REVIEW: The New Horror, The New Poe

by Richard Poe
Monday, September 10, 2012

1:06 pm Eastern Time

Reviewer David Yeagley sees some intriguing parallels between my writing and Edgar Allan Poe’s. Regarding my new book, Perfect Fear: Four Tales of Terror, Yeagley writes:

Of the many similarities I have observed between the two Poes, their eccentric spirituality bonds them most closely. I have spent thirty-five years studying the lively interaction between religion and horror in Edgar Allan Poe, and I find the same exotic blend in Richard’s writings. For the two Poes, the horrific element cannot be separated from religion, nor can religion be separated from horror.

Dr. Yeagley’s review was included in Perfect Fear as a Preface. The piece also appears on Dr. Yeagley’s Web site, under the title, “The New Horror, The New Poe.”

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