by Richard Poe
Monday, October 31, 2005

11:55 am Eastern Time

Web Site of Revolutionary Communist Party Places David Horowitz and Eight Other Conservatives on Harassment Hit List

“No free speech for fascists!” screamed two burly ruffians as they charged the stage where David Horowitz was attempting to speak. “I probably would have suffered some bodily harm,” Horowitz later wrote on his blog. Luckily, he writes, about half a dozen supporters “sprang to my rescue and beat the living crap out of the two deserving reds, dragging them unceremoniously from the theater.” (1)

Mr. Horowitz was fortunate. But he remains a target. We now know that the October 21 attack at the Liberty Film Festival in Los Angeles was no random event. It is part of a wider effort, orchestrated by the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP).

The RCP’s so-called “World Can’t Wait!” campaign seeks to intimidate conservatives through thuggery.

Screenshot of the hit list posted on the Web site of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP). At least two people on the list – one of them David Horowitz – have been subjected to aggressive physical harassment by operatives of the RCP’s “World Can’t Wait!” campaign.

On its Web site, the RCP has published a hit list of nine prominent conservatives whom it deems “Nazis” or “fascists”, deserving of special odium. David Horowitz appears on the list, as does Berkeley law professor John Choon Yoo.

Charles Clark Kissinger of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP)

Professor Yoo earned the RCP’s wrath when he advised the Defense Department in a memo of January 9, 2002 that terrorist prisoners are unlawful combatants, ineligible for protection under the Geneva Conventions. (2)

RCP thugs invaded Professor Yoo’s classroom last week, on October 26, forcing him to flee. The perpetrators later boasted of their achievement on their blog. (3)

The nine names on the RCP hit list are: Ann Coulter; Lieutenant General William G. “Jerry” Boykin; David Horowitz; Pat Robertson; William Bennett [pdf file]; Louisiana National Guard Brigadier General Gary Jones [pdf file]; Barbara Bush [pdf file]; Congressman Richard Baker [pdf file] and Berkeley law professor John Choon Yoo, in that order.

The World Can’t Wait! campaign appears to be the brainchild of one Charles Clark Kissinger, a former SDS leader who today serves as a high-level organizer in the Revolutionary Communist Party. (4) Kissinger created the anti-war coalition Not in Our Name, which is working closely with the World Can’t Wait! campaign.

The attacks on Horowitz and Yoo are just the beginning. Kissinger’s World Can’t Wait! network plans a nationwide mobilization beginning November 2 – the first anniversary of George W. Bush’s alleged theft of the 2004 election (yes, they claim he stole that election too).

For more background on the RCP’s November 2 mobilization, go here.

by Richard Poe
October 31, 2005 11:55 AM ET

Cross-posted from 10.31.05 11:55 AM ET


1. David Horowitz, “Fascist Attack in Hollywood“,, October 24, 2005; Posted by “Tony”, “Two World Can’t Wait! LA Organizers Ambush Horowitz at Reactionary `Liberty Film Festival’“,, October 24, 2005

2. John Yoo, “Commentary: Behind the `Torture Memos’“, UC Berkeley News, January 4, 2005

3. Posted by “drive out bush regime”, “Berkeley Students/Activists Disrupt John Yoo Class“,, October 27, 2005

4. Profile: C. Clark Kissinger,




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  1. hammersmith says:


    That you seem to think your posts are sooo intense that we must delete them betrays your arrogance.

    I like having you here. Its far better to experience leftist snobbery first hand, especially for the lurkers just joining.

    You are an excellent advertisement for our side. Your obnoxious, acidic commentary is an immediate turn off, even to people who might agree with you.

    Its also why your party is in decline. Your supremist mentality is offensive to regular people with common sense.

    So by all means, rant on. I’ve already showed your posts to 2 people to prove these very points.

  2. ShuffleBuster says:

    Let me get this straight now Rocco, it’s humor when it is at my expense, and disgusting, offensive, dangerous and inappropriate when it is at your expense. Hmmm, seems a tad hypocritical, just joking.

    Still waiting to hear Richard Poe’s opinion on post #44.

  3. Richard Poe says:

    Kyle writes: “ShuffleBuster, why would he remove your posts? They are both funny and stupid at the same time.”

    ShuffleBuster writes: “Kyle, my paranoia on being locked out of this blog is very justified. I have, as I am sure you have, witnessed many selective prosecutions by the established thought police.”

    Kyle, I must agree with ShuffleBuster on this one. His fear of being banned is indeed justified. As a matter of fact… I just banned him!

    Happy trails, ShuffleBuster.

  4. hoipolloi says:

    I’ve been sitting on the sidelines all afternoon, listening to this character beat his chest and dare you to ban him. His behavior puts me in mind of poor, demented Mother Sheehan—defying the police to arrest her so that she can later use the experience as confirmation that the “Establishment” is nasty and brutish.

    Richard Poe, that thunderous noise you hear outside your window is a standing ovation from us conservative readers here at Moonbat.

  5. Richard Poe says:

    hoipolloi writes: “Richard Poe, that thunderous noise you hear outside your window is a standing ovation from us conservative readers here at Moonbat.”

    Thank you, hoipolloi!

    Amid the thankless toil of moderating comment threads, a word of thanks is always appreciated.

  6. Mr. Beamish says:

    Why is it that leftist F.O.S. trolls immediately assume they have something poignant to say?

    And why is it they never say it?

  7. neoconGrunt says:

    I too have remained on the sidelines of this interesting exchange. That guy Shuffle played ball with you pretty straight up Richard. He asked some legit questions. Why did you ultimately ban him? What do you say to his question: “What will Richard Poe say to Rocco about the inappropriateness of #44?”

  8. Richard Poe says:

    neonconGrunt writes: “That guy Shuffle played ball with you pretty straight up Richard. He asked some legit questions. “

    I beg to differ. ShuffleBuster did not play straight with me and his questions were asinine.

    neoconGrunt also writes: “What do you say to his question: `What will Richard Poe say to Rocco about the inappropriateness of #44?'”

    I say nothing.

    Now it’s my turn, neoconGrunt. I have a question for you. I wrote this post to expose an outrage visited upon David Horowitz by a gang of leftist thugs. Do you have any interest in discussing that issue? If not, why are you here?

  9. Mr. Beamish says:

    Who in their right mind would label “inappropriate” a hyperlink entitled “leftist manhood” that links to a fat man wearing women’s underwear?

    Why must we kowtow to ShuffleBuster’s definition of “inappropriate?”

    It was a picture of a man in women’s underwear, labeled “Leftist Manhood.”

    What’s “inappropriate” (and not, say, “balls-on accurate”) about that?

  10. InRussetShadows says:

    I’m curious what sort of person feels it necessary to dare someone to ban him and then acts like a dork until patience (always a finite commodity) runs out, and he is banned? Ah yes, the anti-authoritarian leftist, always on the cruise for infantile thrills, moral justification, and stages to play the martyr. Yawn.

  11. InRussetShadows says:

    Being a leftist means being able to hypocritically espouse any position at the drop of a hat. Note that leftists here will talk about “being able to take a punch” but decry any “inappropriate” look from a man to a woman. Then they will turn around and complain about schoolyard bullies (guess those kids can’t take a punch, eh)? So feigning interest in kids who weren’t aborted, leftists then spin right back around and claim that people shouldn’t be harassed. So you see it’s all in the situation — whatever position can be taken to attack conservatives, they will take, common sense and consistency be accursed.

  12. neoconGrunt says:

    Mr. Poe, sir, I’m here for pretty much the same reasons I guess as Mr. Beamish, hoipolloi, hammersmith and the others. I am a lonely, middle-aged guy that regrets squandering my youth in a crappy job with no prospects. My life is empty and feels hollow. Nobody in the real world gives me an opportunity to express my patriotic thoughts. I am surrounded by smug, politically-correct leftist morons where I work in food service. My family thinks I am a looser. Everyone at work thinks I am looser. So I stumbled across this fellowship of like-minded patriotic people. And despite my physical and mental deficiencies I feel comfortable and among peers on this site. I need a really smart and handsome man like you Mr. Poe to help direct my disenfranchised emotions and thoughts into words and action.

    Even so, let me save you the dramatic bravado. I ban myself. Thanks for the memories and good times bashing others and suppressing open discourse.

    P.S. When I am banned, can I still buy one of the sexploitive t-shirts on your web site? You know the ones modeled by the well-endowed females. My teenage nephew really wants one. I assume credit cards are accepted, although I suspect the majority of your clientele are more familiar with money orders procured from the corner convenience store.

  13. dgene says:

    Hey neocongrunt:
    That was great satire.
    Thank you for the belly laugh.
    I’m sorry life has dealt you such a bad hand.
    But you can always write for the leftist Hollywood morons who can use gags while their box office sags.
    Hasta la vista, baby.

  14. Mr. Beamish says:


    You’re fired.

  15. hoipolloi says:

    Neocongrunt writes, “I am a lonely, middle-aged guy that regrets squandering my youth in a crappy job with no prospects. My life is empty and feels hollow. Nobody in the real world gives me an opportunity to express my patriotic thoughts.” He then presumes to be speaking for ME?? Thanks but no thanks! I have been quite successful career-wise and enjoy a full, rich life.

    Yeeesh, ya kinda have to feel sorry for this guy.

  16. XTeacher says:

    O.K., I finally get it. I now understand the importance of banning trolls from posting. Up until now, I’ve always thought that one should give the moonbats enough rhetorical rope with which to hang themselves because they will usually do so on their own. Indeed, I have always believed in the free exchange of ideas, and as such, saw banishment as a sign of weakness.

    While people have a right to free speech, though, they don’t have a right to be guaranteed an audience. My previous vocation should have alerted me to the “disruption for disruption’s sake” mentality, but I guess I’m still new to this whole blog thing after all. Truth be told, the moderators of this blog are exceedingly tolerant when it comes to the marketplace of ideas that is presented here.

    Thank you for finally banning the boorish ShuffleBuster, Mr. P. I sparred with him all day on the thread related to the Indonesian teens being beheaded. After about the third reply, I realized that he was merely a disruption and unworthy of further consideration. Of course, he took my bowing out as a concession to his vile way of thinking.

    What I want to know is how in the world did Neocongrunt get his feathers so darned ruffled? Sheesh! I liked that guy.

  17. neoconGrunt says:

    Beamish-schmit or what ever, you can’t fire me – I quit! Bye bye bigots!

  18. kyle says:

    Thank you XTEACHER,I originally thought the guy should be heard, but he was not a serious lefty like Pedro, but just a troll. I have no problem with left wingers who want to fence, but just whinning incessently about how you will probably be banned byt the big bad fascists is troll work.

  19. Rove on Vacation says:

    Please don’t banish free thought on this blog. That makes things no better than the fascist police of the original entry. We are above that.

  20. Rove on Vacation says:

    InRussetShadow wrote: Being a leftist means being able to hypocritically espouse any position at the drop of a hat.

    It also means being thrown out of government power at every level.

  21. neoconGrunt says:

    Easily conceded Rove, once the banning is complete and the earth is salted.

  22. Moonbat Central » Blog Archive » DailyKos’ Death Threat Against Matt Drudge says:

    […] Alan Colmes should be proud to recommend this fine rhetoric: "Hunter" has shown us the true face of the Left.  […]

  23. nanc says:

    i love a moonbat or two aboard as the “batting” practice is what i love watching. who on earth would want to deny that?

  24. J. Bargholz says:


    I see you’ve been booted yet again. That’s what you wanted, so you should be happy. Just think of it as one of your beloved communist purges. Thankfully, it was the communist who was purged this time, not the bourgeois capitalist landlord.

  25. XTeacher says:


    Moonbats who offer something to the discussion (especially when they disagree) really do enhance the discourse here and appear to be tolerated quite well by the moderators. Plus, it is great sport to witness some of the more assertive regulars (J. Bargholz and Mr. Beamish, I’m looking in your general direction :)) knock a few out of the park, so to speak. There is a difference, however, between allowing the free exchange of ideas and suffering disruption.

    When David Horowitz spoke at the Liberty Film Festival, he was nearly assaulted by a fringe group that was not interested in the free exchange of ideas. Since the true lunatics cannot physically threaten contributors on this blog, they resort to tactics of incremental disruption. I cannot fault the moderators for giving some of these folks the boot.

  26. tazzmax says:

    Amen, X teacher.

  27. nanc says:

    xteacher #75 – i have teenage musician children in the house so it is quite hard for me to recognize disruptions even though i may be smack dab in the middle of one.

    i already read about david’s near assault at the film festival and gave my spendy two cents worth on the fpm site – i think….

    yes, some of them do deserve the boot, but only after we’ve completely and i mean completely frustrated the life out of them – to where they have to go off and create new identities before they come back. i know what it’s like to be censored and i certainly do not wish to be 86’d.

  28. InRussetShadows says:

    I see Neocon is throwing his grenade and running yet again. Not only does he quit (we will see how long that statement holds true), but then he slurs us as bigots. Bigoted against what? Trolls? If so, count me guilty. 🙂

  29. Madzionist says:

    Wow…what blather. Richard, I would like to say your fuse was longer on this thread with Shufflebitter than mine would have been. If it means anything, I find you permit more hostile fire than any of the leftist websites would ever allow.

    Discourse is fine and dandy, but mindless taunting
    must be removed. Well done.


  30. Mr. Beamish says:

    Main Entry: big·ot Pronunciation: ‘bi-g&t
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle French, hypocrite, bigot
    : a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices
    – big·ot·ed /-g&-t&d/ adjective
    – big·ot·ed·ly adverb

    “leftism, the clear alternative to being right”

  31. nanc says:

    #62 ncg – what the hello are money orders? convenience stores? i use my handy-dandy checking account bank card for everything – it seems to have an endless supply of money on it. of course, it only works if there is money in the account. i seem to remember a few convenience stores in my travels, but i thought they were for restrooms only. oh, and very bad coffee. oh, well, i’m willing to let bygots be bygots if you are.

  32. peedoffamerican says:

    “XTeacher Says:
    October 31st, 2005 at 11:05 pm

    Moonbats who offer something to the discussion (especially when they disagree) really do enhance the discourse here and appear to be tolerated quite well by the moderators.”

    My Goodness XTeacher,

    What have you been smoking? Are you ill? In need of psychiatric care? Since when have moonbats and lefties ever contributed anything useful to a conversation? Can you please point me to one. I am still looking for that mythical beastie. I don’t believe they exist, but if I catch one, gonna call Ripley’s, Unexplained Mysteries, and the Guiness Book of Records, and then have it mounted as a trophy. Will be something akin to the Texas Jackelope.

    I normally find your posts very enlightening, but really, has the invasion of the body snatchers happened and someone taken your place?

  33. Michael Calderon says:

    Fascinating discussion.

    Pedro Says:
    October 31st, 2005 at 1:03 pm

    All I ask is that we PLEASE don’t assume all Democrats agree with these extremists! It’s just not true!!! PLEASE!!!


    Pedro: Anyone who suggests that the Democrats agree with these Revolutionary Communist terrorist-wannabes is an idiot.

    The communists hate liberals and hate Democrats with a passion. People should remember that there was once a great anti-communist tradition in the Democratic Party, e.g., Kennan, Truman, Kennedy, Scoop Jackson, and if that element ever finds its way into the majority of the Party’s activist core, Democrats will win elections with greater frequency than they have in recent years.

    Unfortunately for the Dems, the McGovern-LSD-SDS generation currently holds the reigns of power in the Party which explains why the Democratic Party of today is the Party of Obscenely Obsessive Pessimists (P.O.O.P).

  34. Richard Poe says:

    Rove on Vacation writes: “Please don’t banish free thought on this blog. That makes things no better than the fascist police of the original entry. We are above that.”

    Dear Rove on Vacation:

    Free thought is the orderly give-and-take of ideas. When trolls invade a thread, there is no give-and-take. There is only noise.

    Look at this thread. It has 84 comments. How many of those comments are devoted to the actual subject of this blog post — the RCP hit list against nine prominent conservatives, one of whom is our own David Horowitz?

    The trolls won this round. They prevented us from discussing the RCP hit list.

    It’s too late to save this thread, but perhaps I can help improve the quality of future discussions by pruning out a few trolls in advance. Think of it as a preemptive strike.

    Pedro and neoconGrunt are hereby banished.

    Sorry if these bannings cause you alarm, Rove on Vacation. If you ever start your own blog, please feel free to populate it with as many Bolshevist trolls as you like. Here at Moonbat Central our policy is to banish trolls the instant we recognize them as such.

    P.S. I have now banned Scheisskopf too, for his behavior on another thread.

  35. XTeacher says:


    I’m secure enough in my beliefs to have them questioned — sometimes the moonbats serve as perfect foils for the regular contributors. I’m concerned that once we start a Zero Tolerance policy on dissent, we become no better than the pathetic little imbeciles of the RCP.

    As I’ve stated several times, there is a difference between disagreement and disruption, and I agree that those who seek to disrupt should not post here. On leftwing blogs, we’d be booted for just disagreeing with the official truth, and I think that the atmosphere here is much more tolerant and adult.

  36. RedBeard says:

    R.P., it’s your call. And it’s not an easy one. I’ve run a few boards, and moderating is a pain in the neck, often involving splitting the baby. So whatever you have to do, I’m in your corner.

  37. Richard Poe says:

    XTeacher writes: “I’m concerned that once we start a Zero Tolerance policy on dissent, we become no better than the pathetic little imbeciles of the RCP.”

    Dear XTeacher:

    Your statement puzzles me. I cannot tell whether you approve or disapprove of our current banning policy.

    If you know of any person who has been banned from this blog for anything as innocuous as mere “dissent”, please tell me his name and I will listen to your arguments as to why said person should be reinstated.

    On the other hand, if you don’t know of any such case, why even raise the specter of a “Zero Tolerance policy on dissent”? Isn’t that a bit like crying wolf?

  38. freedomnow says:

    Somehow from the trolls on this blog I get the feeling that denouncing hateful people is somehow wrong.

    Perhaps they are right we should unquestionably tolerate people who we feel are hateful, intolerant and overly aggressive.

    My only question would be, why doesn’t the same apply to them?

  39. XTeacher says:

    Richard Poe writes: “[W]hy even raise the specter of a `Zero Tolerance policy on dissent’?

    I was merely stating that a ZT policy on dissent would be a bad idea. . . perhaps I should have used some transition between points in that paragraph.

    I then went on to imply that that sort of thing does not occur on this site (hence, my references to this being a more adult and tolerant blog).

  40. Rocco DiPippo says:

    Here’s another take on the question of whether or not to ban people with leftwing views from a blog that espouses conservative ideas and positions:

    Leftists have NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Reuters, AP, Hollywood,Academia,The Arts, almost all of the most powerful foundations and some of our most important cultural centers, including The Smithsonian, with which to promote and reinforce their views and agendas. We Conservatives have far less in that respect. Allowing leftwing points of view on this, or any other right-leaning blog is, in my opinion, of questionable value. A year ago, I thought differently but now I’m leaning towards the view that Conservative blogs should be a place where Conservatives can discuss their ideas and positions in a place where the Left isn’t welcome.

    Face it,leftists lock us out of the public discourse and mock and vilify us at every opportunity. Why should we right-wingers give them another venue in which to do so? It seems that with the exception of a few civil leftwing commenters, (Grace Nearing comes to mind), most of the output of lefties on this site is either idiotic or simply written to incite pointless exchanges.

  41. TexasTom says:

    Speaking from my own experience, I have “dissented” from Richard Poe many times back in the days of the forum.

    Richard never bans simply for disagreeing with him. Unless you make a nuisance of yourself by asking the same question over and over (after it’s been answered), or refuse to answer a question which he has posed to you, or you behave rudely… he will generally tolerate your presence.

    From what I’ve seen on MoonbatCentral, he’s only banned people for behaving boorishly, not because of what they had to say.

  42. XTeacher says:


    The Left is still in the mode of believing that its ideas are “correct” (politically or otherwise). Therefore, to argue with a lefty is analogous to arguing that 2+2=5. This is why those who disagree with the Left are labeled as either stupid, evil, or both. It really is a primitive way of thinking.

    This is why academics see no problem with lowering student grades based upon a student’s opinion (to them, it is simply a matter of “correcting” a mistake). This is why activists see no problem in disrupting a law professor with whom they disagree, in throwing pies at Ann Coulter, or in assaulting Prof. Horowitz (to them, it is punishment for heresy).

    I’m not sure that Conservatives have the sort of stupid arrogance that it takes to shut out disagreement. I think that you have brought up an interesting philosophical point to ponder.

    By the way, so there is no misunderstanding of my opinion on trolls — Root ’em out, Poe!

  43. tazzmax says:

    Rocco, you make a great point; I don’t think leftist trolls should be allowed to disrupt this blog by making senseless arguements.

    I get started ranting sometimes at these lefties and get completely off topic also. For that, I apologize.

    Richard, I think you do a great job and I enjoy your articles and I think you are more than fair.

    I am very pleased that you ousted these last moon-bats– it seemed to me that all they wanted to do was insult and argue.

    I had some p—ing matches with some of them on previous threads and it was nothing but disruption. I did get some fun out of it though.

    It’s outrageous that the low-lifes go as far as threatening D.H. with bodily harm and I think he should get himself some big burly body guards to kick the hell out of them! These commies will hurt him bad one of these days if he doesn’t get some security. It angers me greatly!

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