REVIEW: Richard Poe’s Inner Demons

by Richard Poe
Tuesday, September 11, 2012

5:24 pm Eastern Time

Nina Zivancevic, a professor of literature at the University of Paris, has written an excellent review of my new book Perfect Fear: Four Tales of Terror. She writes:

Many will be surprised that Richard Poe has written such a fanciful work. He is best known for serious, non-fiction books treating of such worldly topics as history, science, business and politics. Now Poe leads us unexpectedly into a very different sort of world. He introduces us to his inner demons, inviting us to descend with him into his own private Dante’s Inferno.

Zivancevic also notes that, “Poe’s intense interest in the soul recalls Dostoyevsky, but it is an interest rarely found in contemporary fiction.”

Prof. Zivancevic’s review was included in Perfect Fear as a Foreword. The piece also appears here at, on Prof. Zivancevic’s Facebook page, and on

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