RADIO: Drew Mariani Show

by Richard Poe
Thursday, September 17, 2009

6:42 pm Eastern Time
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The Drew Mariani Show
September 17, 2009 Thursday
3:30 – 4 pm ET
Relevant Radio
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Poe discusses the infiltration of Catholic parishes by radical Alinskyite groups.


One Response to “RADIO: Drew Mariani Show”
  1. Rick Burke says:

    Drew, this is one more reason why 52% of Catholics voted for President Obama. I have talked to priests here in the Joliet Diocese who sound as if they were part of Alinskian groups. I know that the Roman Catholic Church teachings are so voluminous that it is easy for these evil teachings to slip in. Look how Congressman Stupak exposed Obama’s joint congressional speech for what it was; A LIE. God bless you Drew. I thank God for your faithfulness. Rick

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