Nine Days Left Until Release

by Richard Poe
Sunday, July 30, 2006

12:00 pm Eastern Time

The release date for The Shadow Party, co-written by David Horowitz and your faithful correspondent, is August 8. In an interview posted today on the blog of Bill Steigerwald of the Pittsburgh-Tribune Review, Mr. Horowitz notes this curious coincidence:

“It’s odd that the book `The Shadow Party’ is coming out the same day of the Connecticut primary. The mere fact that Joe Lieberman, who is a three-term senator, an incumbent, and who was on the presidential ticket of the Democratic Party in 2000, should be fighting for his political life against these forces shows how powerful the people in the Shadow Party are.” (1)

Calling Lieberman “the one Democrat who is a really prominent supporter of the war,” Horowitz opines that the Shadow Party’s jihad against Lieberman reflects its unthinking fanaticism and its indifference to the patriotic ardor now stirring the American heartland.

The Shadow Party does not represent the American people. It does not even represent the Democrat base. It champions only the twisted vision of its founder George Soros.

You can order our book The Shadow Party now from, or from the David Horowitz Freedom Center (for a 40 percent discount). (2)

UPDATE 08.07.06: Here’s another posting of Bill Steigerwald’s interview with David Horowitz at (3)

by Richard Poe
July 30, 2006 12:00 PM ET

Cross-posted from 07.30.06


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