Shadow Party Gets Write-Up in Canada Free Press

by Richard Poe
Tuesday, February 24, 2009

5:37 pm Eastern Time

“IT’S IMPORTANT to understand that George Soros doesn’t want to ‘change’ America. He wants to destroy it,” writes columnist Joy Tiz in the Canada Free Press of Wednesday, February 18, 2009.

Titled, “George Soros: International Man of Misery“, her article quotes extensively from The Shadow Party, which I co-wrote with David Horowitz.

Advertisement for book: The Shadow Party - How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Sixties Radicals Siezed Control of the Democratic Party

When our book first appeared in August 2006, most people were not ready to believe us. They thought we must be exaggerating.

It seemed far-fetched to many people that a secretive cabal led by radical billionaire George Soros could have siezed control of the Democratic Party. It seemed inconceivable that this cabal might have the power to install its own hand-picked puppet in the White House by 2008.

Now that so many of our predictions have come true, many people are taking a second look at The Shadow Party, to try to learn how America managed to go so wrong, so fast.

Joy Tiz has done an admirable job of summarizing the key points of our book. I recommend her article.

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