by Richard Poe
Wednesday, November 2, 2005

12:50 pm Eastern Time

Yesterday’s Anti-Bush Putsch by Senate Democrats May Have Been Coordinated with Today’s Nationwide Anti-Bush Street Mobilization Organized by Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP)

Charles Clark Kissinger of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP): planned today’s protests

In the last 24 hours, a veritable anti-Bush coup has erupted.

Two groups – Democrat leaders in the Senate and a network of hard-left street activists coordinated by the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) – have launched separate but parallel offensives, both aimed at driving President Bush from office. We at Moonbat Central suspect coordination between the two groups.

Senate Democrats yesterday demanded a new investigation of the Iraq war. Invoking the rarely-used “Rule 21” – generally reserved for impeachment proceedings, national security emergencies and the like – Democrat leaders forced the Senate into secret, closed session to confront what they charged was a White House cover-up. (1)

Simultaneously, leaders of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) were busy finalizing preparations for a nationwide day of protest scheduled to begin this morning.

Nov. 2 – The Beginning of the End of the Bush Regime“, trumpets a headline at, an RCP front group. RCP has organized massive walkouts of employees and students throughout the country today, along with marches in major cities.

“RESIST OR DIE”: University of Wisconsin students rally in advance of November 2 mobilization to drive out Bush.

Now here’s the rub. We know that yesterday’s disturbance in the Senate was planned as early as November, 2003, thanks to a memo leaked from Senator Jay Rockefeller’s office. (2) We also know that the Revolutionary Communist Party began organizing its November 2 mobilization around June of this year. (3)

Given the careful planning underlying these initiatives, we are compelled to consider the possibility that Senate Democrats coordinated their efforts with RCP organizers.

If so, we are seeing the emergence today of an overt coalition between Democrats and communists, both of whom seek President Bush’s impeachment.

Democrat Congressman Maurice Hinchey of New York – a notoriously loose-lipped Hillary Clinton operative – spilled the beans on the Democrat plan at a July 30 Town Hall meeting in Ithaca, New York. Citing the Downing Street memos and the Plamegate controversy as evidence of Bush’s perfidy, Hinchey declared, “My greatest hope is that all of these things will be revealed, they will be revealed in a very direct and legal context, and that in 2006 a Democratic majority will be elected to the House of Representatives, and in February of 2006 [sic] impeachment proceedings will begin.” (4)

by Richard Poe
November 2, 2005 12:50 PM ET

Cross-posted from 11.02.05 12:50 PM ET


1. Ted Barrett, “Democrats Close Senate to Push War Probe“,, November 1, 2005

2. “Dems Close-Senate Playbook in 2003 Memo“,, November 2, 2005; Richard Poe, “Rockefeller Implicated in Plot to Leak Secret War Intel“,, November 6, 2003

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  1. drmiltown says:

    Man these Democrats are desperate. I support an all-out attempt to impeach, because it will be an all-out failure. There isn’t enough of anything to even consider an impeachment. Even if Scooter did try to hide his knowledge, it would not constitute a high crime or misdemeanor on the part of the President. And if the President did know, which I doubt, there would be enough soldiers to fall on their swords to ensure that no thread of guilt would pass to the Old Man.

    Communism is a failure. Can’t they just accept that?


    P.S. These commies are getting on my nerves. Haven’t they heard that Communism has failed?

  2. jim says:

    Since communism has failed, why are the communists treated as such a threat by MBC?

  3. XTeacher says:


    It takes so much courage and conviction for a ne’er-do-well college student to take the day off from classes. Actually, if they skipped the rallies to throw keggers (as I would have done), college students would at least get a day off from indoctrination.

  4. Publius says:

    LOL… Communism is a failure (everywhere it’s been tried), but Communists don’t know that. They will eventually have to be driven into the sea.

  5. Cato_Maior says:

    About the failure to accept communism’s failure, it reminds me of what used to be said about Elvis: “The king is dead, but his legend lives on.” And that legend will forever draw to it the curious, the idealistic, the naive, the insecure … and the unhinged.

  6. jim says:

    But why do we care?

  7. Cato_Maior says:

    Because after decades of “boring from within” by foreign communist governments and their operatives and/or sympathizers in our democratic west, to this day communist ideology and tactics play out in politics, culture, entertainment. Study your history.

  8. kev says:

    Take heart, people. I have been reading that the looney left also has a move on to draft cindy sheehan to run against hillary. How much fun would that be? To adress this piece by Richard Poe, there was a time, not all that long ago, when I would have dismissed such reporting as political propaganda. But, listening to the democrat desperation since 2000, and witnessing their deceit and shenanigans, I honestly don’t have any serious doubts that this allegation of collusion is true.

  9. jim says:

    Believe me, living in Bulgaria was adequate lesson in practical communism. (Don’t assume people know less than you, by the way). I am just wondering why there is so much attention paid on this site, by you in this case, to a completely irrelevant doctrine like communism.

    Why do you care?

  10. Cato_Maior says:

    Because it is still an “ideology of choice” among radicals and their maintream dupes who loathe our Constituional form of government. So it is not completely irrelevant.

  11. Madzionist says:

    Want to see what happens when the radical left successfully gains control in America? Read: Freshmen class axed by totalitarian left.


  12. J. Bargholz says:


    regarding your deliberately inflammatory comment (#2,) they’re a threat because we don’t want a repeat of that failure. A dystopian society and the concomitant murder of millions is something to be avoided.

    We care because we’re not imbeciles. Ignoring a threat doesn’t make it go away. Just ask the jihadis, commies, P.C. leftists or the democrat party, all of which are doing their damnedest to tear this country apart and squat over its ruins.

    Do I detect a whiff of nostalgia for authoritarian Bulgaria, comrade?

  13. J. Bargholz says:

    Comrade Kissinger’s little revolutionary cap is just darling. He looks so fierce. Did he buy it at Starbuck’s or is there a communist apparel store online? I want to look butch too.

  14. jim says:

    Sounds like drama to me.

  15. Cato_Maior says:

    Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anything favorable said by any former residents of former Soviet-dominated eastern Europe whom I’ve had the opportunity to meet. If you are from Bulgaria, Jim, and you care to downplay communism’s legacy (let alone it’s reality), that would make you a rare breed.

  16. jim says:

    If ‘irrelvent’ is a favorable comment in your lexigon, so be it.

  17. Madzionist says:

    Comrade Jim said: Since communism has failed, why are the communists treated as such a threat by MBC?

    For the same reason that though islam has failed it remains a terrible threat to civilization. Seemingly, you and your leftist friends do not believe that Communism has failed and are still pursuing the Socialist Utopia, thus, those of us who know better must keep the dangerous leftists who do not under close watch. Our vigilance is our self-defense.


  18. jim says:

    Maybe a course in reading comprehension would add to your arsenal. Check it out.

  19. Cato_Maior says:

    This thread was interesting for a while, until jim got arrogant and condescending.

  20. Richard Poe says:

    jim writes: “Believe me, living in Bulgaria was adequate lesson in practical communism. … I am just wondering why there is so much attention paid on this site… to a completely irrelevant doctrine like communism. Why do you care?”

    Dear Jim:

    Maybe a better question to ask is why do you feel such a pressing need to stop people from caring about communism? You keep repeating yourself over and over again, telling us we’re taking communism too seriously. What exactly are you selling, Mister?

    Jim, you say you’re from Bulgaria. That’s interesting. I know a lot of people from the former Soviet Bloc and I’ve never met one who had your peculiar tendency to downplay the communist threat. Quite the contrary.

    Tell me more about Bulgaria. What town are you from?

  21. jim says:

    Gorna Oriaxovitza, if you want to pull out a map.

  22. Cato_Maior says:

    When were you born? Why did you leave Bulgaria? Do you live in the U.S.? If so, when did you arrive here and why did you choose the U.S.?

  23. hoipolloi says:

    kev writes, “I have been reading that the looney left also has a move on to draft cindy sheehan to run against hillary. How much fun would that be?”

    Forgive me if I’m digressing, but can you provide a link for that? I for one think Mother Sheehan would make a PEACHY candidate for the dems. She’s crass, uninformed, stupid—in short PERFECT. Dr. Dean could be her noisy running mate.

  24. Madzionist says:

    Comrade Jim,

    So, Cindy Sheehan, THE major player in the American Communist movement (See the hundred or so threads exposing this here at MBC), is now being courted by the Democrat base to run for elected office. How would you vote?


  25. ralphbprice says:

    Jim, that is a classic. Looking forward to Cindy’s candicacy. The heart and soul of the loony left.

  26. jim says:

    It would be a real circus. Cindy’s not from NY…but that didn’t stop Hillary.

  27. Cato_Maior says:

    A Sheehan candidacy for high office would gain traction only among some Kucinich/Dean Democrats, among Greens, and among Buchanan and/or Duke far-rightists. As political fare, it would add up to a mediocre blend of communist, social democratic, environmental, feminist, and populist rhetoric. Personally, I don’t see how someone who chains themselves to the White House fence offers the gravitas most voters look for in a candidate.

    The Voice article is the Left daydreaming that its perceived moral high ground can or should translate into electoral muscle. If Ms. Sheehan actually seeks to impersonate a public servant, I suspect she’s more likely to gain a following in an insular Leftist enclave. Maybe she should move to Berkeley. Oh, wait, she is….

  28. Cato_Maior says:

    on Sheehan seeking to impersonate a public servant: Sounds like Halloween, or rather April Fool’s Day?

  29. hoipolloi says:

    Thank you, jim, for the link. It is funny but, in a way, sad at the same time. Don’t get me wrong: I long ago lost any vestiage of sympathy I had for this media whore and all-around human joke. Yet, the reality is she’s had way more than her 15 Warholian minutes already. She has nothing at all useful to say about anything, and at some point the Left is going to abandon her for the next sideshow attraction. And when they do, her son will still be dead and she’ll all alone and probably swallow a bottle of sleeping pills. It’ll make page 330 of the J section of the NY Times … maybe.

    But I digress.

  30. nanc says:

    as a friend of mine and perhaps yours at fpm says – put a penny on jim’s head so he will stop skipping.

  31. RedBeard says:

    Communism is a dismal failure, and has been every time it has been tried. What Jim is ignoring is the body count resulting from the repeated attempts to install and prop up the failure known as communism.

    Shall we count the millions? 20,000,000 or more in the communist utopia of the USSR, 60,000,000 in the communist utopia of Red China, over 2,000,000 courtesy of the communist utopia that was Pol Pot’s Cambodia, plus millions more elsewhere.

    The failure of the system known as communism must be confronted and defeated before it claims more millions of victims.

  32. stellabassetthound says:

    I don’t get that penny on the head saying. Is that anti-semitic or something?

  33. freedomnow says:

    Why bother arguing with Jim? He is trying to mislead you.

    Terrorism is not a threat

    Communism is not a threat

    whats next? Crime is not a threat?

  34. Madzionist says:

    Freedomnow, don’t you know? Israel and their Zionist lobby are the only real threat!


  35. InRussetShadows says:

    A penny weighs things down, and I suspect the saying goes back to weighing down records so that they wouldn’t skip. Even now, high-end turntables have clamps and such to prevent skipping. I’m at a loss as to how the saying is in any way anti-semetic. Is Jim Jewish? How in the world would any of us know that by reading his posts? What the heck?

  36. hoipolloi says:

    InRussetShadows is showing his age, as I am about to do myself. I still have quite a vast collection of vinyl LPs myself.

    And, no, there is no anti-semitism intended in that remark (I hope).

  37. tazzmax says:

    Kissinger looks like a real bad ass,huh? With the wandering eye like {Jack Elam}, the actor who always played a bad ass, who I always liked.

    What a dork, maybe he thinks he’s some kind of Rambo! Maybe he should be in Hollyweird!

  38. Mr. Beamish says:

    Has anybody considered the possibility that in the 64 months that passed between the time Saddam Hussein commanded the United Nations to remove all Americans (and eventually, every nationality) from UN inspection teams (and President Clinton worshipfully obeyed him) and the March 2003 launching of Operation: Iraqi Freedom, Iraq developed a means to make Democrats resistant to reality?

  39. dark900 says:

    Is it just a mere coincidence that Sen. Reid would have his little partisan speech bashing Bush and this happening at the same time? I have a hunch that this was planned by the Democratic leadership. With people like Howard Dean in power of the Democratic Party, you can bet that this was planned.

  40. Publius says:

    dark900, I wonder why it had to be secret? What didn’t he want the ‘people’ to hear?

    Communism is the ideology of the Left. Leftism resides in the Democ-rat party.

  41. J. Bargholz says:


    your insinuation that you’re a Bulgarian immigrant is pure horse crap. If you’ve ever been to Bulgaria at all it was to aid the communists.

    Congratulations on making an ass out of yourself on this thread. You come across like a petulant child with your evasions and smug stupidity. You’re a real drama queen.

    Dos vidanya, comrade cretin.

  42. Richard Poe says:

    Richard Poe [to Jim]: “Tell me more about Bulgaria. What town are you from?”

    Jim: “Gorna Oriaxovitza, if you want to pull out a map.”

    Cato_Maior [to Jim]: “When were you born? Why did you leave Bulgaria? Do you live in the U.S.? If so, when did you arrive here and why did you choose the U.S.?”

    Jim: NO ANSWER

    Final question, Jim. Are you now or have you ever been a communist?

  43. dgene says:

    Just wanted to get in the last word:

    communists are unattractive losers, and remind one of the old Japanese soldiers who have shown up on Pacific Islands and dont realize the war is long over and their life has been unproductive.

  44. hammersmith says:

    Well, this big protest must’ve been a flop because, I’ve heard or seen noting about it.

    The guy in the photo with the army hat…what is he supposed to be? He needs to go to the Glorious Peoples Revolutionary Gym and work out. And grow a beard to hide his lack of a chin. Then maybe those capitalists would stop giving him wedgies and pink bellies.

    What a dork.

  45. nanc says:

    stellabh – i am a Christian Zionist – anything but anti-semitic. post #38 hit the nail on the head. i do not get where you thought it was anti-semitic. perhaps inrussetshadows and myself are dating ourselves.

  46. Mark says:

    It is time for the 70 million American gunowners to unite.

  47. dahveed says:

    On Michael Medved’s radio show yesterday, a couple of the organizers of the ditch school rally were on. I was at work and couldn’t listen to the whole segment, but I think that they may have hung up on him while he was asking some tough questions. For one thing, one had said that she hoped that Iraq would become the next Vietnam in the sense that Vietnam is now a great country to be. Medved told her that over 1 million people were killed in concentration camps and that may not exactly be a great place to be, nor would we want Iraq to be the next Vietnam.

    But, I only listened to the end of the segment, and several people expressed dismay with her suggestions and she wasn’t on to respond.

    Did anybody else hear the rest of the show and did they hang up after being grilled by Medved?

  48. Mr. Beamish says:

    70 million gunowners in America?

    Did 40 million of us disappear?

    There are 110 million gunowners in America. The average gunowner can arm himself and 2 others.

    We’ve got more guns than people. 🙂

  49. Moonbat Central » Blog Archive » Democrat’s Meltdown Continues: No End in Sight says:

    […] It’s been a bad week for the Democrats. First, "Fitzmas," the Democrat/MSM/Communist fantasy of taking out Rove, impeaching Bush and abandoning Iraq to Islamists, went down in flames. Then yesterday, within 24 hours of each other, Tom Delay got a new judge and Harry Reid and the Democratic Party bared their impotence by pulling an embarrassing adolescent move in the Senate. […]

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