BOOK: Black Spark Published in Russian Language

by Richard Poe
Sunday, March 29, 2009

11:44 am Eastern Time

THE RUSSIANS call it African Eden. My loyal readers know it as Black Spark, White Fire — my 1998 book examining the possibility that African seafarers may have plied the Mediterranean Sea nearly 4,000 years ago, discovering and colonizing parts of Europe. The first copies of African Eden (Afrikánskiy Edyém) arrived at my house yesterday, and it looks gorgeous. has no Russian-language site, but a number of Russian booksellers offer African Eden online, including, and, to name just a few. You can find other sellers by searching the Internet using the title Afrikánskiy Edyém spelled out in Cyrillic letters — Африканский Эдем.

The Russian publisher is Veche, which has specialized in publishing historical books since its founding in 1991.


2 Responses to “BOOK: Black Spark Published in Russian Language”
  1. ScreamingBolshevist says:

    Do you read Cyrillic?

  2. Richard Poe says:

    As a matter of fact, yes. I studied Russian in college and did a summer session at Leningrad State University in the Soviet Union in 1978. My senior thesis was a translation of Chekhov’s short story “Ward Six” (Palata Nomer Shest) from Russian to English.

    Regrettably, my ability to converse in Russian has grown rusty over the years, but I can still read it tolerably well.

    When I leaf through the pages of Afrikánskiy Edyém, I find I can read most of the Russian text. Of course, as the author of the book, I already know what it says. That certainly helps!

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