Shadow Party Gets Write-Up in Canada Free Press

An article in the Canada Free Press quotes extensively from The Shadow Party, which I co-wrote with David Horowitz.

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Is Google Blocking

When got a big traffic surge from, Google Analytics failed to record it.

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Comanche blogger David Yeagley has experienced record traffic since we redesigned his Web site.

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Happy St. Valentine’s Day

A happy and holy St. Valentine’s Day, from me and Marie.

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Merry Christmas

Christmas at the Poe house — a photo extravaganza.

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Pro-Gunners Call for Massive, One-Day Book-Buy

Buy Stephen Halbrook’s new pro-gun book today and send a message to the mass media.

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Oklahoma Travelogue

Marie and I spent Thanksgiving with an old friend, Comanche author, blogger and pundit David Yeagley.

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My visit to Oklahoma gave me a new appreciation for the 1943 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical.

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Soros Looks Ill

George Soros looks frail and sickly in a recent photo.

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Election Day 2008 seems the perfect moment to relaunch

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