by Richard Poe
Monday, November 7, 2005

12:29 pm Eastern Time

The reader comment function will continue working until 12 noon Eastern Time tomorrow, Tuesday. Between now and then, readers are encouraged to post their thoughts and say their farewells.

Needless to say, any Bolshevist infiltrators who attempt to disrupt our final good-byes will suffer the blogospheric equivalent of impalement on a dull wooden stake. Don’t even think about it.

Farewell, my friends. It has been an honor to serve with you, bloggers and reader commentators alike, on the frontlines of the culture war.

UPDATE 11.08.05 11:34 am Eastern Time: In the rush of events yesterday, I neglected to thank our CSPC staffers, beginning with deputy managing editor Jacob Laksin, whose skillful editing, patient moderating and elegant blogging helped lighten my burdens and added a touch of class to MBC.

Thanks also to our Webmaster Genesio Zenone and to our freelance web designer Tom Scerbo who together brought this site into being and helped us clear many a daunting technical hurdle.

And of course we thank David Horowitz, for granting us this opportunity, however fleeting, to toss our antlers and stamp our hooves on the untamed veldt of the blogosphere.

Our candle burned quickly, friends, but it burned bright.

by Richard Poe
November 7, 2005 12:29 PM ET

Cross-posted from 11.07.05 12.29 PM ET


27 Responses to “READER COMMENTS WILL REMAIN ACTIVE FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS: Please Feel Free to Post Your Thoughts”


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  1. Madzionist says:

    Richard, you are an outstanding moderator. Will you be updating your website or blogging again anytime soon?


  2. Richard Poe says:

    Madzionist writes: “Richard, you are an outstanding moderator.”

    Thank you!

    Madzionist also writes: “Will you be updating your website or blogging again anytime soon?”

    Perhaps… 😀

  3. nanc says:

    mr. poe – you are one of the best sports i’ve had the pleasure of almost knowing. keep plugging and i will look for you. nanc

  4. Richard Poe says:

    nanc writes: “mr. poe – you are one of the best sports i’ve had the pleasure of almost knowing.”

    Thank you! I try…

  5. subtrrn says:

    Grr, I regret not having posted more comments when I had the chance. Given enough time, I may have even said something witty or insightful. But now the world will never know 🙂

    I’ll miss your trademark troll-hunting, Richard. You are The Man. That’s right, squash those trolls! Show no mercy!

    Your pal,

    PS: I still didn’t get a definitive answer from you about my idea for a “Women of Frontpage” calendar. I guess I will have to resort to constructing my own from magazine clippings.

  6. orangeducks says:

    Mr. Poe,

    Thanks for moderating and your articles and other efforts. Sucks to see the place go – I was just getting to the point where I could get around the room without the lights on.



  7. rightwingprof says:

    I didn’t comment here much, but I never missed a day without my Moonbat Central fix. And for everything I have taken from here, I offer you:

    The UACJOB Chronicles

  8. TexasTom says:

    Good luck to you Richard. I won’t say goodbye because i’m certain i’ll encounter you again somewhere on the digital highway.

  9. ralphbprice says:

    Thanks Richard for all that you have done. Keep up the good work, I’ll be watching for your words in DTN and FPM.

  10. Cato_Maior says:

    MBC was a veritable brainbank of conservative pundits. It was energizing. Hope you keep keeping tabs on the carpetbagging senator in your home state, Mr Poe.

  11. tazzmax says:

    Thanks Richard. I enjoyed your articles and being able to comment here.

    I hope to hear from you again soon.

  12. Mr. Beamish says:

    What a kick in the stomach this day has been. First I wake up and get out of bed and dressed for work a full 30 minutes before my alarm clock went off, then I get home and find one of my favorite blogs going offline.

    These things come in threes y’know. I’m going to slip on a banana peel and fall down a tangent tomorrow.

    Good luck to the MBC team, hope to see you blogging in the future.

  13. Beakerkin#1 says:

    Mr Poe

    Thank You for the wisdom that you imparted with each and every post.

  14. Rightminded says:

    “Rainy days and Mondays always bring me down!”

    Watch your back, Arthur, now that you are going underground to try and expose the Queen’s and the evil ones’ source of sustenance. The neo-com drones can be mindlessly loyal and dangerous!

    You are a damn fine man!

  15. kuhnkat says:

    Ahhh, you used the id so I have to speak. Yes, I have enjoyed bloviating on your blog and will miss you and the rest of the inmates. I have boomarked your site and others (like MADZ’s)so hopefully will read y’all again sometime.

    PS: the ID is also the Calif. license plate on my 1983 Suzuki Katana GS1100SD.

  16. David Thomson says:

    Thanks for everything. God bless.

  17. Madzionist says:

    No farewell words from Plaut?

  18. Rightminded says:

    I have been searching for them too MZ!

  19. Madzionist says:

    How about Laksin?

  20. J. Bargholz says:

    I enjoyed your purging of Bolshevist infiltrators as much as I enjoyed your posts.

    Take it easy.

  21. isirota1965 says:

    I have enjoyed reading the posts on Moonbat Central, and will miss it. Best of luck to all involved in their future endeavours!

  22. Jacob Laksin says:

    MZ writes: How about Laksin?

    A farewell is indeed in order, and only work-related responsibilities precluded me from posting one earlier. Without further ado, then, thanks to all who took the time to read and provide feedback; your time and efforts have not gone unnoticed. No doubt many of you disagreed with me on many issues–my insistence on respect for the Democratic Party and civility toward the left more generally come to mind–but most of you went along, grudgingly or not, with my various quirks. Well, you won’t have Laksin to kick around anymore. On the bright side, there’s still…

    Best to all,

  23. Madzionist says:

    Jacob, I thought you were an outstanding blogger here and will miss you very much. I naturally felt you were further left than I would like, but your topic selection was consistently provocative, as was your writing. We agreed far more often than you give yourself credit for, and I hope to find you blogging again very soon.

    You were the proverbial “good cop” at MBC, and added a nice mix to this wonderful theater of the right. All the best.


  24. Richard Poe says:

    Madzionist writes to Mr. Laksin: “You were the proverbial “good cop” at MBC…”

    Wait a minute. If Mr. Laksin was the good cop, then… well… what does that make me? 😀

  25. Madzionist says:

    The bad cop we desperately need right now at the other thread by Horowitz, which is being assaulted as we speak by a vile troll!


  26. redstone357 says:

    I was a reader of MBC but I kept my posts to FPM. It has been fun reading the great articles and interesting banter. It will be missed.


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