Book Mocks Tom DeLay as Pawn of the Jews

by Richard Poe
Thursday, October 13, 2005

7:05 pm Eastern Time

Congressman DeLay’s Support for Israel Makes Him a “Shabbas Goy”, Say Authors

Congressman Tom DeLay is a “shabbas goy,” say Texas journalists Lou Dubose and Jan Reid in their influential book The Hammer: Tom DeLay – God, Money and the Rise of the Republican Congress. The authors use the Yiddish expression shabbas goy as an insult. Some readers, however, may not understand the nature of the insult. Let me explain.

The term shabbes goy (sometimes spelled shabbas goy or shabbos goy) is Yiddish for “Sabbath gentile.” Observant Jews have traditionally paid gentiles, often children, to perform work for them on Saturdays which Jews are barred from doing on the Sabbath, such as turning lights on and off. These gentile helpers are called shabbes goyim.

In recent years, the expression shabbes goy has gained currency among anti-Jewish writers as a term of ridicule for gentile politicians who allegedly serve Jewish masters. See, for instance, “Nobody Loves a Shabbos Goy: Bush, Iraq and Israel” by one Douglas Olson, an article which accuses President Bush of spilling American blood to serve Jewish ends.

In their October 2004 book The Hammer, Dubose and Reid use the term shabbas goy in precisely this sense.

Calling DeLay “the nation’s most powerful Christian Zionist”, Dubose and Reid note that DeLay’s long-standing support of Israel convinced the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) to bestow upon him its Defender of Israel Award for 2003. At the award ceremony, ZOA president Morton Klein likened DeLay to such “righteous gentiles” as Emile Zola, Lord Balfour and Oskar Schindler.

The authors write scornfully of the growing alliance between Jewish supporters of Israel and evangelical Christians such as DeLay, finally exclaiming (on page 243):

“Benjamin Netanyahu working the Bible Belt breakfast circuit. Jewish pilgrims traveling to John Hagee’s Christian temple. Tom DeLay becoming a Shabbas goy. Maybe we are living in end times after all.”

As far as I am aware, Dubose and Reid are the first mainstream journalists to employ the term “shabbes goy” as a crude, anti-Semitic taunt. Something tells me, however, that they will not be the last.

Their publisher is PublicAffairs Books of New York, an imprint of The Perseus Books Group, which is owned by Perseus LLC, a merchant bank and fund management company with offices in New York and Washington, DC.

The founder and chairman of Perseus books, as well as the chairman and CEO of Perseus LLC, is Frank H. Pearl, a close business partner of leftwing billionaire George Soros. Their mutual ventures include Perseus-Soros Management LLC, Perseus-Soros Partners LLC and Perseus-Soros Biopharmaceutical Fund.

In addition to The Hammer, Mr. Pearl’s PublicAffairs imprint has also published many books by George Soros, including The Crisis of Global Capitalism, Underwriting Democracy, George Soros on Globalization, The Bubble of American Supremacy and the forthcoming George Soros on Freedom.

For more background on the interlocking destinies of Messrs. Dubose, Reid and Soros, see my recent FrontPage article, “Soros Fingerprints on DeLay Frame-up.”

by Richard Poe

October 13, 2005 07:05 PM ET

Cross-posted from 10.13.05


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  1. rightwingmac says:

    One would think that the left would tone themselves down since they no longer have a media monopoly and can actually be called on their double standards.

    Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

    They make our job easy by continually demonstrating what we point out, so we don’t have to rely (much) on anecdotal evidence. Instead of just pointing out what they said, we can also predict it. So far, they prove us right every time they open their stupid traps.

    After all, self-destruction IS what they’re best at. LOL

  2. Sharikov says:

    Very interesting connections between these journalists, publisher and Soros. Perhaps leading to more and more nefarious connections …

    As their game is divide, categorize – and therefore dehumanize – then conquer, I deem the journalists, publisher, Soros and all like-minded to be nothing but obedient DHIMMI, as all are aiding and abetting the islamofacists with their anti-Semitic/anti-USA/anti-Israel slickly-packaged psy-op propaganda war.

  3. Republican says:

    Got someone ya don’t like? When in doubt call him a Jew. If he is not a Jew, say he loves them. Either way is just plain anti-Semitism.

  4. dgene says:

    These guys are scum.

  5. nanc says:

    omygawd – i am a shabbos goy!!! dear G-d i think i need a corned beef on rye…….just tell me i’m not being made a movie of for two years by a guy named earle. i’m camera shy and look much better in person.

  6. Scheisskopf says:

    Of course, let’s jump on someone who supports Jews, how powerful.

  7. Duke says:

    In the article by Douglas Olson,”Nobody loves a shabbos goy: Bush, Iraq, and Israel”, Olson’s “argument” employs innuendo that depends on reader bias toward the idea that Israel dictates policy to the United States — that the tail wags the dog.

    I don’t buy it.

    We are the dog and Israel is the tail. And, by the way, could someone please tell me why it would NOT be in the interest of the United States to defend our vassal (Israel) in the Middle East?

  8. Publius says:

    Yes we should support Israel. After all, outside of the two emerging democracies (Afghanistan and Iraq) Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.

  9. Madzionist says:

    Once again, us big bad Jews have been caught red-handed by a brilliant liberal journalist who figured out our secret conspiracy plans for world domination. DeLay is indeed our pawn, or Shabbos Goy as they like to say, to do whatever we need him to do to advance our vast plot to enslave all the world’s goyim.

    Speaking of which, did any of you get to read that tell-all book, “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, yet? Hurry up if you haven’t, as it reveals some of our best schemes to persecute the gentiles and take all of their wealth for ourselves.

    Ahh… it’s good to be a Jew. We just sit back and collect our Zionist lobby stipend every month while living it up off the hard work of the gullible gentiles.


  10. Rightminded says:

    WHEW DOGGIES! Mr. Poe.

    You sure did commence to ciphering, in that FPM article about George “Professor Moriarty” Soros, the Napoleon of crime.


    One thing I know for sure, “The Hammer” is made of tempered steel, and will fight to the end and will get his licks in!

  11. kyle says:

    What do I have to do to become a Shabbos Goy? I want a part of that big Jewish payday. Hey, I could go to Israel on a kibbutz. I promise to only hire Jewish lawyers.

  12. RedBeard says:

    I once had a position as a Tochus Leker Goy. My duties were somewhat unclear, but the pay was good.

  13. Ripper says:

    George Soros (born “Schwartz”) is so evil that I can only compare him to a typical villain in a James Bond movie.

  14. nanc says:

    message for republican – if you see this, please go back to google article. or if any of the rest of you see this, feel free also. the lengthyscrawny one is at it again. what a way to start the weekend.

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