REVIEW: Radicals Rule the Democratic Party Roost

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

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Radicals Rule the Democratic Party Roost

by Phil Brennan

August 17, 2006

Book Review: “The Shadow Party: How George
Soros, Hillary Clinton and Sixties Radicals Seized
Control of the Democratic Party”

Authors: David Horowitz and Richard Poe

Publisher: Nelson Current

DAVID HOROWITZ, it seems, writes a book about every other day.

And while all his works have been vitally important contributions to the nation’s security and welfare, this new book he’s penned with Richard Poe sounds an alarm bell that should be heard far and wide.

David Horowitz is a self-described “red diaper baby,” the son of dedicated communists and an ex-communist himself. He has been sounding the alarm about the powerful influence exercised by leftist professors on America’s campuses and the rebirth of communism under the guise of the so-called “progressive” movement in such books as his most recent “The Professors — the 100 Most Dangerous Academics in America.”

In “The Shadow Party,” Horowitz and co-author Richard Poe point to the man behind the growing leftist control of the national Democratic party — George Soros.

To many Americans, George Soros is merely a billionaire whose name appears frequently in the media in connection with left-of-center political matters. He is, in their minds, just another one of those wealthy dilettantes who dabble in politics as a diversion from their fervent pursuit of the almighty dollar.

The George Soros we meet in “The Shadow Party,” however, is far more than that.

He might just be the most dangerous man in America, a frenzied leftist ideologue with both a surfeit of the money — an estimated $33 billion – and the brains needed to use his money skillfully to impose his twisted will on the United States and the world.

Horowitz and Poe meticulously expose the incredibly sophisticated and successful undercover network Soros has been able to construct with his almost unlimited wealth — a network that has captured the Democratic Party, as the primary defeat of Sen. Joe Lieberman has just demonstrated.

Critics describe Lieberman’s defeat at the hands of a far-out leftist as an indication of the power over the Democratic Party of the crazed left, exemplified by the Soros funded’s involvement in the Connecticut primary, but it was much more than that.

It was Soros’ Shadow Party in action, and that party has managed to swallow the Democratic Party whole.

It all but owns it now.

Soros, the authors say, is the father of the “progressive” revolution which is steadily undermining American unity. Wrote the authors, “‘Progressive’ activists have been carrying out a broad-ranging infiltration of American political and cultural institutions for 40 years. Now the effects of that infiltration can be seen in the inability of America’s political leaders to form a united front against a clear military threat from abroad.”

In Soros, this revolution, like the one that established Russia’s Soviet Communist government, has its own “Lenin.”

Wrote the authors “George Soros is the architect of the ‘Shadow Party’ which operates much like a network of holding companies coordinating the disparate branches of this movement, both inside and outside the Democratic Party, and leading them toward the goal of securing state power. Once attained, that power will be used to effect a global transformation — economic, social, and political — a post-Berlin Wall reincarnation of the old radical dream.”

Principal among those Soros has chosen to advance his grandiose dreams, are Hillary Clinton and mob lawyer and ex-Clinton administration operative Harold Ickes, whose shadowy career is carefully examined.

Together with a cadre of Soros aides strategically placed in key managerial positions in a network of private think tanks, foundations, unions, stealth political action committees, and other front groups that exist only to carry out Soros’ sinister plans for America and the world, they dutifully dance to his tune.

The authors discuss Soros’ plan to rewrite the U.S. Constitution, and the Shadow Party’s contributions of a staggering $300 million in the 2004 elections meant to defeat George Bush. They move on to Soros’ plan to use think tanks and foundations to push through campaign finance reform that helped add millions to the coffers of left wing groups while eroding the political liberties of conservatives, and it’s plans to win the White House in 2008.

Go here for Phil Brennan’s interview with David Horowitz, on

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