THE PLOT AGAINST TOM DeLAY: What Did Shadow Party Operative Robert Borosage Know, and When Did He Know It?

by Richard Poe
Thursday, September 29, 2005

2:55 pm Eastern Time

We all know that Tom DeLay is being framed (and, if you don’t know, you can start your remedial education by reading this post by NRO blogger Stephen Spruiell and this one by Captain Ed; you can also bone up on crooked prosecutor Ronnie Earle in this Wall Street Journal editorial).

What we need to find out now is how the Democrats managed to pull it off and who did the dirty work behind the scenes. Framing a national political leader is risky business. A lot of bribes, threats and hush money need to be spread around. May I suggest that we begin our investigation with one Robert L. Borosage, who is co-director of something called the Campaign for America’s Future (CAF)?

In the November 29, 2004 issue of the Marxist journal The Nation, Borosage co-wrote an article with Nation editor Katrina Vanden Heuvel. They wrote:

“[P]rogressives drive this party now – we provide the energy, the organizers, the ground forces, the ideas, and much of the money. We should organize the opposition [against Republicans]. Progressives should mount a powerful assault on Republican boss Tom DeLay.

A hard-left militant during the ’60s and a graduate of Yale Law School – where he served as a political mentor to young Hillary Rodham – Borosage subsequently headed the National Lawyers Guild, a radical organization that began in the 1930s as a Soviet front, operated in conjunction with the Communist Party and to this day basks comfortably and proudly in its Communist heritage. Later Borosage headed the Institute for Policy Studies, a far left Washington think tank that has enjoyed close and unsavory involvements with Soviet and Cuban intelligence operations.

Borosage currently serves as co-director of the Campaign for America’s Future (CAF) – a leftwing activist group founded in 1996, whose list of advisors includes Sixties radical Tom Hayden; former SDS president Todd Gitlin; former SDS radical Heather Booth; NOW founder Betty Friedan; Jesse Jackson and social scientist and activist Frances Fox Piven, a founder of the “welfare rights movement” of the late ’60s and early ’70s whose strategy of deliberately overloading welfare rolls to break the “system” actually bankrupted New York City.

When Borosage wrote in November of last year that “progressives” needed to “mount a powerful assault on Republican boss Tom DeLay,” was he just blowing hot air or was he revealing knowledge of an actual plan, formulated by people wealthy and powerful enough to pull it off?

For more background on this question, see my FrontPage article of April 11, 2005, “Soros Shadow Party Stalks DeLay.”

by Richard Poe
September 29, 2005 02:55 PM ET

Cross-posted from 09.29.05


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  3. nanc says:

    how many more days before this becomes the longest (time-wise) running thread? you two are becoming incorrigible – i fear for all lactating women in your vicinity. may they not be “let down” – arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

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  5. RedBeard says:

    To quote my hero, Tim Allen, “Men are pigs.” But we’re very, very good at it, and being accomplished in one’s avocation should be cheered, right? 😉

  6. nanc says:

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  7. peedoffamerican says:

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    Nope the LEFT one is no good, I’ll stay to the right.

  8. nanc says:

    whatz wrong – did it go sour? clogged ducts? silicone tends to collect in some places!!!

  9. Richard Poe says:

    This discussion has seriously degenerated. I almost wish 212 would come back.

    No… I didn’t mean that!

  10. RedBeard says:

    You’re scaring me, Richard. 😉

    This is what I like about orphaned threads; only the hard-core degenerates are still here. 😉

  11. nanc says:

    watch what you wish for mr. poe.

    as republican would probably say:

    “i like pie.”

  12. nanc says:

    oops, then i am on the wrong thread as i am a soft-core degenerate.

  13. Madzionist says:

    Ugghh…The thread had so much potential as blood hound Richard was on the trail of a dangerous eco-terrorist, but then he got suddenly sabotaged by the inane bimbo banter and religious neurosis that followed.

    May I remind you all that the demon beast “212” Richard had in his sights threatened to commit heinous crimes against humanity to advance his rabid, dangerous, paranoid environmentalist obsession? Let’s keep our focus, gang.


  14. RedBeard says:

    What are we gonna do with 212 once we catch him/her?

    Looks to me like 212 has retreated, unable to answer Richard’s simple question in any substantive manner.

  15. nanc says:

    like i said b-4 madze – we needed you early in the game. sorry about baby’s earache. i left you a recipe/cure at nimmo site on page 1.

    you’re right r.b. – he is probably off storing new misinfo for the next attack.

  16. RedBeard says:

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  17. 212 says:

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  18. nanc says:

    which question, boilerplate? please be more specific at this stage of the game.

    r.b. i wish…

  19. RedBeard says:

    212 wants a question answered? That’s a good one.

  20. Richard Poe says:

    212 writes: “I’m waiting for an answer to my question.”

    Forget your question, whatever it was. The time for idle banter has ended. We now face a more serious problem.

    As I explained above, the only reason that I can see for continuing this vile conversation is to determine whether or not I have a duty to report you to the proper authorities as a dangerous psychopath.

    The threat you have made against the wives and children of your perceived enemies has rendered all other topics moot.

    212 previously wrote: “Anyone who thinks its OK to poison my son… deserves to have their own offspring subject to all the same crap I have to navigate around. … you vastly underestimate the lengths I’d go to for my children.�?

    To which Richard Poe responded: “Are you saying that you would deliberately poison the children of people who disagree with your views on toxic waste disposal?”

    Whereupon 212 affirmed: “…not only would I expose others to what they expose my child to, I’d go to jail for it… it shouldn’t be a problem to have their expecting-mothers eat it too, right? Sauce for the goose, and all?”

    To whose wives and children are you referring, sir? And what exactly are you suggesting that you might do to said wives and children, for which you might be punished with imprisonment?

    Please be specific.

  21. RedBeard says:

    A day passes, and 212 is no closer to answering Poe’s question. Come to think about it, that silence IS a sort of an answer.

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