba Man says:

    Just for fun, try doing this search: John Kerry World Peace Council KGB

    And he almost became President? But after you try Hillary Clinton World Peace Council FMLN KGB, you will see who will be our next President!

    Funny, huh?

  10. blogman says:

    Here’s my message to John Kerry:

    F–k off, traitor.

    End of message.

  11. Joshua Knape says:

    Ouch…watch the language in here.

  12. Richard Poe says:

    blogman writes: “F–k off, traitor.”

    Mr. Knape writes: “Ouch… watch the language in here.”


    Thank you, Mr. Knape. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Ladies and gentlemen, please remember that this is a family Web site. Foul language is prohibited.

    Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.

  13. Marimba Man says:

    Did Sheehan say the f-word too in her Lynn Stewart speech? I just heard it last night.

    Hasn’t she also used the word “murderer” to describe Bush. I’m waiting for her brainwashed mind to say her son was a “murderer” too since he supported the war.

    Search John Kerry Sandinistas and you will see how Kerry tried to aid Communists like he in Vietnam. “U.S. Out Of Vietnam!” “U.S. Out of Central America!” He wanted the Soviets/Cuba to take over Central America and he was using the same tactics. These groups he aided were concieved by the KGB! Hillary Clinton also aided a KGB front organization. THIS IS THE REAL STORY AND IT IS SERIOUS. The “seeds” that were planted by the KGB in the 60’s and 80’s are the leaders of todays protesters.

    Have you searched yet? Communist Party USA in Solidarity with the Iraq Communist Party? Is ICP aiding in the killing of Americans? Americans aiding in the killing of Americans? THAT’S REAL TREASON! Someone analyze it for me.

  14. Madzionist says:

    John Kerry, the self proclaimed master of nuance, demanding more clarity from president Bush, who by any measure is as blunt and direct as they come? Who explained the war enough times, to enough people, to win a clear majority in the presidential election?

    Sour grapes, anyone?


  15. cxt says:

    Would that be the “vet” that self admitted to commiting war crimes?
    Or the “vet” that pointed the finger at other “vets” for commiting war crimes?

    (sans any shred of support of course)

    (BTW–its a sticky little problem of logic for you take credit for your service when you, yourself have DISCREDITED that very service.
    Dude, catcha clue-if as you, yourself have claimed, that you committed war crimes or had personal info about war crimes being commited and you kept silent.
    Well–does the phrase “shot yourself in the foot have any meaning to you?)

    Or the “vet” that supported the war–when he was running for president?

    Or the “vet” that was in a Cambodia for Christmas?
    (Err, I mean was NOT, in Cambodia)

    Or the “vet” that gained a couple of Purple Hearts but oddly, the injures that earned him the awards were not serious enought to cause him to miss a single minute of duty time.

    Or the “vet” that threw his medals out as a protest?
    Or the “vet” that threw “someone elses” medals out in protest?

    Or the “vet” that does NOT own an SUV?
    Or the “vet” who wife actually owns the SUV in question.

    The “vet” who protests the shipping of jobs overseas.
    Or the “vet” who owns huge amounts of stock in a family business that is shipping alot of jobs overseas?

    And this is they guy that states:

    “Every American deserves stright answers”

    I agree, when are you going to provide us with some “stright answers” there John?

  16. J. Bargholz says:

    John Kerry, friend of soldiers and veterans. What a fraud. His feigned concern for people he’s described as murdering, raping criminals is hypocritical at best.

    What, no 7 point plan of capitulation to end the “war” this time, John?

    The opportunistic Kerry kisses veteran’s a$$e$ the way other politicians kiss babies. He’s obviously trying to escape fom the limbo of obscurity the American public consigned him to.

    Go suck a ketchup bottle, you botox abusing dowager’s toy. Ketchup is what pinky wagglers like you call catsup, by the way. It’s what you use in your shrimp cocktail sauce while you’re lounging around on yachts, representing the American public you so despise.

    If I thought he’d actually read it, I’d send him a similar message. Unlike Bush and Reagan however, he doesn’t deign to engage his detractors. Petulant insults are all we can expect from hero John.

  17. TexasTom says:

    Poe writes: “Ladies and gentlemen, please remember that this is a family Web site.”

    The Addams family maybe…

  18. Rightminded says:

    John Kerry is not a man, and has no credibility with Vets!

    John Kerry is a prissy little punk that flips out because his butler cannot find his hair brush!

    John Kerry is a product of wealthy women and a corrupt Mass. Kennedy, Democratic machine!

  19. » Blog Archive » John Kerry E-mail: “I am a veteran who is deeply concerned about the administration’s lack of clarity on Iraq…â€? says:

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